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Nikon - AF 300mm f2.8D ED-IF II-S Lens
Quick Overview |
Super fast, super quiet lens using Nikon's Silent Wave motor technology

* Lightweight super-telephoto lens that's ideal for PJ, sports and nature photography
* M/A switch for fast transitions from AF to manual focus
* No power drain when manually focusing
* Also available in light grey - special order only; product #2126NAS

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.85
List Price | $5740.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Andrew Truong Photographer
Irvine | CA | United States
Comments | [02/09/09] Got this lens earlier this year for my sports photography. This lens is great and tack sharp, autofocus is quick and the lens is managable in terms of weight. The only downside is the cost
Rating | 10

Derrick den Hollander Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | AUSTRALIA
Comments | [06/02/07] I've hired the VR version for the weekend - actually NPS gave it to me to try, with a 1.7x AF-S teleconverter - I wanted the 400/2.8 II but settled on this combo. Used first night shooting Aussie Rules Football with the D2XS - sharp images wide open, fast focussing - not sure if VR is needed. It seems to slow down focus. Used it today with the D200 - not as impressive focus speed. Image quality was still good with the 1.7X converter at f4.8, just not quite pin sharp. Overall, amazing glass - not too heavy. I'll have another day with it tomorrow, at this point the only negatives might be price, and the fact I'll be testing a 400.
Rating | 9

James Escher Photographer
Garden City | NY | USA
Comments | [07/05/05] Tack sharp images, quick AF and fairly lightweight. Have used mine frequently for about a year and have had no problems whatsoever with it.
Rating | 10

David Martin Olson Photographer
Woodland | CA | USA
Comments | [07/02/05] I just upgraded from the AF-I and am very pleased with the decision. Hands down the sharpest lens I own. Very lightweight as well - I leave the monopod in the trunk most of the time now. Excellent lens.
Rating | 10

Joseph Mugno Student/Intern
Rockville Centre | NY | United States
Comments | [04/08/05] I loved this lens. It was my primary sports lens, coupled with a Nikon 1.4X TC. Perfect optics, AF, etc. Must have, unless you have the extra bucks to buy the 400mm version.
Rating | 10

Mark D Murphy Photographer
Blue Point | NY | USA
Comments | [02/22/05] Got the II version of this lens in Nov 04. As said above, really fast AF. The older AFS version was a good upgrade from the AIS, but this lens is super. It works great with the dedicated 1.4x AND 2X converters. That gives the equivelent of 640mm/f4 and 900mm/f5.6 on my D2H, with excellent results.I hardly use the 400mm/2.8 AFS anymore. Buy this lens if you can
Rating | 10

kevin batchelor Photographer
Southampton | Hamps | England
Comments | [01/14/05] Great lens much faster than older version and lighter. Sharp as a razor
Rating | 10

Jeffrey Haderthauer Student/Intern / Photographer
Norman | OK | USA
Comments | [04/28/04] I love this lens. So sharp, so fast. Even in low light, images just snap into focus. When coupled with the Nikkor teleconverters, there is very little loss, if any, of focus speed or image quality. An absolutly indispensable lens for both news and sports photography.
Rating | 10

Chris Lekhavanija Photographer / Photo Editor
Silver Spring | MD | USA
Comments | [04/21/04] One of the sweetest lense that I love. Other than my 85mm f1.4, this is my favorite lense. Sooooo sharp, super fast focus, and light weight. Highly recommend...
Rating | 10

Carl Schnepple Photographer
Baltimore | MD | USA
Comments | [12/22/03] Great lens. Almost all of my shooting had been with the AF-I version so the quantum leap in focus speed along with the lighter weight made me real happy. AF speed is incredible and the lens is truly hand holdable. I did put a #64 rubber band in the groove where the hood locking screw grabs on since it had a tendency to work loose and move around. Did the same on my 600 as well, cheap and easy fix!
Rating | 10

Sang-Hyuck Park Student/Intern / Photographer
Bowling Green | KY | USA
Comments | [12/30/02] This is one of "awesome" glasses by Nikon. It's super-fast, so durable, and lighter than previous version, so easily handholdable. Most of all, it's VERY sharp. I really love this lens.
Rating | 10

Mike Isler Photographer / Student/Intern
Santa Barbara | CA | US
Comments | [12/29/02] This is my mainstay lens for the type of photography that I do. Though I haven't used other versions of the 300/2.8, I can say that I love this lens. It's relatively lightweight, very easy to handhold, has a great minimum focusing distance, autofocus like all other SWM (AF-S) lenses is lightning fast on my D1x...manual focus is very responsive and has a good tactile feel. The autofocus stop buttons are a nice touch though I rarely use them. My only complaint is the rubber rings on the ends of the lens hood come off very easily. Other than that, it's awesome! Tack sharp...I couldn't do without this lens.
Rating | 9

Jasen A Torres Photographer
Monrovia | CA
Comments | [12/19/02] Just picked up the AFS version II of this lens and I love it. I had been renting the non-AFS version until I was able to afford this one and it is much better in terms of weight reduction and speed. Image quality is tack sharp and the switch from the truck case to the ballistic nylon case is very cool.
Rating | 10

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