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20 minutes but worth it
Joe Cavaretta, Photographer
Ft Lauderdale | FL | USA | Posted: 8:01 PM on 09.01.08
->> This, I hope, is what the future holds for all of us in this business.
Rocky Mountain News and Media Storm coverage of the Dems in Denver.
Just plain amazing.
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Robert Caplin, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 8:30 PM on 09.01.08
->> very well done. worth the watch if you have the time.
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Kolman Rosenberg, Photographer
Mentor | OH | USA | Posted: 11:17 AM on 09.02.08
->> Really well done, glad I took the time to watch it!
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Bob Ford, Photographer
Lehighton | Pa | USA | Posted: 12:13 PM on 09.02.08
->> Well done, but that audio not matching up with the video is very annoying to me. I can't imagine it's just my computer or network.
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 2:02 PM on 09.02.08
->> "...please download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player..."
(with no link)
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Brian Shirk, Photographer, Assistant
McCall | ID | US | Posted: 2:57 PM on 09.02.08
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Andrew Ong, Photographer, Assistant
Tucson | AZ | USA | Posted: 3:00 AM on 09.03.08
->> i really really liked it. i think it was well put together, the timeline worked well and the setting of the location went well. the timelapse of the set up and breakdown of the actual convention was effective as an intro and conclusion for the speeches. well done mediastorm and rocky mountain news!

for me there were a few too many photo sequences that could have easily been video, and it didn't work as a bridge between the stills and video. however there were still good switches between (in particular the protestors, at least it was the most memorable to me). again, at the end, too many sequences and weird frame grabs in there (note: one single frame of one of the interviews, really jumped out as out of place)

i loved how the on the street interviews had two different angles and gave it some visual variety, even for just an interview.
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Allen Murabayashi, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 3:35 AM on 09.03.08
->> i enjoyed the piece.

but it seemed a lot like a well-produced tv segment. should we try to have more interactivity in an interactive medium, or should we simply view multimedia on the web as a cheap distribution mechanism for traditionally produced content?

i know this is flash video, but wouldn't it be cool if:
- rolling over the image would display the credit and a link to more work by the photographer? or more on the subject?
- a way to order a print? (i saw a few images i would love to own)

i'm not suggesting a "choose your own adventure" or "video game"-like construct. but it seems there is an opportunity to make online multimedia differentiated from tv from a feature perspective. storytelling can still be linear while making a reason i should want to view something on the web, imo.

i thought the nyt did a great job with the video and interactive transcript of obama's speech:
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 8:28 AM on 09.03.08
->> Brian -
Believe me, I know how to download the flash player. Mine is actually fairly current. Point is, there are a LOT of people out there who won't have a version of flash compatible with this presentation. If you insist on using the latest/greatest versions of flash, you really need to go out of your way to walk people through the update process.

More than likely they'll just skip it like I did, but at the very least you should give 'em a link to try to win them back.
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Jason Franson, Photographer
Edmonton | AB | Canada | Posted: 8:50 AM on 09.03.08
->> It's very well done. Makes a great television piece, I would like to watch it on the big screen.
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Tom Knier, Photographer
Lancaster | PA | USA | Posted: 9:17 AM on 09.03.08
->> Maybe it's because I'm a television news photog who does packages like that frequently, but I was bored about 4:00 in- not because of content, but because of production. No variety in the interviews. Same position for everybody, with varying degrees of tightness. Flip some of the studio interviews back and forth. Give me nat sound when I see out-of-studio shots, and darn it, for all of those field interviews, hide that mic cord! NPPA judges would vilify a photog for the cord issue. The first nats didn't come in until, I think, around 7:00. It's natural sound that helps to carry a piece like this.

I suppose it got better after about ten minutes, but for me, the damage was done early. The graphics were quite impressive, though, and the last 1/3 of it was very well done. Denver has some of the best TV shooters in the country- so it's not very surprising that something of quality comes from that town.
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Thread Title: 20 minutes but worth it
Thread Started By: Joe Cavaretta
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