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Exposure Manager e-commerce alternatives?
Greg Francis, Photographer
Rochester | NY | USA | Posted: 4:58 PM on 10.05.13
->> I've been with Exposure Manager for event sales & self-fulfilment orders since 2008. I believe they were purchased by Simply Canvas/Simply Color within the last year. If I had a problem in previous years, they had a 'live chat' and I could resolve things quickly and effortlessly. The live chat is no longer available and They are sitting on $500 of mine since July with no disbursements. And they'll be asking for $99 in annual hosting soon, so I'm looking for alternatives.

So, what companies are you using for event hosting and self-fulfilment orders???
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Scott Serio, Photo Editor, Photographer
Colora | MD | USA | Posted: 5:05 PM on 10.05.13
->> Zenfolio...

First EM threatened to kill my archive when I wouldn't renew. I told them I wasn't renewing until they had better layouts. They are still trying to get me to renew, but I am long gone. I know folks who like Smugmug, but I have had no problems with Zenfolio. Photoshelter is also good, but more expensive. But, Zenfolio is simple and clean and I have never had a customer complain and the quality of the photos.
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Geoffrey Bolte, Photographer, Assistant
Thompson | CT | USA | Posted: 5:19 PM on 10.05.13
->> I have been with Zenfolio for over 3 years now after leaving printroom when they started falling apart. Am loving it, they are backed by Millers Pro Lab and allows you your choice of a few labs to print from including MPIX and MPIXPro part of the Millers network as well as a bunch of others.

They have some great layouts, also have a blog feature. Its becoming more of a "website" system with eCommerce, although you can just have the eCommerce portion if you want, like I do.

Lots of good features with Zenfolio, and if you want to self fulfill depending on the service package you choose they charge 0% fees on their highest level package. You just have to handle payment and fulfillment.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 3:25 AM on 10.06.13
->> Greg, I was with Printroom from 2005 until 2011. I was very happy with Printroom until I, along with many others, started having difficulty getting them to pay me "My money." Search the message boards here on SS for more on Printroom and you can keep reading or quite some time. I switched to Zenfolio in 2011 and have been happy with them. They have two levels, one at about $130 a year and the other at about $250 per year.
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 3:51 AM on 10.06.13
->> I am moving to PhotoShelter exclusively for everything but feel they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to print sales to be honest, but that's just small part of my business. If I was just doing print sales I'd be sticking with PhotoCart which is what I started using after leaving Exposure Manager. Love their program as it's something you host on your own server, no annual costs besides your web host and the only percentage you pay is PayPal fees for each sale, nothing else. You can customize it but like most believe it takes some knowledge to do so or know they have some people that specialize in it you can hire.
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Steven Bridges, Photographer
Knoxville | TN | United States | Posted: 10:06 AM on 10.06.13
->> I also use PhotoCart for all my print sales. It's nice because print sales are not a major part of my business. So once it is setup, there are no reoccurring fees.

If I need to ftp something I use copy. It is a competitor and better workflow than dropbox. Plus you start out with 25GB of space for free. Here is a link to try it out.
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Thread Title: Exposure Manager e-commerce alternatives?
Thread Started By: Greg Francis
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