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|| Member Message Board

Just talked to CEO of Printroom regarding our pay....
Jack McCoy, Photographer
Baldwin | NY | USA | Posted: 12:42 PM on 03.01.10
->> Hi guys. First off my apologies for starting a new thread regarding Printroom, but thought my message/conversation might get lost if I continued in the previous thread.

Carlton Osborne, CEO of Printroom, just called me, as he said he would, and what I was personally told was that the company had some financial woes the last couple of months, but everything was getting cleared up. This was going to get accomplished by getting some sort of financial backing that was going to be completed by today. I did make it clear to Carlton that he was losing a bunch of photographers. And even I had received calls and emails from fellow photographers telling me what they were owed and that they hadn't received payment for some time. He said everything was going to be rectified this week and people were going to receive their checks that were due to them.


I mentioned to him that I had signed with another photo hosting company because I was caught in a bad spot. He assures me, and every other photographer out there, that this problem is being rectified this week and he gave me his word that it would not happen again.

That said, I will republish my galleries and give Printroom another chance. Whatever else everyone chooses to do is obviously their own choice.

Incidentally, last week I covered a retail technology conference devoted to the impact of the Web and social media these days, and how services such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook are important tools for consumers and professionals to get the word out "immediately" about their personal experiences. Based on what I heard, I made it very clear to him that he handeled this PR fiasco terribly in this day and age of instant social media -- not only the hit companies can take from consequential bashing via these social networking tools, but also the disservice they provide if they say to "follow them on Twitter or Facebook," yet they don't respond to our correspondence or heed our concerns.

Again just passing along the words I was told...


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Gray Quetti, Photographer
Jacksonville | Fl | USA | Posted: 1:26 PM on 03.01.10
->> Thanks for that info. Sounds like some funding source is going to work with them through the tough times. Did he give any indication of what caused all of this? Like you, I'm going to take my chances for a while longer since I have an event coming up in a couple weeks and don't want to change. I guess we will know around March 20 (day checks usually arrive) if all this is working. I wish them the best because they have been a good service for my business.
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Mark Loundy, Photo Editor
San Jose | CA | USA | Posted: 2:17 PM on 03.01.10
->> Jack and other Printroom clients:

Please keep us posted here if they do or do not follow through on these above promises.

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Jack McCoy, Photographer
Baldwin | NY | USA | Posted: 2:21 PM on 03.01.10
->> Gray, there was no indication of what caused all this nor did I ask him that particular question.
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Mike Morelock, Photographer
Greenwood | AR | USA | Posted: 2:51 PM on 03.01.10
->> Sounds like it was caused by a lack of ethics. You sell something, they get a cut for doing the printing and hosting, the rest is yours. It should happen the moment the sell is made, the money should be in your account, and they shouldn't be touching it. I mean if not transferred to your bank, it should still be in their accounting system as customer money, not ours, do not spend, not possible to spend, spending this money is theft, etc.

Of course in this age of stealing employee health care funds, retirement funds, and the govt. putting IOU's in the social security system, it's no wonder people get a little confused on how to do business.
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Rick Osentoski, Photographer
Martin | OH | United States | Posted: 3:40 PM on 03.01.10
->> From my understanding I believe with Photoshelter that the money goes to your Paypal account as soon as the sale is made.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 4:16 PM on 03.01.10
->> Rick that's as it SHOULD be. These companies that hold YOUR money for 30 days OR WORSE make you hit some threshold to cut you a check should be paying you interest on those funds.

Just think, if you had say 1000 p/t weekend shooters who have a month were they don't shoot anything and get $80 in loose print sales that's $80k THEY can float interest free! As mike points out correctly if they start dipping into that.....

It's almost like we need some kind of regulation or law that would require businesses that hold money for others to do it in an escrow account. The idea that any of those companies are floating payments on client funds is borderline criminal IMHO.

I think a hear a train coming down the track..... All of you who depend on this company for your livelihood or a decent chunk of if should ALREADY have a plan B ready and good to go. Personally I would be uploading new material to both the PR and the plan b site (truthfully I would have bailed on them). If PR goes in the toilet it will take several days to propagate the DNS servers for your new site.

I know that it's me but I just plain don't trust companies that toe the line THAT close and then have to survive on the goodwill of clients and the blood-lust of creditors. Not a good mix.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 7:45 PM on 03.01.10
->> I also am a Printroom user and my account shows "Profit check issued." However I too haven't received my check. Here in California if you are entrusted with the care of someone elses money and use that money even for what you believe is a temporary loan without permission you can be criminally charged with "Embezzlement." I guess the exception "Legally" here is that the money hasn't been "ours" yet. Seems to be pretty darn similar though. I would have also hoped that if checks were going to not be sent or delayed they would have been courteous enough to notify all of their photogrpahers. I've been with Printroom for several years and been happy with their product and service towards the folks who make purchases. But, even being happy with the service, they have collected money from sales of my images that is suppsoed to be my money( and other photographers) and I feel they should never even touch that money. Very disappointing.
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Joseph Zimmerman, Photographer
Howard | Pa | USA | Posted: 7:48 PM on 03.01.10
->> Train Eric? You mean like the Digital Railroad train?
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 8:17 PM on 03.01.10
->> There have been many alternative companies that allows uplaoded thumbnails to galleries and provide print fullfillment listed in threads. It seems that Exposure Manager and Zenfolio are two of the most common receiving good comments. Is anyone aware if either of these companies are having difficulties. I'm thinking like Eric and trying to get another plan in place. I know it will take a huge amount of time to upload everything that I have on Printroom but if things don't get better then it's an easy decision to change.
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Mike Morelock, Photographer
Greenwood | AR | USA | Posted: 9:05 PM on 03.01.10
->> Doesn't work on Printroom but google Migratr for a program that will copy your stuff from many popular online image hosting sites.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 9:27 PM on 03.01.10
->> Joe chuga chuga chuga whoooo whooooo.........
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Paul Alesse, Photographer
Centereach | NY | USA | Posted: 10:47 PM on 03.01.10
->> Purchase photocart and put the control of your business completely in your hands where it belongs. In this economy... the only one you can depend on and trust is yourself.
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Bob Nichols, Photographer
Tipton | IN | USA | Posted: 5:35 AM on 03.02.10
->> "From my understanding I believe with Photoshelter that the money goes to your Paypal account as soon as the sale is made"

That is true, and actually ALL of the money from the sale goes into my PayPal account.

PayPal then takes out their fee before making the funds available to me.

PhotoShelter charges my CHECKING ACCOUNT at the end of each month for both my monthly hosting fee AND their fee for each purchase made on my account.

The company printing the photos purchased from me through PhotoShelter also charges my CHECKING ACCOUNT for their charge.

With this set-up, PhotoShelter does not "hold" any of my money. Conversely, it is MY responsibility to be sure that I have money in my checking account to pay both PhotoShelter and the printing company when they coming looking for it.
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Delane B. Rouse, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 8:20 AM on 03.02.10
->> +1 for PhotoCart
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Jayne Oncea, Photographer
Saugus | CA | USA | Posted: 1:12 PM on 03.02.10
->> I really think the form letter from the printroom CEO is a bunch of BS.. sounds like any other company getting ready to file chapter 13 and not pay anybody. For the first time, I'm actually glad I didn't have a few really good months on sales!
(Their customer service and quality has always been great in the past)
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Allen Murabayashi, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 1:47 PM on 03.02.10
->> I spoke to Carlton Osbourne, the CEO of Printroom today about the situation. I'm not trying to shill for Printroom, or defend what transpired. I have no interest in their business except that I recognize Printroom as a peer in the industry, and as such, their health is a barometer, and is relevant to the industry at large.

As indicated in his e-mail, they received financing yesterday that will allow them to get their payments back on track in a timely fashion. He mentioned that in addition to the logistical challenges of cutting a bunch of checks, that they had recently changed some aspects of their check issuing process which added to the problem.

The failure to pay you in a timely fashion was poor cash management on their part. He vowed to have better transparency in the future for this process. Since they are primarily a transactionally-based system, their business is more sensitive to cash flow than other types of businesses. Unfortunately, photographers bore the brunt of the pain in this fiasco.

What I do know is that Carlton has led with Printroom for many years, having followed from the spinoff of Lexar. In all my interactions with him, he's been a stand-up guy. I would hope, and expect, some pretty serious management changes to prevent this from happening again -- it certainly is within your right to demand them, or leave for other services.

Some of you have pointed out the pros/cons of having Printroom act as the merchant of record of the sale. It truly is a pro/con issue. As the merchant of record, they get the cash, but they also get the exposure (legally and financially). In PhotoShelter's case, you carry that risk in exchange for having the cash at the point of sale. I don't want to trivialize the "interest" argument, but in truth, with a 30-day float at the current rates, they probably aren't accruing as much interest as you think.

I think the long-time customers who have received exemplary service in the past are right to be skeptical, but also right to give them another chance. There are obviously other options in the market, but the demise of companies within the industry isn't in any photographer's interest.

Allen Murabayashi
CEO, PhotoShelter
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Gray Quetti, Photographer
Jacksonville | Fl | USA | Posted: 2:30 PM on 03.02.10
->> Allen, I really appreciate you posting this. I'm really pulling for them to get things right because change is a hard thing to do after so many years (4) of their great service. I've been burning the mid night oil trying to plan my alternative but now I do feel a little reassurance. I'm going to stick with them for now and hope I find out Carlton is a "stand up" guy.

I'm a strong believer in PhotoShelter and have been using the service a lot but it doesn't do what I need for event sales. I wish it did.
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Michael Granse, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 2:31 PM on 03.02.10
->> Allen Murabayashi, if there were a "resounding applause" button next to informative / Funny / Huh? / Off Topic / Inappropriate I would have taken this opportunity to use it. You, sir, are a class act.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 2:51 PM on 03.02.10
->> Allen , great post and info. I've been with them for almsot 5 years and been very happy (until this recent money issue). I'm hoping they do make payment to everyone and do recover as I'd like to remain with them for now. Being I have a full time job and do photography part time I'd rather not be involved in order fullfillment at this time.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 3:01 PM on 03.02.10
->> Allen you make some good points AND as someone who knows the players first hand your opinion of Carlton should carry some weight on the issue.

The one place that I have to disagree with you is on the issue of exposure. You are correct in only the most technical of terms. The exposure when a company like PR goes dark is squarely on the shoulders of the photographers that people believe they are buying from. If a mother out on Long Island places an order and PR fails to fulfill it for what ever reason it is the photographer that is going to get the call. If PR isn't processing refunds and the photographer doesn't step up and make the refund him/her self word will spread across every soccer pitch and ball field in the area and that poor fool's business will be just as doomed.

The same is true if one of these companies goes belly up holding thousands of dollars of photographer's cash. Sure you can file a claim and get in line but who is going to step in and give the photographer a bridge loan in the interim?

On the subject of exposure; A photographer accepted a league contract for T&I and failed to fulfill a number of orders. The league ended up having to step in and issue the refunds to the parents and is now in the process of suing the photographer. If they hadn't done it they knew that next season these people and those that had not been effected but knew of the issue, would simply not buy. That in turn would reflect in their fund raising (T&I is a fundraiser for them) and would pinch their purse strings. So while the league TECHNICALLY wasn't exposed in the sales they knew that they were on the hook one way or another. This was one town away form me.

So I really do hope that you are correct and that things are back on track at PR..... But I also want people to look at 'exposure' in the practical terms of what something would/could do to their business.
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Paul Alesse, Photographer
Centereach | NY | USA | Posted: 9:07 PM on 03.02.10
->> The fact still remains though is that online action sales are not what they have been. What I'm really hearing from those that have posted to this and its predecessor is that "online sales are down". Online printing merchants, have to be feeling that. They have to. The only way to stay in business is to make cuts, aquire "additional financing" and a whole other slew of creative ways to move around money. But, if we, the photographers, are losing the money, than the infrastructure that surrounds us, the ones we depend on, have been losing money too. And so we are forced to look at other options in this day and age. We have to explore other avenues. Because, down the pike, whether you want to face it or not, it's coming. The storm is coming. It may not be PR, but sometime in the near future it will be someone. Smugmug, Photoreflect, Exposure Manage, Zen, someone is going to declare Chapter 11. And when it happens, it will be at the expense of yourselves who will be trapped by these companies still holding your money and your reputation in their hands. So be it. It's not the money they hold, it's your entire ordering and fullfillment model. That's pretty scary.

Run for cover now comrades. Start looking at alternatives right now, whether your fulfillment companies are healthy or not, because the storm is coming. Don't let anyone but yourself handle your business from the top down. From click to customer. Let it be you. Your reputations are at stake. When a company up and runs with your customer's dollars, up and runs with your prints... Who is going to be around to pick up the phone? PR? Exposure Manager? Nope, YOU.

There are options out there for ordering and fulfillment... ones that put total control in your hands. Your software. Your ordering system. The only time it goes down is if you go down. I think you can live with that, no? As I have stated, the PhotoCart program puts total control in my own hands. I haven't looked back. Is it perfect? No? But, I never have to worry that it won't be there tomorrow. Customer service? You're looking at it. Total control.

In conclusion, look at the big picture. I'm glad to hear that PR is getting their act together, but in all honesty, I have heard the "additional financing" bandaid all too many times. It buys time. That's all. It buys time in hope that the economy bounces back. I hope it does. But if it doesn't, I still want to be the sole person holding the hand of cards, not an outside source that is not only holding on my cash dollars, but my reputation as well. I can't put a price tag on that.
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Russ Isabella, Photographer
Salt Lake City | UT | USA | Posted: 12:19 AM on 03.03.10
->> Paul: Do you print your own orders or do you have a way of setting up PhotoCart so that the orders go straight to a lab? This is the only part of the do-it-yourself mode that I don't quite understand because I don't have the capability of fulfilling print orders myself. I have to use a lab. How does that fit into the scheme?
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Mike Keithly, Photographer
Saint Charles | MO | USA | Posted: 8:51 AM on 03.03.10
->> +2 for PhotoCart
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Monty Rand, Photographer
Bangor | ME | USA | Posted: 9:46 AM on 03.03.10
->> +100 for photocart!!!!!
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Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 11:09 AM on 03.03.10
->> Another alternative to Photocart is Imagefolio Pro and their e-com version ( I've been using IFP for 8 years and it is a rock solid application. It is totally malleable to suit any photographer's need with even the most basic knowledge of html. The PhotoNews site runs a very heavily modified version, which I like to refer to as "Frankenfolio", that I continually tweak to meet the needs of our viewers and business model. It is easy to install (was up in running in less than an hour) and very SEO friendly. It has been and continues to be well worth the initial price tag. Without it, there is no way the site would enjoy the amount of traffic it receives.
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Paul Alesse, Photographer
Centereach | NY | USA | Posted: 11:19 PM on 03.03.10
->> Russ... in moving away from Photoreflect, the addition of Photocart does now require an extra step... collecting the purchased images. Once collected and put into its own folder by customer though, I still use Darkroom Pro to fulfill and Darkroom is still connected with the lab through labtricity. I also can still use all the borders in ED and all the features. The only extra step now is physically fetching the images. The tradeoff is worth it.
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Darren Whitley, Photographer
Northwest Missouri | MO | USA | Posted: 12:37 AM on 03.04.10
->> I was not happy with Imagefolio. I wasn't happy with their support and it did not appear the software was still being developed. Their documentation was totally lacking for the version I purchased so there was very little I could to help myself.

I switched to PickPic, which cost considerably more. I might be inclined to go back to Imagefolio if things were to change with PickPic. One good thing about Imagefolio was the shipping was easier to keep under control.
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Mitchell Clinton, Photographer
San Lorenzo | NM | USA | Posted: 5:52 PM on 03.06.10
->> I am probably just old and bitter (somewhat of a Grandpa Abe Simpson) but years ago I was very concerned about the rumblings of a business, not far from where I lived at the time, who's owner claimed to have a patent on selling sports photos on line. I was told buy higher ups at Printroon, Humbug, ridicules, cant happen! Then when this person started suing everybody including Printroom I was told, We will fight this tooth and nail, don't worry we are on it! Then when they settled and agreed to a program that would give the person with this patent $1.50 for every photo sold in this "Sports Event Licensing Program" I was told , no big deal it is the customer who pays the up charge.
For me that was the final straw, they threw in the towel and help set the ground work for this absurd patent (Google "United States Patent Nos. 7,047,214 and 6,985,875").

What the people at printroom say and what they do are 2 different things. I felt strong enough about my objection to this patent and was so disgusted by the "Big Pros" of this business to just roll over because it was "expensive to fight it" I decided to take the business a different direction not reliant on print sales. When I decided this my print sales at printroom were frequently several thousand a month and growing, for the past 3 or 4 years it has been maybe $300 a year. I'm small potatoes, so are most of printrooms clients. I am sure I am not the only old kook that this patent affected like this, they lost a lot more money by not fighting it than they would have had they fought it.

And in the words of Abe Simpson, "PS I am not a Kook!"
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Craig Melvin, Photographer
Olean | NY | US | Posted: 11:54 PM on 03.14.10
->> Allen,
Very nice post and vote of confidence. I do have websites on Printroom (6 years) and PhotoShelter (have never had time to sit down and get it running). After reading your post I'll be full speed ahead with that project.

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Tony Sirgedas, Photographer
Pierce County | WA | USA | Posted: 5:56 PM on 05.10.10
->> It's May and it's still broke. Arianna said she is going to contact accounting to find my profit check from last month, "if it was issued" (her words), and will call me back later today.
I'm now looking at all the other options that members have listed looking for a replacement service.
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Shelly Castellano, Assistant, Photo Editor
Huntington Beach | CA | USA | Posted: 6:17 PM on 05.10.10
->> Recently, I have closed my account at Printroom and it took them very little time to shut down my site (which I rarely used) and to cut me the final check (which was under $100 for several months). I wish them best of luck in this ever changing market. A few friendly phone calls can resolve most issues with them.
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Louis Lopez, Photographer
Fontana | CA | USA | Posted: 7:58 PM on 05.10.10
->> Just as an update, no issues with printroom. sales have been processed and shipped as soon as they come in. and no issues with profit checks being sent to me in a timely manner.
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Gray Quetti, Photographer
Jacksonville | Fl | USA | Posted: 9:03 PM on 05.10.10
->> Same as Louis. I am not having any problems with shipments or pay. They have been extremely fast in processing orders. My checks have been on time but the last two months I did call and the check was either mailed or they mailed it that day. I was told they were close to being caught up but not entirely. I'm still hoping for the best.
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Brian Leddy, Photographer
Gallup | NM | United States | Posted: 2:41 PM on 06.29.10
->> Sorry to dredge up an old thread here, but as a Printroom user for the past six or seven years I have been extremely happy with their service. That is until the past couple of months.

Twice now I've had to call to get them to send my profit check. The first time took several attempts to even get them to call/email me back. After talking with a rep of theirs today, I'm told they are still behind in catching up in sending out profit checks (mine should have been here a week ago).

While I do not make a lot of money from print sales, I do need a company that I can count on, especially as I expand my freelance business, and this just doesn't cut it. That is why next month I will be switching over to Photoshelter for everything to print sales to client image delivery.

I'm not wanting to come off sounding as I am complaining here, but I do want to share my experiences so that others can make wise decisions concerning their business. I'm simply trying to do whats best for me and mine.
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Mike Huffstatler, Photographer, Assistant
Rancho Cucamonga | Ca | United States | Posted: 3:18 PM on 06.29.10
->> Well, I didn't want to do this, but I'm going to add another complaint to the pile. I've used Printroom for quite a while. I have sung their praises to many people. However, over the past year+ I saw things rapidly deteriorating. I have moved some things to alternative solutions, and am actually still doing some investigation. My print sales have gone to very low numbers so this isn't a priority, but it is still important.

My only recent sales with Printroom have been for some older pics in the archives. No huge sales. But, I recently found out that they don't even send a payment unless it reaches greater than $100 profit. This never used to be a problem and I have received many checks from them for less than $100. I also have NO recollection of ever agreeing to this change in terms, nor do I know when it was implemented. My assumption (dangerous, I know) is that it was fairly recently.

Since finding this while investigating why I never got paid for my last order I have sent numerous emails and placed calls. I have yet to get a response. continued and repeated ignoring of inquiries is a sign of trouble to me.

I'm done with them. I will remove all of my images from their servers and move them all to Zenfolio when I have time. This is the last straw for me. I would advise anyone considering using their services give it some serious thought and consider alternatives.
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Bradly J. Boner, Photographer, Photo Editor
Jackson | WY | USA | Posted: 4:54 PM on 09.01.10
->> Just wanted to revive this one again... our newspaper hasn't been paid in four months, and we're wondering what the deal is. Not getting much in the way of communication, either.

Anyone else having any issues as of late?
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Gray Quetti, Photographer
Jacksonville | Fl | USA | Posted: 9:01 PM on 09.01.10
->> Bradley, it doesn't sound good. I have been trying to get an answer on my July check and actually had a conversation with an acct mgr who just told me the recession was affecting everyone. He promised to follow up and make sure my check went out but he hasn't returned any emails or phone calls since last week.

The account manager told me he had been there 7 years and if he thought there was trouble he would be gone. I guess he's gone since he doesn't answer any emails or calls.

My August profit check is double the July check so I'm worried. Every time I get a good contact person they are no longer employed the next month.

They're probably going to stick me with some big bucks (for me anyway) but they're not getting any more of my business.

If you haven't been paid for four months sounds like your newspaper should be taking some action.

I stood up for these people for 6 years and this is all I get, nothing. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall when this thread started last March.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 12:45 AM on 09.03.10
->> I'll try to be very short here, but I'm sure I'll write a page :) I've been with Printroom for 5 years and very happy until their financial issue this year. I've had problems getting my checks all year long. I am in the process of looking into transferring everything over to Photoshelter as I don't want to some day just wake up and find all of my galleries are suddenly offline. I've written Printroom and asked about their finanacial status and I get no response other than an automated repsonse asking if they answered my questions. I have also felt that I understand that the economy has most likely affected Printroom and other businesses and government agencies, but when my client orders and pays for images of mine thru Printroom and Printroom takes their money and prints and ships the order, there is NO reason for Printroom to not pay me or any other photographer as the money has been collected. I can only assume that the money that Printroom collected from my cleints and other photographers clients was used to pay Printroom's bills or employees before paying me and other photographers. That seems like misuse of of my money and other photographers money. I do relalize times have been tough for the past 2 years, but in this case, the money to pay me and other photogrpahers has already been collected so my feelings are pay that money to us and don't use the money for other purposes. Yes, I realize the economic issues surrounding Printroom and other business in society however theere is no excuse for spending money that has already been collected. Ok, yes I have vented and hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Brad Mangin, Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA | Posted: 12:49 AM on 09.03.10
->> Two words to remember:

Digital Railroad

Don't get screwed.
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Mike Brice, Photographer
SLC | UT | USA | Posted: 2:04 AM on 09.03.10
->> After the issues earlier this year I can't believe anyone still uses Printroom.
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Ken Shelton, Photographer
Wyckoff | NJ | USA | Posted: 7:43 AM on 09.03.10
Galen Davis, 817-439-6353 is the rep for my account.
Checks are direct-deposited in my account every other Monday; Never any issues since 2006.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 12:54 AM on 09.04.10
->> Thanks Brad, Mike and Ken. Back in about March there was discussion about Printroom getting some funding and being I had been very happy until about February I decided to hang in there for a while. Just not looking forward to figuring out how to transfer over a huge amount of images. Brad I hadn't heard of digital Railroad so I googed it..Yep, that is my concern and why it's time to move on.
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Paul Meyer, Photographer
Spring Creek | NV | USA | Posted: 10:08 AM on 09.04.10
->> Hi Clay,
I spent 3 years with PR up until my checks were delayed in late 2009. Just like most I contacted PR to see if my rep couldn't shed some light on the situation and I stayed with them another month or two. I got fully paid up, but I transferred to Zen and haven't looked back.

Problem is, to see this thread re-circulating again after 6 months from the initial concerns of customers, makes me wonder if the funding that "supposedly" arrived isn't starting to dry up again and this thread will gather a whole bunch of momentum.
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Clay Begrin, Photographer
Petaluma | Ca | USA | Posted: 10:41 PM on 09.04.10
->> Paul I've been with printroom for 5 years and been very happy. As for their funding drying up, not sure if it was ever there. Ever since Feb. I've had to initiate contact after my check didn't show up. I was just wanting to stay a while to see if it got better and it appears it hasn't.
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Roger Crowley, Photographer
Montpelier | VT | USA | Posted: 1:45 AM on 10.30.10
->> I've been using Printroom Direct to fill orders lately. That means they print orders and ship everything directly to me. I collect money from customers and handle shipping. It's a pain but the job gets done.

Seeking alternatives.

No profit checks from Printroom since Feb.

The latest from Printroom acct. mgr, "As of today, Friday, we have not sent out any profit checks. The current plan is to start sending them out on Monday. We're also closing a deal on funding that will allow us to get back on track without further profit check tardiness. We're expecting to sign the funding papers later in the week. If I may impose on your patience for just a couple of more days, I think I will be useful to you on Monday."

Sound familiar?
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Matthew Sauk, Photographer
Sandy | UT | United States | Posted: 9:17 AM on 10.30.10
->> why would anyone stay with this company at this point? They are obviously dying a slow death here.

Move on before you lose YOUR money.
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Bruce Twitchell, Photographer
Coeur d'Alene | ID | USA | Posted: 1:20 PM on 10.30.10
->> Roger-
I have been using exposuremanager for over 5 years now without a single complaint.

They are fantastic customer service, the sites are customizable if you want to, great product selection, they are always adding new products, highly recommend, I could go on and on.
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Brian Leddy, Photographer
Gallup | NM | United States | Posted: 3:52 PM on 10.30.10
->> As I said back in June, I am no longer using Printroom for my printing services and have switched to Photoshelter. For me and the work I'm doing lately, it's been the best move I've made all year. +1 for Photoshelter
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Matt Brown, Photographer
Fullerton | CA | USA | Posted: 4:20 PM on 10.30.10
->> What other photo services companies are people using? I see a move coming.
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