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Canon - EF 17-40mm f4L USM Autofocus Zoom Lens
Quick Overview |
A new and affordable L-series ultra-wide-angle zoom lens that's ideal for both film and digital SLRs. Superior optics are assured by the use of three aspherical lens elements, in addition to a Super UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) glass element. Optical coatings are optimized for use with digital cameras. This lens focuses as close as 11 inches (0.28m), and offers both Canon's full-time manual focus and a powerful ring-type USM for fast and silent AF. It has a constant f/4 maximum aperture, and offers the choice of screw-in 77mm filters or a holder in the rear of the lens for up to three gel filters. Finally, it offers weather-resistant construction similar to other high-end L-series lenses.

* Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 17-40mm 1:4
* Lens Construction: 12 elements in 9 groups
* Diagonal Angle of View: 74° - 29°
* Focus Adjustment: Inner focusing system with USM
* Closest Focusing Distance: 0.28m / 0.9 ft.
* Zoom System: Rotating Type
* Filter Size: 77mm
* Max. Diameter x Length, Weight: 3.3" x 3.8", 1.1 lbs. / 83.5mm x 96.8mm, 500g

SportsShooter Member Rating | 8.86
List Price | $1200.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Alan Look Photographer
Bloomington | IL | United States
Comments | [11/21/08] Wow, I needed a super wide zoom for auto shows and group shots. This will fit the bill nicely. I've only had mine a couple of days, but so far I'm impressed with the beautiful distortion it gives when shooting automobiles below 30mm. I've noticed no vignette problems and it's quick to focus and right on the money. It will replace about 3 other lenses that I had been using - with a struggle. I can't wait to get to a basketball game to try it out from under the bucket and from my floor remote or with the right angle adapter. It worked like a champ on some HDR's and panoramics I created. About the only thing it is missing is an F stop, but at twice the price for a 16-35 and for the situations I plan to use it for it will work nicely.
Rating | 8

Nick Wright Photographer / Photo Editor
Independence | KS | USA
Comments | [10/25/06] Small, light, very sharp. Great lens.
Rating | 10

Paul Carvill Photographer
Brigg | Lincs | UK
Comments | [01/21/06] Like it, had some good results. Would like to have a higher aperture available.
Rating | 7

Randy Janoski Photographer
Chapel Hill | TN | USA
Comments | [03/31/05] I tried this lens out late last year thinking it would be a fair back-up for the 16-35. For me the f4 aperture was the killer...just too slow, I purchased another 16-35.
Rating | 6

Jack Howard Photographer
Somerville | NJ | USA
Comments | [03/28/05] This is a great lens. It is sharp and contrasty edge to edge. Very fast AF for a Wide-angle lens, and I love the close-focusing distance. I do suggest heeding Canon's advice to put a UV filter on this to improve dust and water imperviousness, as the front element moves in and out inside the barrel.
Rating | 10

Ken Andrews Photographer
Greeley | CO | USA
Comments | [03/26/05] Just like the 70-200 f/4L, unless you use the f2.8 a lot, this is a great value with excellent results!
Rating | 10

Sebastian Szyszka Photographer
Warrenville | IL | USA
Comments | [01/04/05] Excellent lens for the money. Build quality, sharpness, contrast, AF speed, all top-drawer. Only reason you pay less is due to the slower aperture, although it does stay constant. I was going to give it a nine due to the apetture, but I knew what it was going into it, so it's not the lens's fault, just an inherent part of the design. This glass deserves a 10, it and my 70-200 2.8 are indispensible.
Rating | 10

Nick Goodenough Photographer / Student/Intern
Ventura | CA | usa
Comments | [01/01/05] great lens... I really hate only having f/4 though, I shoot alot of shows and so I've had to change the way I shoot for those events... that's not a bad thing though... indoors try using flash and dragging the shutter, or if you don't have a flash trying doing some pan shots, there hard but with digital it's no sweat... price is the definate selling point for this lens... pretty good lens to stick on your 10D or 20D for an all around lens... and on a film body it really does get wide... sharp lens, pretty good with flare, build quality is also good... just that darn 1 stop of light hehe...
Rating | 8

Jason Chan Photographer / Student/Intern
Temple City | CA | USA
Comments | [10/13/04] Just got this lens a few weeks ago, and its already become my favorite. Its light, cheap, and beautifully sharp. For half the price, losing only 1 stop and 1 mm to the 16-35, you won't regret it.
Rating | 10

Christopher Pike Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada
Comments | [06/15/04] I have had this lens since Aug. 2003 and there is nothing better at $1300 (CDN). With the digi cams of today its not so hard to bump up the iso to 1600 so one stop is not a huge deal. There have been a couple times that I really wish I had the 2.8 but for $1000 less I would not trade it in. If your on a budget this is the lens for you, its been really great to me. -pike-
Rating | 8

Andrea Ranalli Photographer
Rome | RM | Italy
Comments | [06/10/04] In my opinion one of the best lens in the Canon lineup. Maximum aperture could be a little bit limiting, but is hard to beat this lens value for money ratio. The lens is also very weel built, like all the L series lens
Rating | 9

Jon Thorpe Photographer
Mississauga | On | Canada
Comments | [05/30/04] I picked up this lens a few weeks ago and am very pleased. Maybe not the best low light shooter (i would be scared to bring it to an indoor event without flashes) but for outdoor action and studio work it's simply superb. Very Sharp, tough build, easy to hand hold (stealth). Paid only $950 Canadian for it too! For that price its hard to say no.
Rating | 8

John Perkins Photographer / Student/Intern
Hawesville | KY | USA
Comments | [05/25/04] Great wide angle. As a student on a budjet I just updated from a p.o.s. Sigma 20-40 2.8 for my 1D. This lens is remarkably sharp and clear. No noticable distortions after 20mm. If you can live without 2.8, especially with digital, this is just as good as the 16-35 for nearly $600 LESS. This is my second piece of L glass, along with my 70-200 2.8 and won't be my last.
Rating | 10

Zachary Simpson Student/Intern / Photographer
Terre Haute | IN | USA
Comments | [11/27/03] I have had this lens for about a week now and have got to say as a student on a budget this is a great alternative to the 16-35 f/2.8. I have had great results with it and the color from it has been great. It also had allowed me to get picures in those tight spaces that I couldn't before.
Rating | 10

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