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"New mystery arises from iconic Iwo Jima image"
Chris Machian, Photographer, Assistant
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 10:20 AM on 11.23.14
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Patrick Murphy-Racey, Photographer
Knoxville | TN | USA | Posted: 3:48 PM on 11.23.14
->> this is really interesting, great post. I had breakfast with Joe Rosenthal at the Eddie Adams Workshop in 1989 at the motel. We shared a picnic bench... I thought he was a nice old man that happened to be staying at the hotel. Later, I found out who he really was. Very humble man. I am fortunate to have met him and shared a simple meal with a man so entwined in our nation's history.
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John OHara, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | United States | Posted: 2:34 AM on 11.24.14
->> I suggest that the caption writer is the guilty party and should be hung out to dry. On Dec. 7th, 1961 Joe Rosenthal gave me an autographed photo of the flag raising, I gave it to my Mother and got on the bus to MCRD, San Diego. 3 years, 9 months 25 days, 2 hours, 10 minutes and 20 seconds later. I was a civilian again. I didn't know in 7 years I would be a staff photographer at the San Francisco Chronicle, a career that lasted 30 years. Joe Rosenthal and I became very close friends. He was the Best Man at my Wedding. I have an autographed photo of Him standing in front of the flag after it was raised. Never in 30 + years did I ever hear him comment about the caption information. At age 93 living in an independent retirement home, with acute glaucoma , he would wait until the receptionist would leave her station. Joe would 'sign out' and with his walker zoom as fast as he could out the door. Crossing Center Blvd. with small plastic wheels, and falling more than once on his sojourn , Joe would go up to Pete's Coffee for a cup of Tea. No one knew who he was, and he didn't tell them. 30 years earlier he stopped two guys from stealing the poor box at St. Francis Church in North Beach and ended up in the hospital for his efforts.
The POINT OF ALL THIS !!! Find out the name of the caption writer and BLAME HIM. Joseph J Rosentahal is and was above board. FYI You know what he was most proud of ? Not the copy of the original photo. He was Most proud of his certificate , "Honorary Marine", Joseph J Rosentahal
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Frank Niemeir, Photographer
Woodstock | GA | usa | Posted: 8:34 AM on 11.24.14
->> There's a guy in one of my camera clubs who was in the darkroom when that image was printed and there were some extra prints that were made for the people in that darkroom.
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Thread Title: "New mystery arises from iconic Iwo Jima image"
Thread Started By: Chris Machian
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