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Wow...tis guys licensed the same image 100 times!
Delane B. Rouse, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 7:49 AM on 11.25.07
->> ...and generated $26.35 TOTAL!!! Yep...$0.26 per license!!!
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 9:12 AM on 11.25.07
->> A reply from this guy later in the disccusion thread:

"I don't do it for the's more the fun checking every day to see how many images I've sold."

(...that repetitive noise you hear is my head banging against the wall...)
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Gene Boyars, Photographer
Matawan | NJ | United States | Posted: 12:33 PM on 11.25.07
->> David, the only good thing about banging your head against the wall is it feels good when you stop......but it does look like this guy earned enough to fill my gas tank for the week...
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Doug Holleman, Photographer
Temple | TX | USA | Posted: 12:53 PM on 11.25.07
->> That's not so bad. I would only need to license 6900 pictures to pay for my new D300. Sign me up!
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 1:16 PM on 11.25.07
->> He's reached his level of incompetence..and knows what his work is worth...
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer
Durham | NC | USA | Posted: 1:47 PM on 11.25.07
->> gene, I need your car....$26 for a week of gas? sweet!!
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Cameron Davidson, Photographer
Arlington | VA | USA | Posted: 1:57 PM on 11.25.07
->> John Harrington just posted a fair amount of research on the "photographer" and his company.

I don't think Lucent and Mr. Sander van de Wijngaert are going to be very happy with John's findings.
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Alan Rogers, Photographer
Hickory | NC | USA | Posted: 2:20 PM on 11.25.07
->> I drank more than $0.26 worth of coffee just reading this thread. About ten unlimited-use licenses would have covered the entire cup.
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Nick Adams, Photographer
Marysville | CA | | Posted: 3:16 PM on 11.25.07
->> Yay Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He finally has the $25.00 to join sportsshooter!!!! He will when have $1.35 after he pays his memberships dues, he can buy a lens cap or something. I can't wait to see his posts and membership updates!!!!!!!!!!
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Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 6:04 PM on 11.25.07
->> Maybe instead of ragging on this guy (not that he doesn't deserve it!) we should be trying to educate him that he could make real money if he submitted his images to the PS Collection?
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 7:35 PM on 11.25.07
->> This guy is why the industry is going down hill. You get these mom and dad / I got a new camera people out there thinking they are world class photographer's because they spent a couple thousand dollers on a cheap pro version camera / lens.

I chuckle when I see then on the sideline's of game's with there below average gear, using no flash shooting at 400 sp F-4 at 60-th of a second and trying to tell me how wonderfull their photos are.

Sportsshooter is set up for members that know what their doing. This guy will never make it past the screening.
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Gene Boyars, Photographer
Matawan | NJ | United States | Posted: 10:05 PM on 11.25.07
->> Chuck, If I don't go anywhere....beyond a 15 mile radius of my house it works....but you are more than welcome to my 2005 Mazda Tribute with 71,000 miles on it.....
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Primoz Jeroncic, Photographer
Kranj | SI | Slovenia | Posted: 4:50 AM on 11.26.07
->> Jesse I don't agree completely with you on this. Sure they are exactly like you wrote, but our business going down hill is not entirely their fault. Part of fault is also ours (I guess some members of SS are also editors ;). If editors, and their bosses, would stick to some quality limits, 90% of these mom and dads wouldn't have chance to publish their photos, even if they would pay for it.
But unfortunately nowadays quality doesn't really matter (much), and all what matters is cheap/free photos. And this, at least I think so, isn't mom and dad's fault, but fault of responsible people at newspapers, magazines etc.
PS: This is experience from here, so it might be completely different in USA. But unfortunately, I somehow don't think, it's all that much different on other side of ocean either.
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Jon Thorpe, Photographer
Toronto | On | Canada | Posted: 11:24 AM on 11.26.07
->> Cheap photos sell to cheap clients.

Quality photos sell to quality clients.

The stock sites don't really scare me all that much, as my clients seek unique quality imagery that simply cant be found on iStock.

PS - At his current rate (for that one photo) it will take him 57.6 years for him to make what I made this morning off one client.

Good luck to him!
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Dennis Wierzbicki, Photographer
Plainfield | IL | USA | Posted: 12:03 PM on 11.26.07
->> There are several active threads on the first page of this forum, and this is clearly an important topic, but I have to wonder if the stuff that microstocks are selling is so awful, then why is it selling at all?

Is it the photographers' fault for selling so low? Is it the customers' fault for buying the product? Is it the microstock agency's fault for being the intermediary in the exchange? Or, are these all just signposts along the highway leading inexorably to a new market?

In the end, it's nobody's "fault". This is the direction the market is headed. All the endless posts and threads attacking the photographers who are selling this stuff, or the customers who are buying it, or the agencies who are profiting from it aren't gonna change a thing.

If the customers who are buying this stuff are our customers (or, unfortunately, our former customers), and they are satisfied with the overall value of what they have bought (total value, including price, quality, delivery method, terms, service, etc.) then we need to find new customers. No amount of "education" or push-selling is going to convince them that they are wrong, and "we" are right. Promote your product's features and benefits and your personal professionalism, and why they are worth the extra money, sure (in other words, sell the heck out of yourself and your stuff), but the final decision is the customer's, and will be made based on their needs, not ours.

Some buyers may realize that buying from these Wal-Marts of photography isn't getting them what they want, and they will come at least part of the way back to more established and higher-quality products. Most, however, won't, and anything done to try and twist their collective arms will be rightly perceived as insulting to them and their decision making abilities, and we will further alienate the very people to whom we are trying to sell ourselves and our products.

How many of us like being told by sales people that we're making a mistake buying what we are, and that we really "need" to spend more money on their product because the sales person knows better than we do what we should buy?

Do any of us really believe the photography business is alone in having to deal with low cost, lower quality competition? This happens in almost every industry, almost every geography, almost every market segment and has been happening forever, and will continue to happen long after each of us is gone.

Posting here and elsewhere, lamenting about how our lives (and our livelihoods) have changed is certainly cathartic, and I truly understand the emotion invloved, but it doesn't change anything in the "real" world. Companies and individual proprietors who adapt to the changing market will survive and some will even thrive. We may not like what they do nor how they do it, but we can't stop them. We can only choose new fields on which to play our game, where what we have to offer is valued and will be paid for, where we can innovate (products and business models) and where they can't or won't follow.
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Thread Title: Wow...tis guys licensed the same image 100 times!
Thread Started By: Delane B. Rouse
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