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Packing for Multimedia
Glenn Nelson, Photographer, Photo Editor
Seattle | WA | USA | Posted: 6:42 PM on 09.24.08
->> I travel constantly around the country and write, shoot photos, record video and audio. I own just about the entire line of Think Tank bags, which I love and served me well until I added video to my repertoire. The video camera, a Sony HVRZ7U, is fairly big. I've already been carrying Nikon D3 and D300 bodies, 200 f12, 85 f1.4, 12-24 f2.8, SB800, chargers and accessories, and a MacBook Pro. My audio recorder is small so it's not an issue. I have to carry sticks, which I check, either in a case or in my luggage.

My question: How would you carry this equipment on? I've yet to ever check any, and would have a hard time doing so. I also fairly often fly on puddle jumpers.

Thanks for any advice!
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Robert Scheer, Photographer
Indianapolis | IN | USA | Posted: 12:16 AM on 09.25.08
->> I travel a fair amount for sports, so usually take my gear (two or three bodies, fast lenses to 400 2.8, lapper, monopod/magic arm. . .) in a cheapo small roller I bought at Burlington Coat Factory, and a Lowe Stealth Backpack. Everything fits there, and on puddle jumpers, I check the big bag planeside, and have rarely had a problem in ten years.

I think that the more junk you can put in your backpack the better. For some reason, the flight attendants don't seem to sweat bulging backpacks, while a roller of the same volume may get scrutinized.

One trick, I always try to get a seat near the middle or rear of the plane, so I can get on early, and grab choice spots for luggage in the overheads. If you're the last one on, and near the front of the plane, MAJOR HASSLE!

Good luck!
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Myung Chun, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 12:24 AM on 09.25.08
->> I had to fly recently and I packed my video camera (a Sony V1U, stripped down) into a Think Tank Airport Check In along with a MacBook Pro. It also held the shotgun and wireless mics.

In the Think Tank Airport Security, I packed a couple days worth of clothes and a D90 with two lenses. Minus the clothes, it should hold all your camera gear and you can carry both on.
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Thread Title: Packing for Multimedia
Thread Started By: Glenn Nelson
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