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Storage ideas needed for backup cd/dvd's
Melissa Macatee, Photographer
Dallas | TX | | Posted: 2:46 PM on 07.18.12
->> I am in need of a better way to store my back up cd/dvds. Any ideas? I seem to have never ending spindles of them and need to get them all in one place and reorganized. Most are backed up on external drives also but hate to toss the cd/dvds for those just in case moments.
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Brad Tollefson, Student/Intern, Photo Editor
Lubbock | TX | USA | Posted: 5:04 PM on 07.18.12
->> In our office we are currently using about 20 of these archival TrueCore boxes.
With these labeled sleeves from Staples.

The combination works really well, and I haven't noticed any issues with the discs that I've had to use so far.

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Rodrigo Pena, Photographer
Beaumont | CA | USA | Posted: 7:53 PM on 07.18.12
->> I use the notebooks that carry all of the DVD's in pockets. I have some that carry 48, 104, 240, 328, 424 and 520 DVD's (or CD's). The 48 storage notebook is expensive in comparison to how many it holds. The 104 is the same. The 240 isn't too bad, but my favorite is the 328. The 424 and the 520 are too big. The 520 is especially a really bad design because the pages start to fall out very soon after you fill it. I would avoid the 520 one for sure. I haven't had pages from the 424 fall out yet, but it's a bit clumsy just like the 520. Weight may also be an issue, therefore the 328 storage notebook is the best because it holds a lot, good price and weight isn't too bad. If you prefer light weight storage you might want to consider the 104 or the 240 storage notebooks. Here's a link to a place that sells inexpensive CD & DVD storage notebooks. This particular page is for the 328 books. The problem is, these notebooks don't stack all that well. However, if you have shelf space you should be fine.

Here's a link to a 240 DVD capacity notebook:
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Tim Vizer, Photographer
Belleville | IL | USA | Posted: 10:05 AM on 07.19.12
->> I also use CD/DVD storage pages in three hole binders of various sizes. Sorted by sport in one set of binders, and chronologically in the other (I make TWO sets when burning). And I use external HDs as well, keeping those locked up in a fireproof safe. The storage binders are on shelves, one set in my home office, the other is located elsewhere in the house in a fire-proof and secure area. I thought of storing one set off-site but really don't have a good place for that. I keep the final edits of the shoots on a series of internal hard drives in the Photo Archive Tower I built (something like 6+ TB of storage available - and counting - on multiple drives). Plus I keep all my images uploaded on PhotoShelter too, so I have multiple redundant copies stored on different media in different places, as is recommended.
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Thread Title: Storage ideas needed for backup cd/dvd's
Thread Started By: Melissa Macatee
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