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LowePro vs. ThinkTank Belt Systems
Cody Schmelter, Photographer
Chattanooga | TN | US | Posted: 2:27 PM on 10.08.13
->> I've been shooting with a Domke Photogs Vest for the past year and I am looking to make the switch to a belt system.

I remember when I was first looking into them that B&H and the like sold the belts in packages like Sports or Urban, stuff like that. They included the belt and the different pouches/bags.

I can't seem to find the sets anymore and curious on what is on everyone's belt systems. I could go LowePro or ThinkTank.

Ideally I would be able to carry a Canon 1D, 70-200 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.8, a Canon EOS-M, a Nalgene water bottle and then general accessories (phone, reporters notebook, pens, etc.); with the ability to add more/repurpose pouches as I get more gear.

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Perrone Ford, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | US | Posted: 2:49 PM on 10.08.13
->> I use the TT belt system in conjunction with the Spider Holster ( products. Using the Spider Holster, I have generally have a D3s on my belt with a 70-200/28 attached. I have a lens pouch on the belt sized for a 70-200 but typically I keep a 24-70 in there. I have another pouch for a large water bottle. I have a pouch that holds spare batteries, memory cards, business cards, lens cleaner, pens, notebook, etc. It's easy to add more stuff, but that's about as much as I feel like carrying around.



Shoulder Harness:

Lens pouch:

Water Bottle pouch:

Hope that helps...
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Tim Snow, Photographer
Montreal | Qc | Canada | Posted: 7:55 PM on 10.08.13
->> I use the TT Skin set on almost every shoot.

Skin set:

Belt and Harness: (ON CLEARANCE!)

What I like is that I can choose to add or remove pouches depending on what is needed on a particular shoot, and I just simply stuff a nalgene into a lens pouch instead of picking up a dedicated pouch for the bottle (2 birds one stone...)

I also really like the "backwards" option of the Belle Dancer as I can keep my pouches in front of me instead of trying to reach around to my back for a lens or whatever...

Hope that helps. Since I bought my first TT product I have bought their stuff exclusively, the quality is top notch and their customer service is incredible!
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Mike Doran, Photographer
Petaluma | CA | U.S.A. | Posted: 8:31 PM on 10.08.13
->> Think Tank Belt System is what i have been using since it came on the market . It has taken the strain on my back and made it easier to do my job as lead photographer at Sonoma Raceway and mazda Raceway laguna Seca. I use the Skin bags as it is easier to move around in confined spaces such as at press conferences and in and out of garage areas.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 9:02 PM on 10.08.13
->> +1 for TT. I went with the Steroid Speed belt and added the harness. The wider belt is really nice on the back.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Chicago | IL | usa | Posted: 9:44 PM on 10.08.13
->> Another vote for Think Tank, the skin system is great. I have a variety of pouches and tailor it for what the job requires.

On the very rare occasion that I need to lug more, I use a Newswear chestvest.
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Scott Morgan, Photographer
Des Moines | IA | United States | Posted: 11:17 PM on 10.08.13
->> Haven't tried LowePro, but another vote of confidence for Think Tank.

They have two systems. I use the Skin, which isn't much more than a nylon bag for your stuff. It's got a pocket up front and the flap which offer a bit of protection, and the built-in rain cover adds some cushioning on the bottom for when you set your stuff down, but it's a minimalist design, just the way I like it.

The other design has more padded bags. They are bulkier, but not crazy bulky. Think beer coozie with a draw string on top. Good if you want protection and don't mind that much more bulk on your belt.

I had the pouches before the Think Tank. Also nice, but the velcro eventually wore out after years of heavy use. The TT bags have a super nice "silencer" feature that covers up the velcro for when you don't want to make noise. I keep the velcro 80% covered so I only have a little holding the flap down. That feature really sold me on the bags.
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Dave Prelosky, Photographer
Lower Burrell | Pa | US | Posted: 12:24 AM on 10.09.13
->> In the days of yesteryear - before digital - when it was common to head out to a sporting event with 20 or so rolls of film, I acquired the LowePro S&F system in it's original incarnation. I could carry an extra lens, flash, film - exposed and not - and not feel as if I'd hiked Everest at the end of the day. As I've reduced what I carry by about 80% at ant given time, the cases went to other uses and the harness is collecting dust. I would also suspect the LowePro folks are conceding ground to TT as the S&F line seems to be slowly going away.

If only the gear from one would attach itself onto the other system...
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Jon Blacker, Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada | Posted: 12:38 AM on 10.09.13
->> No, it's not a belt system, however...

After seeing this in use by another Reuters stringer here in Toronto, and ordering one myself, I'll never go back to a belt system. It's a sling bag and is designed and made by AP shooter Rob Griffith in Sydney, Australia. It easily holds a 70-200, a 24-70, a strobe as well as extra cards, batteries, etc., AND a 13" laptop.

Fully loaded you can wear it on your front or spin it around to your back & with very solid Velcro closures, you're not going to lose anything. I wouldn't hesitate recommending GriffGear for a second.
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Tim Spyers, Photographer
St Louis | MO | USA | Posted: 10:25 AM on 10.09.13
->> +1 for the TT. I also use it with the spider holster accessory to hang a 1DMKIV and 70-200 or other backup lens from the belt. I have the pro-speed belt and am probably going to upgrade to the steroid for the extra thickness. The ability to add and subtract pouches works great! I also use the harness on mine as well. The following attachments are switched in and out as needed:

Lens Changer 35 (24-105 or 24-70 with hood in shooting position)
Lens Changer 75 pop down (70-200/2.8 w/ lens in shooting position)
Speed Changer (batteries, memory cards, teleconverter, notebook, aspirin, biz cards, etc)
R U Hot (water bottle)
Credential Holder

I see that they have a modular component system that gives you a 20% discount over buying each pouch individually and it contains a number of the ones I listed above.

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Paul DiSalvo, Photographer
Highlands Ranch | CO | United States of America | Posted: 11:51 AM on 10.09.13
->> +1 on TT. The Change Up is my go-to wearable bag. It's a narrower profile of the waist bags so it doesn't stick out from your body as much and comes with a harness so you wear front, back or sides. You can add Mods to customize. I usually use it with the 70-200 sized mod and the water bottle holder.
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Carl Auer, Photographer
Arvada | CO | USA | Posted: 12:22 PM on 10.09.13
->> Another TT endorsement. I regularly use the Speed Changer for batteries, pens, notepads, and light meter, as well as whatever small things I may need with me. I have also used it to carry multimedia equipment like a small HD video camera, go pro and H2 sound recorder, or pocket wizards and cables while I am setting up remotes or strobes. The larger lens pouch is nice to hold my 70-200 while I am running around pregame with a wide angle. I use the Pro Speed Belt, but I have been eyeing the Skin set up.
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Butch Miller, Photographer
Lock Haven | PA | USA | Posted: 12:59 PM on 10.09.13
->> I'll jump on the TT band wagon ... I bought the modular kit and belly dancer harness a few years back and it quickly became the one of the best purchase decisions I ever made ... I modify the number of pouches as needed for the task at hand ... you can carry as much or as little gear as needed comfortably and handily ... I would be lost without it now.

I just wish they would have offered the system a couple of decades sooner ... my shoulders and back would be in much better shape if they had ... ;-)
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Thread Title: LowePro vs. ThinkTank Belt Systems
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