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Canon - EF 200mm f1.8L USM Autofocus Lens
Quick Overview |
The world’s fastest 200mm telephoto lens. Three UD-glass elements eliminate secondary spectrum for sharp images at all apertures. The optics have been designed to give excellent background blur. Try it with the maximum aperture’s shallow depth of field.

* Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 200mm 1:1.8
* Lens Construction: 12 elements in 10 groups
* Diagonal Angle of View: 12º
* Focus Adjustment: Inner focusing system with USM
* Closest Focusing Distance: 2.5m / 8.2 ft.
* Filter Size: 48mm Drop-in
* Max. Diameter x Length, Weight: 5.1" x 8.2", 6.6 lbs. / 130.0 x 208.0mm, 3,000g

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.97
List Price | $6400.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Mediobarco Fotógrafo Photographer
Madrid | Madri | Spain
Comments | [11/29/10] Simply, the best!!
Rating | 10

Jon Purdy Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada
Comments | [02/26/09] Absolutely fantastic bokeh. Very useful in extremely low light. I found my copy to have less contrast than my 70-200, but that could be an individual lens flaw. Works well with 1.4x teleconverter as well.
Rating | 9

Lucas Flory Photographer / Assistant
Denver | CO | United States
Comments | [10/23/07] I was lucky to pick up one of these bad boys off of E-bay (and for a amazing price). Absolutely thee sharpest lens I have shot with. Super sick! I give it a 10!!!
Rating | 10

Matt Cashore Photographer
South Bend | IN | USA
Comments | [08/09/07] Best. Lens. Ever. C'mon Canon! Bring it back into production!
Rating | 10

Samuel Freeman Photographer
Mukilteo | Wa | USA
Comments | [05/29/07] Recently bought one of these critters from Samy's. After shooting night time soccer, baseball and even some theatre, I would say it was worth every penny.
Rating | 10

Joel Kowsky Student/Intern / Photographer
Columbia | MO | United States
Comments | [03/13/07] I recently had the joy of being able to use one of these lenses for two weeks while I covered the Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma City. All I have to say is that it is by far the sharpest Canon lens that I have used and the boken was just beautiful. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little sad when I had to box it back up and send it back to where I'd rented it from...
Rating | 10

Lyle Aspinall Photographer
St. Albert | AB | Canada
Comments | [02/13/07] I used this lens recently for a badminton championship in an extremely dark setting (3200 ISO, 1/500, f/1.8). Funny thing: the lens had been bought from the guy who was shooting over my shoulder with a 70-200 2.8. He later said to me, "What I wouldn't give to have that lens back."
Rating | 10

Jace Delgado Photographer
Valparaiso | FL | USA
Comments | [11/27/06] I have been using this lens for almost two years now. I use it for Gym events, Baseball, Fashion, Weddings, and some football {sideline action mainly}. I bought it from a Korean fella for 3500.00 and have used it faithfully almost everyday with the 600's and 300's. Highly recommend it to anyone whol loves bokeh as much as I.
Rating | 10

JohnPaul Greco Photographer / Assistant
Waukesha | WI | USA
Comments | [11/26/06] I'll have to agree with everyone else.. I love mine! It is one remarkable tool to use in situations that would otherwise leave me with either mush, higher noise, or both! Great lens for headshots, fashion, & commercial as well.
Rating | 10

Suzette Harrigal Photographer
The Woodlands | TX | USA
Comments | [02/05/06] Shot a wrestling match yesterday in an absolute dungeon with this lens for the first time. Reviewing the processed images this morning I see that it significantly outperformed my 135mm f2.0, which I shot as well. I've dubbed it my dungeon slayer! If you shoot indoor sports and don't have the luxury of stobes or "TV" light, you can't afford NOT to have this glass.
Rating | 10

Paul Alesse Photographer
Centereach | NY | USA
Comments | [10/07/05] Simply, the best piece of glass Canon ever made. Edges out the 300 and 400 due to it's extremely creamy bokeh. Get it while you can... it's actually appreciating in value!
Rating | 10

Doug Steinbock Photographer
Feeding Hills | MA | USA
Comments | [07/09/05] Awesome lens! I use it extensively for low lite football, gymnastics, & basketball in dark HS gyms.
Rating | 10

Bradley Kanaris Photographer
Brisbane | Queen | Australia
Comments | [06/07/05] What a masterpiece from Canon! Why they don't continue to make this beautiful lens is a mystery. I have one of these and it's my baby and never will we part. As far as optical quality goes this is the best lens Canon have ever made.
Rating | 10

Pablo Galvez Photographer
Calgary | AB | CANADA
Comments | [05/10/05] I love this lens! I probably use this lens for 90% of my indoor sports work. The large aperature allows a lot of light to reach the sensor even in darker situations so the focus is fast and accurate. The optics are extremely sharp. I also paid a pretty penny for mine but it has been well worth it. The only issue is you will have to adapt to such a shallow depth-of-field - it is so small that often I get shots with someone's eye sharp and their ear is totally out of focus. Beautiful Bokeh (background blur). My favorite lens to use by far!
Rating | 10

Art Theocles Photographer / Photo Editor
Easton | PA | USA
Comments | [03/05/05] I recently purchased a mint condition 200/1.8, unmatched for indoor sporting events! Sharp, true and fast focus on a 1D MarkII ... spent a pretty penny on it because I don't have many connections, but well worth the $$$. Find one, buy it and don't look back!!
Rating | 10

Chad Sageser Photographer
Eugene | OR | USA
Comments | [02/28/05] "Truly a Work of Art" Dead on Focus always, amazingly sharp images every time! With such a short depth of field this lens works great in some unique applications. An outstanding low light Lens, for early morning - late day or indoor shots.
Rating | 10

Dirk Dewachter Photographer
Playa Del Rey | CA | USA
Comments | [12/10/04] Recently bought an immaculate 200mm/F1.8 lens from a known source for dirt cheap. Using it for second lens at football in addition to a 400/2.8. Have tried it out at volleyball, swimming and football. SHARP SHARP SHARP optics and once I learn the aspects of this lens' depth of field it will be an incredible tool on the sidelines.
Rating | 10

Christian Fischer Photographer
Erfurt | GERMA | Germany
Comments | [11/21/04] absolutely great lens.awesome sharpness.i can´t believe that canon never sold this in germany in the last 5 years. i bye the lens in seol/korea and lost almost my flight back to germany couse the store opened at 10 and the flight was 12.
Rating | 10

Frank Casimiro Photographer
Sugar Land (Houston Area) | TX | USA
Comments | [08/30/04] Though weighing in at 6.6 lbs it's still very hand-holdable at faster shutter speeds. Tack sharp. I am always amazed viewing images while being able to count small arm hair on subject’s images. Works great with the 1.4X extender becoming a 280mm f2.2 and still sharp. No experience with the 2X. When the shutter speeds drop I mount it on a monopod. This lens is great for night and indoor sports. It rocks at concerts. Was debating between the 300mm f2.8 and the 200mm 1.8 + 1.4 extender when I purchased. Exceptionally pleased with my decision. A 10+ all the way!
Rating | 10

Robert Hanashiro Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA
Comments | [07/03/04] Great sports lens. Sharp. Hand-holdable. And most of all FAST! Shooting something like Olympic gymnastics, this is THE only lens. At the 2003 World Championships and the recent Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials, this was the lens of choice. The leaping, spinning, diving athletes can only be stopped with a shutter speed of 1/800th of a second. And even then, you might get a little blur on the vault and floor ex. It is too bad that Canon discontinue this lens last year. I recently asked someone at Canon if this lens might some day be remade and sold again (with the IS function) and I was told then that there were no plans. Maybe now that Nikon has some out with a new AF, image stabilization 200 f.2, Canon will change its mind. If you can find this lens used in good shape ... BUY IT. NOTE: This lens also works great with the 1.4x extender.
Rating | 10

Patrick Hamilton Photographer
Brisbane | Queen | Australia
Comments | [06/04/04] Canon have got rocks in their head for ending production...I've had mine for 8 years....the best lens I've ever used
Rating | 10

David Boily Photographer
Ile-Bizard | QC | Canada
Comments | [03/17/04] Is there any situation where this lens doesn't ROCK! It stops motion, the DOF is nuts and sharper than any other lens. Add a 1.4x and 2x and this lens is the swiss army knive of lenses.
Rating | 10

Keith Munshower Photographer
Dillsburg | Pa | USA
Comments | [03/10/04] Here, here! this is the best lens in my bag by far. When people see it come out at local events they just say "Wow!
Rating | 10

peter atkinson Photographer
temecula | ca | usa
Comments | [02/29/04] all i can say is wow!!
Rating | 10

Tyler Barrick Student/Intern
Athens | OH | USA
Comments | [02/23/04] Amazing lens, just amazing... Thinking about getting a 300 2.8, but now considering buying this and using a 1.4x. Now to just find one.
Rating | 10

Sean Gallagher Student/Intern / Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA
Comments | [02/22/04] Rediculously sharp. Incredibly fast. Fantastic background blur. This lens rocks! Perfect lens for those times when there's just not enough light. Works great with extenders, too.
Rating | 10

Zac Pagett Student/Intern
Bowling Green | KY | USA
Comments | [02/21/04] Have had this lens since October, and it is absolutly incredible. The speed is mind blowing and the sharpness can't be beat. Great for almost anything you can think of...
Rating | 10

Ben Chen Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA
Comments | [09/03/03] Best indoor, lowlight lens around. Extremely fast focus and sharp. This is my favorite lens. It oozes “Pro” (people will move out of your way when they see this lens). Highly recommended get it before it disappears entirely.
Rating | 10

Shane Psaltis Photographer
Riverhead | NY | USA
Comments | [07/18/03] I just recently purchased this lens, all I have to say is amazing, alot lighter than the 400, and an amazing 1.8 Great lens, one of my Favorite
Rating | 10

Randy Chow Photographer
Long Beach | CA | United States
Comments | [07/09/03] Best indoor sports lens around. Very versatile with extenders. Small enough to be handhleld.
Rating | 10

Garret Meade Photographer
Laurel | NY | USA
Comments | [07/02/03] I'm shocked for hear Canon's discontinuing it...! I've had one for years and for certain shoots I simply couldnt use anything else...Shame you Nikon folks'll never know how good it can be...!
Rating | 10

Rob Ganzeveld Photographer
Sexsmith | AB | Canada
Comments | [06/13/03] Absolutly incredible lens. I love it. Too bad it is being discontinued.
Rating | 10

Greg Bartram Photographer
Dublin | OH | USA
Comments | [06/11/03] Geez I love this lens. Killer for concert shooting. Possibly my favorite lens. Tack sharp, too.
Rating | 10

[add your comments]

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