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EOS 1D Mark IV RAW Files look darker than anticipated
Peyton Williams, Photographer
Chapel Hill | NC | USA | Posted: 8:40 PM on 03.01.10
->> I'm actually not posting a question, more a solution in case others are having similar problems. When I searched this forum, I couldn't find a person with a similar problem. If I missed a post, I'm sure someone will post a link to it.

My issue was that I would use the back LCD screen to figure out what the exposure should be when shooting basketball on strobes. I know, bad form. The picture looked great, and when I looked at the photo in Photo Mechanic, the exposure also looked great.

But when I opened the RAW image, it would be half to a full stop darker than I expected. I was at a loss for why this was happening

The issue, at least according to the below forum, are two items that are turned on by default, and items you may want to turn off on your camera:

Auto Lighting Optimizer
Peripheral Illumination Correction

Both of these could (according to the forum), lead you to believe you have a photo that is properly exposed, but in fact was too dark to begin with.
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Rob Shook, Student/Intern, Photographer
Rochester | NY | USA | Posted: 9:15 PM on 03.01.10
->> Check this link:

Basically, the mark IV has a setting called "Auto light optimizer," and the factory default is "On."

This mode applies software "fill light" to shadow areas of jpeg images. Because you are shooting raw this isn't reflected in the final image, BUT the image on the screen is a jpeg and thus will appear lighter on there.
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 8:01 AM on 03.02.10
->> Are you sure this is just isolated to the Mark IV or is it the processing from RAW? 1DMKIIN and 1DMKIII's I've owned always display a dull-lifeless image when first opening them in a RAW converter. PM, I believe, uses the imbedded JPEG withn the RAW file itself for display purposes. Could be wrong on this.

Just some thoughts.
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Harrison Shull, Photographer
Fayetteville, WV | Asheville, NC | | Posted: 8:11 AM on 03.02.10
->> Well, from what I understand - you should not look at the image in the back of the lcd for anything other than composition. That image on the lcd - even if you are shooting RAW - is actually the embdedded jpeg rather than the RAW file itself. The histogram is a far better tool to determine your exposure of the RAW file - ie: "Expose to the right." Or at least that is what my two D65 workshops taught me and the last 6 years of shooting RAW only have validated for me.

I keep the review turned off on my lcd. I shoot some test frames, check the histogram and composition, turn off the lcd, and then shoot away like I did when I shot E6. This gets you 90% or more to where you need to be and simple adjust in RAW or in levels in post polishes it off.

My $0.02....
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 8:13 AM on 03.02.10
->> More info on embedded JPEG's within RAW files
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Thread Title: EOS 1D Mark IV RAW Files look darker than anticipated
Thread Started By: Peyton Williams
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