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HP Mini computer and photos
John H. Reid III, Photographer
Gates Mills | OH | USA | Posted: 5:32 PM on 07.09.09
->> After a little research, I purchased and HP Mini computer at Costco ($366 with tax.)(10" or so screen, 1 GB memory, 160 GB Hard Drive, Atom processor.) My concern was could it run Photo Mechanic (4.5.3) and Photoshop Elements 3. I have a full version Photoshop, but went with the Elements version(came with something) as I thought it might work better on a low power computer. This is all I need immediately after a game. It is working quite well. I use an Epson portable hard dive, transfer to this computer for the quick work after a game when I'm traveling, then transfer to an Apple to do what I need when I'm home. I need to view in Photo Mechanic, do mild editing (resize, sharpen, levels) on photos, then give a jump drive to someone with about 25-30 photos. The size was what attracted me. The computer has no cd / dvd drive, but connects perfectly to and external drive (I have a LaCie.) I have not tried to burn a cd / dvd from it, as I don't need to do that. The battery rlife seems pretty good (I only need about 2 hours.) It also connects nicely to wireless networks, so it works well to browse the web or send small (web sized) photos. Haven't needed to send a big file yet. I'm quite pleased with the results.
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Erik Markov, Photographer
Kokomo | IN | | Posted: 7:44 PM on 07.09.09
->> This all tracks with what I've found with my Lenovo S10 John. I've had mine for 4 months and have been very happy with it. When anyone asks about I tell them, as long as you go into a netbook with realistic expectations and do your research beforehand, it will prob do much of what a person wants. I went with PS 7 on mine and it will run that too. I'm like you, need some basic editing, color correcting, caption info. I'm writing this from the Chicagoland Speedway/Nascar race this weekend and only need a computer to transmit a couple photos from over the weekend. Most of the stuff I'm doing is for a tab in a few weeks, and I'll work on that art when I get back home. its like everything else, have the tools to fit the job. Sometimes its a more powerful computer, sometimes its something a little simpler like the netbook.
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Matt Kartozian, Photographer
Scottsdale | AZ | USA | Posted: 8:21 PM on 07.09.09
->> I have a Lenovo netbook (same processor) for a backup and run PM, LR and PS on it. It all works but its pretty slow.
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Jeff Mills, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 1:55 AM on 07.10.09
->> I've got a Asus Eee PC, basically same thing. While the slower hardrive is a bit of a factor when sorting photos (not unique to just netbooks as any laptop with a slower HD will be a bottleneck) I've found it works great for quickly captioning and sending some photos.

The Asus has about 6+ hours of battery life as well so its great to be able to throw it in the bag (given its about the size of a paperback novel and half as thick, uncer 3lbs as well) and not have to deal with finding an outlet for the adapter as I know i've got more than a enough runtime for a days worth of tranfering cards and transmitting.

I'm running CS3 on mine as well and it works just fine with JPEGs though I haven't tried any serious RAW processing yet.

Given that my main workstation PC a few years ago was a 900mhz p3 system with a 5400rpm 160gig drive and 2 gigs of RAM, and I was still able to work just fine, a netbook today with a 1.66ghz processor really isn't too shabby.
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Alan Luby, Photographer
Riviera Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 3:34 AM on 07.10.09
->> After my research, I purchased a MSI Wind 120u netbook computer at Costco for $299 plus tax. Had a 10" screen, 1 GB memory, 160 GB Hard Drive, Atom processor. I run with Photo Mechanic and Photoshop 7.

I was ready to return this as soon as I realized it was too difficult to upgrade the RAM. Most of the comments and reviews that I read people indicated that it was going to perform very slowly that was why I didn’t use Photoshop CS2. Because of the return policy at Costco I decided to give it a try anyway and I'm glad I did. I am thoroughly satisfied.

I would not recommend anything smaller than the 10" screen. I also use it with a Verizon wireless card. It is great to have such a small portable and lightweight computer that I can use to access the Internet anywhere I go.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 7:00 AM on 07.10.09
->> I'm pretty happy with my Lenovo s10e and Lightroom. It even handles 12MP NEF files reasonably well. My biggest gripe is that some of Adobe's dialogs are too big for the screen and can't be resized to fit. The processor is slow but the hard drive is a bigger bottleneck - I replaced mine with a 7200 RPM model which helps a lot. I'm thinking at this point that HP's new DV2 based on the dual-core AMD Neo might be the ticket for me, tho - 12" screen, discrete graphics, and built-in optical drive.
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Jeff Mills, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 11:37 AM on 07.10.09
->> Chuck, you might want to check and see if yours had a dedicated key for switching screen resolution like my Asus has. These machines all seem so similar I'd think if one has a feature the other does.

Mine runs native at 1024x600 pixels and like you said, theres a few instances where a dialog box is too large to fit on the screen and as such, you can't click the "okay" or "yes" box.

I found that I've got a hotkey that I can press to switch to 1024x768 that either requires me to scroll on the screen, or, shows a compressed graphic.

Either way allows me to access those few dialogs very quickly and with just a single button press, I realyl dont miss a beat.

I certainly do wish for a bigger screen at time, or at least more native resolution, however, any 11" or larger models cost far more, and for a $300 unit, and how little I use it, I've learned to live with it.

Did you consider a SSD over the 7200rpm ? Thats a path I'm thinking of going as the prices of those are coming down to pretty reasonable rates for 64gig models. Still more than 7200rpm drives and less storage but I think SSD would really speed things up and also make for a far more durable unit.
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Debra L Rothenberg, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 11:44 AM on 07.10.09
->> I have the ASUS eee 901HA 8.9" netbook with Photoshop elements7 and photo mechanic. I upgraded to 2 gigs of RAM and I have processed RAW with it. I love the thing-but it's a PC and I am still slow with it.
Yesterday I picked up a Dell Mini 9 with 2 gigs of RAM as well. I am using Photo Mechanic and have Photoshop elements6-but haven't loaded it yet. Debating whether to load CS3 or elements. (thoughts, anyone?)The only thing I don't like about the Dell Mini 9 is getting used to the mouse. Oh, I forgot-the Dell is now a "Hack" so I am much faster with it.
I picked up an Asus external DVD burner and it works with both.
All in all, I love both these machines. The size is perfect
Like John, these are only for getting out some images FAST and then I transfer everything to my home computer, using a flashdrive usually
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Thread Title: HP Mini computer and photos
Thread Started By: John H. Reid III
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