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Update: Shadow Comparison This side-by-side view illustrates the different shadows that can be achieved with different zoom / diffuser settings on the ring light. With the diffuser in and the flash zoomed all the way out (left), you get more shadow on the top of the object than the bottom (due to the fall-off at the top of the ring light). When the flash is zoomed in to 105mm and the diffuser is left on, the shadows even out dramatically (center). I think this combo provides the best results with this rig. For comparison, the image on the right shows the shadow results without the diffuser. Hard shadows on the top and bottom, not much on the sides, along with very uneven highlights (not pretty). I may modify my unit to incorporate a permanent diffuser along with a lens tube that'll go all the way through the unit (as illustrated in Camerahack's rig) to prevent the flare experienced when the front of the lens isn't extended beyond the front of the diffuser.