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|| Member Message Board

What are your three favorite photos of all time?
Tim Tadder, Photographer
San Diego | CA | USA | Posted: 11:42 AM on 04.13.05
->> I was recently asked to come up with my three favorite photos of all time (not taken by yourself). I thought it to be a very difficult question. How could you possibly limit this list.

So what are your favorite three photos? Or three photos you wish you had taken?

Mine might be:

1. "Migrant Mother" Dorothea Lange
2. Times Square kiss of a sailor and a nurse on V-J day Alfred Eisenstaedt
3. Ali over Listen Neil Leifer

Tough question, it would be interesting what other photos make such a short list....
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Wally Nell, Photographer
SAN DIEGO (La Mesa) | CA | USA | Posted: 12:40 PM on 04.13.05
->> Afghan girl portrait by Steve McCurry
Brooding vulture over dying girl in Somalia by Kevin Carter, a friend of mine.
Migrant mother by Dorothea Lange
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Jason Orth, Photographer
Lincoln | NE | USA | Posted: 12:56 PM on 04.13.05
->> 1. Andreas Feininger's "The Photojournalist" (photo of Dennis Stock)

2. Dennis Stock's "James Dean" (Times Square)

3. Erich Hartmann's "Girl in bus and figures in street during snowstorm"

Whether these are their best, most famous, or most relevant works didn't matter...they are just my favorite.
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Gene Blevins, Photographer
Woodland Hills | CA | USA | Posted: 12:56 PM on 04.13.05
->> My top 3 would be
1. Hindinberg Explosion
2. Battle of Iwo Jima(John Rosenthal)
3. Mount St.Helens Volcano Exploision photo sequence
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Rob Kerr, Photographer
Bend | OR | US | Posted: 1:02 PM on 04.13.05
->> Not photos I wish I had taken, but three photos that make my jaw drop...

1) Robert Capa- D-day landing, Normandy, June 6, 1944. history of the world first-hand.

2) James Nachtwey- the image of the first tower coming down with the cross in the foreground on 9/11. I was watching CNN when that moment happened and although the tv camera didn't really show it, my instict was of horror for the many lives in that building that died so quickly...this image by Nachtwey floors me with genuine concern and level-headed composing under real pressure.

3) again, James Nachtwey- "The Tragedy of Sudan" Time cover Oct. 4, 2004 of a mother caring for her son in a refugee camp...stunning.

Not fair Tim! Sports are important, but when you ask about my favorite photos, they require me to answer on a different level.

Just to fill the sports quota- Tiger Woods SI cover several years ago on his tee-shot up 18 at a near-perfect Masters. Another is Greg LeMond on his time trial win over Fignon with the Arc de Triumphe in the background. The Herminator crashing at the Winter Olympics.

Can you tell I have grown up in the LIfe, Time, and Sports Illustrated photographic view of the world?

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John Kavouris, Photographer
Bartlett | IL | US | Posted: 1:03 PM on 04.13.05
->> Marion Jones winning the 100 meters in Sydney by Bill Frakes.

The cover shot of Steve McCurry's book "South by Southwest" (don't remember the picture's title)

Ali over Listen
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Cameron Davidson, Photographer
Arlington | VA | USA | Posted: 1:44 PM on 04.13.05
->> William Albert Allard - Woman in Black Veil

David Alan Harvey - Men Cutting fence on a ranch in Cuba

William Garnet - New Housing in California
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Matt Hevezi, Photo Editor
Camp Pendleton | CA | USA | Posted: 1:52 PM on 04.13.05
->> 1. Kevin Carter "Baby & vulture."

2. Kevin Carter "Baby & vulture."

3. Kevin Carter "Baby & vulture."
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Preston Keres, Photographer
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 2:17 PM on 04.13.05
->> 1. Photo of my first son shortly after birth
2. Photo of my second son shortly after birth
3. (tie) photos of my boys first basehit

come on folks --- PRIORITIES!!!!!
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Ed J. Szalajeski, Photographer
Portland | ME | USA | Posted: 2:18 PM on 04.13.05
->> The photo by Luis Sinco, "The Face of the War" of Maine Lance Cpl James Blake Miller in Falluja of the Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment.

Ditto the Ali over Listen Neil Leifer , since I often shoot hockey in the venue now known at the Colisee.

Annie Leibovitz: John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, (blues brothers in blue faces), or any of her more candid looking pictures of Hunter S. Thompson
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Richard Heathcote, Photographer
High Wycombe | Bucks | UK | Posted: 2:48 PM on 04.13.05
->> My personall choices:

SebastiĆ£o Salgado - workers walking up ladders out of the gold mines (from salgado's book "workers")

Unknown Photographer - Maradona's Hand of God, from the Mexico 86 World Cup

Simon Bruty - Rugby player getting punched in a lineout

Maybe not all well known images but these images have influenced me in becoming a photographer and directed me in the type of photography I work in.
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Gerry Melendez, Photographer
Columbia | SC | USA | Posted: 2:51 PM on 04.13.05
->> Wow. Ok here are 3 images that have stayed with me.

1. Eugene Richards - Searing photo of a crack addict inside her car from Cocaine True Cocaine Blue. No one gets closer than Richards.

2. Alex Webb - Cover photo of three men from his Hot light / Half-Made Worlds book. Dark, moody and amazing use of color.

3. Leifer - Ali over Liston - Timeless.

Honorable mention - Anything Nachtwey!
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Dick Van Nostrand, Photographer
Bay City | MI | USA | Posted: 3:06 PM on 04.13.05
->> Here are three from me.
1. Sam Abell's still life of Moscow and pears shot through a curtained window.

2. Nick Ut's picture of the napalm burned girl during the Vietnam War.

3. Jim Hermann of UPI's magnificent photo of Roberto Clemente standing with arms crossed after stealing second base.
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Scott Strazzante, Photographer
Chicago | IL | USA | Posted: 4:10 PM on 04.13.05
->> My favs...

George Silk- World Series, Pittsburgh, 1960

Garry Winogrand- American Legion Convention,Dallas, Texas,

Martin Paar- New Brighton ice cream kids from "The Last Resort" 1985
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John Nash, Photographer
Biddeford | ME | USA | Posted: 5:08 PM on 04.13.05
->> Growing up my favorite photos were this incredible black and white of a topless Paulina Porizkova with her lower half wrapped in a white sheet, my poster of Farrah Fawcett and a poster-sized SI cover of Carol Alt.

Since getting into the profession, however, I must say the sports-wise my favorite images include:

1 - Ali-Liston (sidenote: HBO's documentry on some of our great photographs highlighted that one, takling to Neil Leifer about how it came about - if you ever get to see, it's a great show!)
2 - The shot of YA Tittle after getting lambasted so hard is helmet fell off. (also feature in that show, but i remember the photo first from a book i owned call The Sports Immortals)
3 - The image of Mary Decker Slaney in tear after getting literally knocked out of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

News/feature shots:
1 - The Afghan girl is an all-time classic
2 - The Kent State Shootings (again, i remember seeing it as a young boy and the magnitude of the moment was one of the things that drew me to photography, just wanting to capture a moment in time like that
3 - The image of people running up the street away from the WTC building collapsing; there was also an image of a motherly-looking woman holding up a photo of her missing son and she was standing in front of hundreds of other images that people were lost in the collapse. it just captured her sadness and the frustration of losing so many people.
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paul barton, Photographer
Sutton | UK | UK | Posted: 5:32 PM on 04.13.05
->> my 3 are , in no particular order

1)a soldier in vietnam with his feet up on a windowsill firing a machine gun out of the window-phillip jones griffiths

2)wayne gardner being highsided from his 500cc rothmans honda-dave goldman

3)a portrait of greta garbo,very simple but powerfull-c s bull
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Jan Langsner, Photographer
Lloydminster | AB | Canada | Posted: 5:36 PM on 04.13.05
->> I wouldn't necessarily call these my favorite but they are the ones that stand out in my mind more than any others.

1) The Saigon Execution, Eddie Adams
2) Firefighter carrying the lifeless body of a kid after the Oklahoma bombing.
3) Firefighters raising the flag at the WTC.

You can undersatnd why I wouldn't call them favorite, right?
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David Seelig, Photographer
Hailey | ID | USA | Posted: 5:40 PM on 04.13.05
->> 1 Larry Clark from Tulsa death is more perfect then life . No one get sloser then Richards well we have a different point of view.
2 Leifer Ali arms raised over Liston
3 Y. A Title on his knees blood running down his tempele
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Darryl Dyck, Photographer
Edmonton | AB | Canada | Posted: 5:46 PM on 04.13.05
->> It's pretty tough to narrow it down to three but many of my favourites have already been mentioned.

One that hasn't come up in this thread yet is Jeff Widener's 1989 image of the "tank man", as he's known, standing in front of a row of tanks during protests in Tiananmen Square.
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Michael McNamara, Photo Editor, Photographer
St Louis | MO | USA | Posted: 5:50 PM on 04.13.05
->> Monks dancing on a wall ;)

Okay, to be serious. I can't get it down to three, so I'll give four, in no particular order:

Baby and vulture by Kevin Carter.

Nachtwey's color photo of a guy about to throw a lit molotov cocktail.

Saigon street execution by Eddie Adams.

David Turnley's photo in a helicopter of a soldier learning the body bag next to him contains his friend, killed by friendly fire in Desert Storm.
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Brian Davies, Photographer
Eugene | OR | USA | Posted: 6:15 PM on 04.13.05
->> Neil Leifer's Ali vs. Liston photo is certainly one of the greatest sports photos ever made, but I think the greatest boxing picture ever made and one of my favorite photos of all time is Leifer's 1966 photo of Ali's victory over Cleveland Williams.

Absolutely remarkable.

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John Cordes, Photographer
Orange County | CA | USA | Posted: 7:05 PM on 04.13.05
->> I love Kluetmeier's photo of the 1980 Miracle on Ice.

Eisenstadt's photo of the kiss in Time Square was one of the reasons I wanted to be a photographer.

Lovero's shot of Jay Buhner and his son biting bat reminds me of the Sachie and Shirley McClain photo that was on the cover of Life magazine during the 60s. Just a fun pure moment.

Side note, the great photographer Curt Gunther (Beatles books) shot a picture of my aunt Victoria Vetri aka. Angela Dorian in the 60s that I see photogs copy to this day. The band White Zombie did an album cover that copies the photo for their "Supersexy Swingin' Sounds" album. In short, I always thought it was a great photo.

My two cents.
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Jeffrey Haderthauer, Photographer, Assistant
Norman | OK | USA | Posted: 7:09 PM on 04.13.05
->> Constantine Manos' image from a small town South Carolina funeral for a soldier killed in Vietnam.

David Turnley's shot of the grieving soldier from Desert Storm.

George Silk 1960 World Series, Pittsburgh
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Wesley Hitt, Photographer
North Little Rock | AR | USA | Posted: 9:07 PM on 04.13.05
->> 1) The photo of Tank man in China has to be one of the strongest images I have ever seen. The power of one man. It makes me think about my life, what risk I have taken today and what I have done today to better the world.

2) The Saigon Execution by Eddie Adams. I had begun to shoot some video and was thinking of making the transition to motion images. Then one day I was watching TV and saw the film footage of the same moment. I did not know until that moment there was even motion film of the execution. The power of the still image is far more lasting than any video. I have never shot video since.

3) So many images by Jay Maisel. His use of color and his ability to capture the moment is incredible. He carries a camera with him all the time and is always looking at the world around him.
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Matthew Apgar, Photographer
Bridgewater | NJ | USA | Posted: 9:17 PM on 04.13.05
->> Wally...I wish I knew you were friends with Mr Carter a few years ago--I wrote a paper back at RIT on that image and his life (which I got an A- on)...a quote from you might have boosted it up a little notch :)

three favorites are hard to pick...but here are my three:

1) a photo I took of my grandpa Hank in 2003 during his 80th birthday party...all our family was there, except my grandma who passed away in 2002. It was such a happy day on his birthday, and this photo is by far my favorite cause he and the photo mean the world to me. He passed away a few months later in 2004 and knew that photography was my obsession, so he left me enough money to buy a Mark II and some lenses. Everytime I pick up my Mark II, I think of him.

2) John Pfahl's Rancho Seco (Cali) nuclear power plant at sunset, part of his early 80's Power Places series I think I love this photo so much because it shows the beauty in destruction, that even something so dangerous can be pretty

3) Jay Maisel's arrow on the FedEx truck...can't find a link to that one, but it's one of my favorites because it's something constantly seen and overlooked, but he was able to capture it because he saw reminds me to look a little deeper.
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Mike Morones, Photographer
Fredericksburg | VA | USA | Posted: 9:40 PM on 04.13.05
->> In no order:

James Nachtwey's photo of the young man with machete scars across his face

Eugene Richards' photo of a crack addict with a rock on his tongue (at least I think it is Richards')

My friend Reza's photo of three fisherman in the Rappahannock River. nice and quiet!

i wish I could have squeezed a Sam Abell photo or William Albert Allard photo in there but such is life...
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Alan Look, Photographer
Bloomington | IL | United States | Posted: 10:02 PM on 04.13.05
->> So many to choose from.

Lot's of great selections above. I must say I have to go along with getting priorities in place like Preston Keres stated. I have one shot of my son playing in the sand of a drought stricken lake. I think he was 1.5 - 2. But, it's only great to me.

I was a teen in the 70's. The photo's that stick in my mind all come from that era. Not any one in particular, but images of the Vietnam war and all the protests come to mind very easily. I couldn't even state the photogs names, but a very controversial one of a soldier carrying heads by hair seems to stick. I believe it was a Time or Newsweek run photo.
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Mike Doran, Photographer
Petaluma | CA | U.S.A. | Posted: 10:08 PM on 04.13.05
->> The Firefighters raising the Flag after the WTC collapse
The photo of the Afghan girl then and now.
Any image bt the team of Gold & Goose.
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Geoff Miller, Photographer
Portage | MI | USA | Posted: 10:42 PM on 04.13.05
->> Ansel Adams, "Moon and Half Dome"
O. Winston Link, "Hotshot Eastbound"
Harold Edgerton, Any Rapatronic photos of nuke tests
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Jason Franson, Photographer
St.Albert | AB | Canada | Posted: 11:29 PM on 04.13.05
->> Sorry had to go with four and one that humors me. Also there is one image I think is great, Che Guevara siting at a United Nations meeting wearing his army fatigues amongst a bunch of suits, not sure who took it but it's great, it says it all, be yourself and don't change who you are to please others. Anyway here they are.

Eugene Richards, Crack addict.

James Nachtwey, Rawanda Hutu Man

Eugene Smith, Vietnam Baby

Neil Leifer, Ali vs. Liston

Bresson's dogs photo keeps bringing the kid out in me, it always made me laugh.

There are many more favorites.
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David A. Cantor, Photo Editor, Photographer
Toledo | OH | USA | Posted: 11:36 PM on 04.13.05
->> Paul Strand, "Wall Street", 1915

Walker Evans, "Main Street, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1931"

Robert Frank, "Trolley - New Orleans" (pl.45 - The Americans)
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Josh Anderson, Photographer
Nashville | TN | United States | Posted: 1:11 AM on 04.14.05
->> Sally Man - the perfect tomatoe

Keith Carter - star eyes ( the photo of the kids holding the star blocks up to their eyes )

Gilles Peress - The image of the irish childrens faces as their fathers are hauled away to prison.
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Armando Solares, Photographer
Venice | FL | USA | Posted: 1:21 AM on 04.14.05
->> In News for me the most memorable photos are,

1.) Baby & Vulture, Kevin Carter.
It really got me interested in photojournalism.
2.) The Saigon Execution, Eddie Adams.
It keeps me in photojournalism.
3.) Napalm burned girl during the Vietnam War, Nick Utt.
War is senseless and cruel.

HM - Elian Gonzalez taken by INS, Alan Diaz.

In Sports,

1.)Pele bicycle kick, circa 1950s, photographer unknown.
2.)Ali over Liston, Neil Leifer.
3.)Immaculate Reception, Walter Ioss Jr.

Perhaps someone else can start another thread - 3 favorite photographers that inspire you and or 3 photographers you know whose work inspires you.
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Jared Soares, Student/Intern, Photographer
Lawrence | KS | USA | Posted: 1:49 AM on 04.14.05
->> Cool thread.

1. Napalm burned girl, Vietnam War by Nick Ut
This picture made me want to be a photojournalist

2. Ali standing over Liston by Neil Leifer
This picture has so much raw emotion

3. Afflluent Youth in Milan by Lauren Greenfield
Just an awesome set of pictures

Honorable mentions

Any photo by Christopher Morris, Martin Parr, Atiba Jefferson, Damon Winter, Ami Vitale and Joachim Ladgeford
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Steven Georges, Photographer
Garden Grove | CA | USA | Posted: 2:18 AM on 04.14.05
->> Farrah Fawcett? That's too funny!

My picks-
1. Afghan girl by Steve McCurry.
2. Tank Man near Tiananmen Square.
3. There was a photo I saw years ago in one of the weekly news magazines (I'm afraid I don't remember who shot it) of a U.S. mother/soldier giving her child a hug before leaving for the Gulf War. After I saw the photo I went home and just hugged my (then) baby son for about five minutes. My wife kept asking me "what's wrong?" I guess it affected me.
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Jenn Jedynak, Photographer
Cache Bay | ON | Canada | Posted: 2:37 AM on 04.14.05
->> Oklahoma Firefighter Chris Fields carrying little Baylee Almon after the Oklahoma bombing - by utility worker Charles H. Porter IV.

Firefighters raising the flag at Ground Zero after 9-11 by Thomas E. Franklin - Staff photographer for The Record(New Jersey)

And though I wish it was cropped tighter, the AP (photographer ? ) photo of JFK jr. saluting his father's casket.
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Jim Comeau, Student/Intern, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 3:28 AM on 04.14.05
->> Avedon's portrait of the Jesuit

picture of Imogene Cunningham w/ Rolleiflex working with nude model

there was a photo that won a clip contest recently with a young infant who was about to get an ear implant. I loved the lighting.
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Keith Birmingham, Photographer
Pasadena | CA | USA | Posted: 5:02 AM on 04.14.05
->> My three favorite sports photo's that I can think of are:

1964 photo of bloody New York Giant QB Y.A. Tittle by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Morris Berman

"Babe Bows Out" June 13. 1948 at Yankee Stadium Babe Ruth's number was being retired by Nat Fein of the New York Herald Tribune

1963 World Series Final Game - Sandy Koufax (jumping/celebrating), Maury Wills by Neil Leifer

I've always like this Ali photo too

Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams
Nov-66 Ali KO's Williams
by Neil Leifer

My Other three favorite photo's:
Robert Capa's : Omaha Beach

Larry Burows 1966 photo of wounded Marines one black and one white south of the DMZ Vietnam

Joe Rosenthal's 1945 photo of the six Marines atop Mount Suribachi,

there are many others, but these are some of my favorites.
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Darren England, Photographer
Brisbane | QLD | Australia | Posted: 8:20 AM on 04.14.05
->> 1- Staving albino boy, Biafra 1970- by Donald McCullin ( if you can find it get McCullin's book Unreasonable Behaviour, it is a great read)
2- Staving mother breast feeding her baby, Biafra 1969 by Donald McCullin
3- Muhammed Ali v Cleveland Williams (overhead remote) 1966 by Neil Leifer

For the Aussie's
anything shot by Adam Pretty or Craig Golding or the early press work of Bruce Postle.
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G.J. McCarthy, Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA | Posted: 9:21 AM on 04.14.05
->> Cool thread -- interesting to see the similarities and differences here. It's too tough for me to call, but I'll jump on the bandwagon and throw out three that come to mind:

1. Minor White, "Road and Poplar Trees" ("Be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence.")

2. Joachim Ladefoged, second image in the "Bodybuilding" series (one of my all-time, favorite layered photos in a story chock full of compelling composition.)

3. W. Eugene Smith, "Untitled" [Dr. and Mrs. Ceriani have a soda with friend] from the "Country Doctor" series (Szarkowski notes that this series saw Smith moving "away from narrative and towards interpretive comment"; I see that most with this photo.)

Again, neat little thread. Three's a hard number to reach ... hell, 100 would be difficult. But trying was fun.

- gerry -
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Jon Malinowski, Photographer
New Windsor | NY | USA | Posted: 9:31 AM on 04.14.05
->> 1. Diane Arbus: "A Family on Their Lawn One Sunday in Westchester, 1968"

2. Weegee: "Simply Add Boiling Water" - I love irony in the landscape.

3. Sal DiMarco: "Fireworks over Independence Hall", 1976. My cousin, a long time photojournalist and freelancer in Philly, who passed away this past year. This was a full page color photo in Time from the Bicentennial and Sal gave me a print. It certainly inspired me to pick up a camera.
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Wesley R. Bush, Photographer
Nashville | TN | U.S. | Posted: 12:53 PM on 04.14.05
->> I thought I had a good idea of my favorite pictures before I read this thread.
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Lucas Jackson, Student/Intern, Photographer
Ventura | CA | USA | Posted: 12:55 PM on 04.14.05
->> 1: Sam Abel - Branding photograph:

2: Don McCullin - Starving Albino boy.

3: Sebastio Salgado - The oil covered worker after extinguishing an oil fire in Saudi Arabia.
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Matt Lutton, Student/Intern, Photographer
Seattle | WA | United States | Posted: 2:05 PM on 04.14.05
->> In no particular order:

a) Trent Parke - Old Man in Light (my title) --

b) Josef Koudelka - from Exiles (my favorite series/book) --

c) Cartier-Bresson (He hasn't been mentioned yet?? So hard to pick one... so here is a stab) --

Bruce Gilden - from Facing New York --
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Chip Litherland, Photographer
Sarasota | FL | USA | Posted: 3:03 PM on 04.14.05
->> Man oh man...

I could do a top ten list alot easier than a top three, but by FAR the photo that owuld be at the top is Diane Arbus's "Boy with Toy Hand Grenade." I have a tweeked version of it tattooed pretty large on my upper right arm....

Now if I only had $65,725 dollars I could get a print of it - that's what one sold for at Christie's.,Diane-Boy_with_a_toy_hand-grenade_in_Central_Park,_NYC-1962.jpg

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Jenn Jedynak, Photographer
Cache Bay | ON | Canada | Posted: 4:10 PM on 04.14.05
->> A slight correction from my original post. SS member Jeff Haderthauer was kind enough to point out that Charles Porter IV was a bank clerk, not a utility worker.
Sorry for the error, and thanks to Jeff for setting the record straight.
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Josh Anderson, Photographer
Nashville | TN | United States | Posted: 4:17 PM on 04.14.05
->> Chip,

Thats my favorite Arbus photo too. Love that.
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Davis Barber, Photographer
Fullerton | CA | USA | Posted: 4:45 PM on 04.14.05
->> 1. My own photo of the birth of my son.

2. A photo from the 1960's taken by LA Herald Examiner photographer Doug Wilson. Taken from behind, it shows a young white boy and a young African-American boy with their arms around each other. It was taken at Disneyland during an event for the Foundation for the Junior Blind. The photo's title is "The Blind are Also Color Blind." Lyndon Johnson bought a print for the White House. I have a print in my hallway where it is the first thing I see every day. Doug Wilson rode his motorcylce off a cliff and died not long after the photo was taken.

3. Just about anything by Bill Allard, but mostly from Vanishing Breed.
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Richard Heathcote, Photographer
High Wycombe | Bucks | UK | Posted: 6:37 PM on 04.14.05
->> the ali - liston seems to be the most popular, the thing I find funniest about this image, is the look on the photographer's faces in the background. the one between ali's legs is giving that look we have all had when a 'moment' like that has happended and we've been at the wrong angle, missing the picture.........them's the breaks.........
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EJ Hersom, Photographer, Photo Editor
Sanford | ME | USA | Posted: 12:56 PM on 04.19.05
->> Pretty easy for me. They are the photos refelecting my belief in what photojournalism is all about.

1) Rosenberg's Iwo Jima -- The photo solidified a nation in its resolve to win a war. Heh, there's even a statue for this one.

2) Kid screaming nekkid in Vietman (I should know the photographer offhand) -- The photo changed the views of many about the war.

3) The works of the Great Depression -- Yep, all of em. Call it cheating but those photos as a collection changed the way a nation dealt with its less fortunate forever. Check out the archive at the Library of Congress.

Chapter 4, Brothels without Borders in Understanding the Media for all you 60s book fans.

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