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photo archiving
Travis Morisse, Photographer
Hutchinson | KS | USA | Posted: 4:38 PM on 04.05.05
->> I am looking into another way of archiving. We are currently archiving to gold CD's. Are gold CD's really that much better? I was wondering about archiving to a external hard drive or upgrading to DVD's. How are some of you archiving currently? And what would be the best way.
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Allen Murabayashi, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 4:52 PM on 04.05.05
->> ask thomas witte.
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Monty Rand, Photographer
Bangor | ME | USA | Posted: 4:53 PM on 04.05.05
->> I use DVD's. I edit in PM and then catalog using Portfolio.
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Damon Moritz, Photographer, Photo Editor
Woodbridge | Va. | USA | Posted: 5:55 PM on 04.05.05
->> If you go the hard drive route, use redundant hard drives. If your main HD fails the back-up will save your hind-quarters. I really like my Lacie Big Disks.

Damon Moritz
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Jim Davidson, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 6:22 PM on 04.05.05
->> AFAIK, these are the best DVDs available:
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Matt Barton, Photographer
Lexington | KY | USA | Posted: 7:27 PM on 04.05.05
->> I burn DVDs and back-up to a hard drive. Personally, I use Taiyo Yuden brand (from But you can read all about media ids and picking a good brand at

Excellent guide to discovering exactly who manufactured your DVD. Lots of trusted brands sometimes repackage cheap DVDs under their name. (Dreaded Verbatim Datalife for example)

Do a forum search and you'll find plenty more on archiving.
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Steven Georges, Photographer
Garden Grove | CA | USA | Posted: 9:36 PM on 04.05.05
->> Archive to hard drives if you want to keep the photos easily accessible on your local network. Set up passwords so the archive is "read only" to most people. Only photographers and editors (you trust) should be able to make changes to the original photos. Make back-up's on DVD's. (I don't have time to burn a bunch of smaller CD's) A second hard drive for back-up is also a good idea.
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Jaren Wilkey, Photographer
Provo | UT | USA | Posted: 10:26 AM on 04.06.05
->> A worthy topic we need to keep discussing. Here are our past threads:

We burn 2 copies to MaM A/ Mitsui DVDs and keep one copy off-site. Here is a link to the commandments of optical disk preservation:

Jaren Wilkey
Brigham Young University
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Max Simbron, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 2:04 PM on 04.06.05
->> depending on the size of all of your photos, you may want to look into external hard drives. To cut costs, I use an external hard drive shell, basically you can remove the hard drive from it, and reuse the firewire/usb (I like ones that have both) shell. This avoids overhead costs on buying drive after drive.

I buy one at a good pricepoint and size. I backup all my files to it, and then store it someplace safe.

I don't trust in CD's or DVD's. The safest, cost effective ways I've seen are hard drives and DLT tapes.

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Thread Title: photo archiving
Thread Started By: Travis Morisse
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