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Digital Camera Battery - 30 Watt Battery
Quick Overview |
This external battery can power consumer and professional digital cameras, video cameras and video lighting, laptop computers, and electronic flashes - all using the exact same battery.

The materials used to construct the Digital Camera Battery are lightweight and very strong. The circuit are coated to prevent damage. The internal battery cells are easily replaced, providing many years of service.

A quick glance of the Color Status Indicator is all you need to know if you have enough power to continue. Some batteries have an indicator that has several LEDs that float up and down. The Digital Camera Battery Status Indicator stays locked on the correct indicator.

Computer control extends the life of the Digital Camera Battery. By preventing "Deep Discharge" and "Reverse Discharge", the maximum life expectancy of the rechargeable cells can be obtained.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 10
List Price | $249.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Jock Fistick Photographer
Brussels | Belgi
Comments | [03/09/03] I've been using the 30 watt DCB for a couple of months now and am very pleased with it's performance. I have yet to tax it to the point of day I even tried....just to see how far I could push it I tried running a D1X and SB80 strobe off the DCB after the en4 camera battery was extremely low. I had already beeen using the DCB to power the SB-80 for over 400 images when the en4 started to quit - so instead of putting in a new en4 - I just hooked up the DCB to my D1X and shot the rest of the day...with the DCB powering both the strobe and the camera - an additional 400+ images before the yellow light came on. I have also used the DCB to power a Uni400jr DynaLite through a few portrait shoots - shooting around a 100 frames on each assignment with the strobe set an 1/8 power and the DCB has yet to go to Yellow mode. So for me - the DCB gets an A+
Rating | 10

Randy Wilson Photographer
McDonough(Atlanta) | GA | USA
Comments | [03/05/03] The jury is still out but using a D1H I logged over 800 frames at one event and still a green "good" light on. Quite a difference over the Nikon en4 alone. Downside, something else to charge and now I'm tethered.
Rating | 10

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