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Nikon - AF-S 24-120mm f3.5-5.6G ED-IF VR Zoom Lens
Quick Overview |
New cosmetic design
* Exclusive Silent Wave Motor enables ultra-high-speed autofocusing with exceptional accuracy and powerful super-quiet operation
* VR operation offers the equivalent of using a shutter speed 3 stops faster at 120mm
* 2 Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements for minimized chromatic aberration
* G Type DX Nikkor is designed exclusively for use with Nikon SLR models where aperture is controlled from body
* Nikon D-Type design provides precise distance information for flash and ambient light exposure processes
* 2 Aspherical lens element for low distortion
* Internal Focus (IF) design for smoother focusing and great body balance
* Rounded diaphragm to make out-of-focus elements appear more natural
* First Nikon wide-angle zoom lens with Vibration Reduction (VR)
* Compact and lightweight
* Fully compatible with D1X, D1H, D100, F5, F100, N80, N75 and N65

SportsShooter Member Rating | 4.5
List Price | $570.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Randy Abrams Photographer
Bath | NY | US
Comments | [08/26/09] I'm with Jeff on this one. I received as the kit lens with my D700. I had sold my 18-200 so I was planning on keeping this as small around lens. After not really using it very much I took it on vacation with me. I was not impressed by the quality. I took some landscapes at f/11 and they looked like they were taken with a point and shoot. I was hoping for a bit more. The lens is a nice small lens with VR and a decent range for a walk around, but I wouldn't go out and buy one. Perhaps wait for the new 18-200 VRII.
Rating | 5

Jeff Mills Photographer / Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA
Comments | [04/09/09] Tried one of these out in hopes it would make a good "walk around" type lens for those times when I want to leave the 24-70 and 70-200 2.8 at home and travel light. Very useful range on the FX sensor and having VR sounded quite nice too. In reality though this thing is really sort of a dud. While the range is still pretty nice, the optical quality is really lacking, very soft corners at all focal length and even stopping down doesn't really improve things. I didnt just compare this to the 24.-70 2.8 but a few other consumer grade Nikons as well and its just got massive distortion and softness that doesn't go away. It did vignette a bit less than some other zooms like the 24-85 so it does have that going for it. The VR is actually quite poor as well. It doesn't work nearly as well as the current VR technology used in the 70-200, 70-300 VR or the rest of Nikons current range. Its older technology and shows. I wouldnt say its the worst lens I've ever used but its definatly no better than the really cheap 3rd party zooms that cost 1/3rd the money, you know the ones I'm talking about. The fact that Nikon sells this bundled with a D700 is really crazy to me. Such an amazing full frame camera and its got a quite overpriced lens that definatly doesn't deliver. I've got a few cheaper plastic zooms that actually deliver better performance than this from the likes of Sigma and Tamron.
Rating | 4

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