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Learning the NetCam
Dave Rubel, Photographer
Colonia | NJ | USA | Posted: 8:52 PM on 04.02.05
->> I Shoot a lot of youth Ice hockey.. I've seen some SS here with the netcam.. I had to have it... I made the box, got the clamp and put it in the net...
My first attempt was ok... got some shots, used a lens that was not wide enough... had a Error99 in the 3rd game...
I shot some more today.. different lens, no error99 so here is the results

Feedback welcome... I'm looking to improve this feature to offer to my clients...
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Darrell Miho, Photographer
Temple City | CA | usa | Posted: 11:29 PM on 04.02.05
->> nothing in the pictures appear to be in focus.
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Darren Carroll, Photographer
Cedar Creek (Austin) | TX | USA | Posted: 12:04 AM on 04.03.05
->> ...and if you're going to devote the time, effort, and money to doing it, your composition should be perfect. Your horizons should be straight, and your composition should be symmetrical. Your camera is clamped in position, immobile, and (presumedly) you've had all the time in the world to set it up. There's no excuse for poor framing.

Also, you need to get out there between periods and clean your glass.

I've said it once, twice, a thousand times...the fact it's a netcam (or a glass remote, or a floor remote...) might make it a "cool" picture, but doesn't automatically make it a GOOD picture. The accepted (and expected) norms of composition, focus, and content still apply.
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Michael Myers, Photographer
Miami Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 11:04 AM on 04.03.05
->> Interesting viewpoint!

Tilt the camera a bit so it's level, and aim it up/down so the "horizon" line for the court is a straight horizontal line.

Was the camera in focus or not, or did the box move around because of vibrations, whatever, that keeps the image from being as clear as it could?

If the lens was a little wider, or you moved the camera a bit, maybe you can have the "mesh" on both sides of the image, rather than just on the left? A slightly wider lens might make this effect even nicer.
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Dave Rubel, Photographer
Colonia | NJ | USA | Posted: 1:46 PM on 04.03.05
->> Thank you for your input... I will try some of your suggestions next time... Maybe the box I built with the 1/2" front is too thick and it blurs out the subject..

I will also be more aware of the horizon...
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Daniel Horan, Student/Intern, Photographer
St. Bonaventure | NY | USA | Posted: 4:02 PM on 04.03.05
->> Strobes, strobes, strobes, strobes....strobes.

Along the same theme of time and effort that Darren Carroll wrote of, if you are going through the trouble of building and using a netcam you should make sure there is both enough light to make a good exposure using slower ISO (so not to get as much grain as you do with higher ISO settings), to stop the action and to set an aperture closed enough to get a decent DOF especially since the camera is locked in one place and you can't know where the action will happen in the frame.

Just some observations and reflections on my own experience with both shooting hockey and using remotes (including netcams).

Happy shooting,
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Matt Brown, Photographer
Fullerton | CA | USA | Posted: 12:56 PM on 04.07.05
->> Dave,
Use rainx on the front of the netcam to keep water off.
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Rick Burnham, Photographer
Enfield | CT | USA | Posted: 10:11 AM on 04.08.05
->> What did you make the box out of that it's blurring the subject?
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Thread Title: Learning the NetCam
Thread Started By: Dave Rubel
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