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Online news site stealing our photos
Carl Auer, Photographer
Arvada | CO | USA | Posted: 11:52 PM on 02.21.15
->> There is a website,, that is using quite a few photos that were never paid for. I wrote for them for a while and I tried to correct their errors with copyrighted photos, but, while the owner will eventually comply with takedown notices, he will ignore invoices and he laughs at potential lawsuits. Their are over 40,000 posts, over 1100 pages of sports alone, that contain copyrighted photos. I highly suggest you all go through the site, invoice the company and if they refuse to pay, go after them. The owner is a crook and is stealing from all of our pockets and laughs about it.

He has numerous side sites that also include copyrighted photos.,,,,,
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 4:46 AM on 02.22.15
->> Looks like they're using CloudFlare as a CDN to cache their website. You can file a DMCA takedown notice via CloudFlare

Although they wouldn't be the ones to remove the infringing content they can eventually supply you with the hosting company's name hosting the servers of the websites, then you can file DMCA takedown notices there. I believe most hosts give a site owner three strikes before they ban them from their hosting plan.

I had two different sites stealing photos/stories from my sites. One site I contacted the advertising department and asked them what their metrics were for hits and stuff knowing they'd probably pad it. When they sent me that and asked if I was ready to take out an ad I told them 'no' I just wanted to know the pageviews so I could determine an appropriate amount of compensation for the stolen photos. They removed the images immediately.

Another site I just filed a DMCA with the hosting company, the site was pretty much shuttered after that. It was a site fully stealing whole content from a friend's site and placing porn ads next to the stolen content.

Don't screw around being nice to asshats like this, file DMCA notices. Get others who have stolen content to do so too. The more the better.

I found out CloudFlare was involved in your case by plugging the domain name into here:
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 4:52 AM on 02.22.15
->> Just saw that they are registered with the Better Business Bureau at the bottom of the page. Might want to contact BBB regarding this too.

In the past I used to contact site owners and be nice but I had a bunch of pushback from a-hole site owners who can't be reasoned with. Most bloggers will comply when the jig is up, others need the stick instead of the carrot to lead them onto the right path.
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Stanley Leary, Photographer, Photo Editor
Roswell | GA | | Posted: 9:30 AM on 02.22.15
->> Don't just get a takedown done. Get paid for the usage. Register your images with the copyright office and call a copyright lawyer. NPPA and ASMP are organizations that have lawyers to help in these type of situations.

Don't complain about usage use this as an opportunity to bill. Be sure you are dotting all the "i's and crossing all your t's" so you can be compensated.

Alicia Calzada and Mickey Osterreicher are the NPPA lawyers and this is a great reason to join.

Victor Pearlman is the ASMP legal counsel and another great organization to support.
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Doug Pizac, Photographer
Sandy | UT | USA | Posted: 10:55 AM on 02.22.15
->> Christopher Reed is not just an accomplished photographer and ASMP member, but is also a copyright attorney who worked for the DOJ and the U.S. Copyright Office for a few years advising them on how to improve the service and make it more friendly and easier for photographers to get their work registered.

He wrote a book called Copyright Workflow for Photographers that just came out last November. Get it; it is very good and explains copyright from the beginning, why registration is so important, how to register, how to protect, what to do when your image is infringed, take down notices, hiring an attorney, costs, pricing, etc. step by step.

It will be the best $25 you'll spend that can guide you to collecting thousands.
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Thread Title: Online news site stealing our photos
Thread Started By: Carl Auer
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