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Robert Beck, Photographer
Carlsbad | CA | USA | Posted: 3:22 PM on 06.27.15
->> Can you buy the Photoshop program or is it only available through the cloud with a monthly fee?
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 4:17 PM on 06.27.15
->> You can still buy Photoshop CS6 for $699, but it was released in 2012 and won't be getting any updates.

If all you want is Photoshop, the Creative Cloud Photography Plan is $9.99 per month and also includes Lightroom.
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Kevin M. Cox, Photographer
Galveston & Houston | TX | US | Posted: 4:20 PM on 06.27.15
->> So by going with Creative Cloud you'll always have the latest version of Photoshop (and RAW support on the newest cameras) and it'll take over five years before you've spent as much money as it would cost to buy the outdated CS6 today.
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Rudy Hardy, Photographer
Houston | Tx | USA | Posted: 6:55 PM on 06.27.15
->> At first I was one of the doubters of Adobe Creative Cloud, but after using it for almost two years I love it. I have Lightroom and Photoshop and both are updated regularly and automatically on my desktop and laptop. Well worth the $10/month.
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David Seelig, Photographer
Hailey | ID | USA | Posted: 5:45 PM on 06.29.15
->> No matter what you say the CC is a betrayal of what we have done for this company for years.
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 6:34 PM on 06.29.15
->> I agree with David on this one. We paid BIG BUCKS up front when we first purchase CS products. The suite package I own cost me close to $1300.00. Add Lightroom and that pushes my investment well over $1500.00.

Frankly, many of the new features that have been added over the past three years to all the products I use haven't been game changers. For many users, all they really want are the core functions.

If I switched over to the CC version of the applications I own it would cost me a lot more that $10 per month. As of June 16, 2015, my cost per month would be $50.00 per month. The last upgrade on the suite I own cost me $299.99. And I should pay Adobe $600.00 a year because???
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Randy Sartin, Photographer, Assistant
Knoxville | TN | USA | Posted: 8:29 AM on 06.30.15
->> Kevin,
If you call them and gripe you can probably get it down to $30 a month. I know, not the solution you were looking for, but $20 a month is a pretty good savings.
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Alan Look, Photographer
Bloomington - Normal | IL | United States | Posted: 9:29 AM on 06.30.15
->> I'd be very hesitant to buy an old version - even if it was still in a wrapped package. You would still need to be able to activate it against their authorization server. The last time I tried that, the software couldn't find the server. If it's been taken offline you have wasted some dough.

I haven't tried CC, but sometimes I'm in a spot where I don't have internet access. Would it still load up and work? I don't have to ask that question with the software loaded on a client.

Then you have the whole issue of security with your personal data... They bill you every month - who isn't going to get tired of typing in the payment card information and decide to just let them warehouse it for someone to break in and steal?

I'll keep my client loaded software till my machine dies and I can't reload and reauthorize it's use. Then I'll look at some of the alternatives. Another learning curve, no doubt but some of them I've seen do just as awesome a job as Adobe products with less than half the hassle after the learning.

Love their products, hate the way the do business.

BTW - anyone know if they are giving large enterprises some kind of a bypass on all of this? What are they doing for companies that have several hundred or thousand users? Enterprise licensing still available? What a pain...
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 11:33 AM on 06.30.15
->> I too was a HUGE doubter and did quite a bit of griping about the new monthly cost. I have to say that after a year I'm a believer.

Alan yes you can work off-line. Eventually you will have to let the software confirm your subscription but I think that it's a monthly thing.

If you go through Amazon right now there is a $25 gift card offer so it's like getting 2 1/2 for free..>
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Steven Mullensky, Photographer, Photo Editor
Port Townsend | WA. | USA | Posted: 12:28 PM on 06.30.15
->> I've been using Photoshop 6 for a few years on two platforms, a desktop and a laptop. I recently bought a new desktop and did a wireless transfer of data. Everything transferred fine except the activation number for PS6. I keep getting a screen wanting me to sign into the cloud.
Adobe does not have the activation number listed in my account. The only one in there is for PS3. Only way I can go further is for me to produce the sales receipt. Long lost, I'm afraid. I own the program but I cannot use it. I'm going to resist the CC as long as I can.
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John Froschauer, Photographer
Tacoma | WA | USA | Posted: 3:46 PM on 06.30.15
->> Much less than $699 if you are upgrading.
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Thread Title: photoshop
Thread Started By: Robert Beck
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