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Canon - EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM Lens
Quick Overview |
Incorporating Canon’s second generation Image Stabilization technology, this telephoto zoom responds in as little at 0.5 seconds, while providing up to three stops of correction for camera shake. Its AF system has been refined for better response time and tracking speed. And even the new 8-blade circular aperture offers a more pleasing out-of-focus image. Constructed to pro standards, this fast zoom is also highly resistant to dust and moisture, too.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.66
List Price | $1899.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Frank Mattia Photographer
Hixson | TN | USA
Comments | [03/28/11] I've been using this len for the past 3 years and really have nothing to add except that it's built like a tank, but it does not BOUNCE very well.
Rating | 10

Shawn Knox Photographer
Honea Path | SC | USA
Comments | [01/31/11] My favorite lens. The only negative is that it will not withstand a fall of 6-7 feet on to a concrete walk-way on a golf course without a trip to the repair center. Strike that - that's actually my fault. I love this lens.
Rating | 10

Henry Weidemann Photographer
Kiel | SH | Germany
Comments | [01/07/11] I am a starter so I don't have much equipment yet but this lens definitely was the best buy of all (I use the non-IS version). It's my default lens for shooting Tennis.
Rating | 9

Jon Purdy Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada
Comments | [02/26/09] Used two copies of this lens and both performed quite well. Sometimes it's tough to nail perfect focus at f/2.8 at 200 mm, but it's very sharp when you do. Contrast is excellent as well. 75% of my money shots are from this lens.
Rating | 9

Ray Peters Photographer
Winkler | MB | CANADA
Comments | [02/21/09] Awesome lens. I had been using a sigma 50-150 2.8 for shooting hockey and it did quite well but this one kicks. I get a lot more keepers and the color is really good. Love this lens and it stays on my camera most of the time.
Rating | 10

Scott Mallon Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand
Comments | [04/20/08] My first L series lens, although a bit heavy, this is a superb lens and I use it for nearly all of my sports needs.
Rating | 9

Anthony Chapa Student/Intern / Photographer
Corpus Christi | Tx | US
Comments | [03/06/08] Definitely a very good telephoto lens. One of the best I have used and the IS comes in handy more than you think.
Rating | 10

Seung-Chul (Steve) Baik Student/Intern
Seoul | Seoul | Korea
Comments | [08/01/07] I have the non-IS model as well, and I gotta tell you, it gets the job done.
Rating | 9

Colter Ray Student/Intern
The Woodlands | TX | United States
Comments | [07/24/07] This is my bread and butter lens, and has been absolutely perfect for any sports or events I've covered. I own the Non-IS version, but for the money, its the best.
Rating | 10

William Guerro Photographer
Galloway | NJ | USA
Comments | [02/26/07] GREAT Lens! my main lens for basketball. The auto focus is very fast and the IS is a Big plus. I wouldn't leave home without it.
Rating | 10

JohnPaul Greco Photographer / Assistant
Waukesha | WI | USA
Comments | [11/27/06] Yep,...great lens... It does what it needs to do.. I guess I am a bit spoiled with my sharper prime lenses that fill the zoom range of this lens, but this lens is very acceptable throughout it's zoom range, even wide open.. I upgraded from the older version of this lens,..and before that, I upgraded from the 80-200 f2.8 L. The IS version is clearly my favorite of the three.. I tried out a friend's IS 70-200 for a good 2 seconds,..and was sold! I just ..."had" to have one.. The IS makes a huge difference when covering live events in low light.. & is a lot easier than putzing around with primes.
Rating | 10

Keith Allison Photographer
Owings Mills | MD | USA
Comments | [11/11/06] Excellent quality zoom lens, but I saw a big drop off in quality using it with the 1.4x and 2x extenders - so stick with the 300mm 2.8 if you need the longer reach.
Rating | 9

Vasha Hunt Photographer
Opelika | AL | USA
Comments | [10/17/06] A good lens with occasional "jumpiness" in IS mode. The weather sealing is a plus, but the buttons are very easily shifted to the wrong spot.
Rating | 9

Ron Bernardo Photographer
Hamilton | ON | Canada
Comments | [09/24/06] An excellent lens. Good quality built and sharpness. One of my favorite lens.
Rating | 10

Maxwell Yedor Student/Intern / Photographer
Oxnard | CA | USA
Comments | [04/11/06] Considering the fact that well over 75% of the money I've made as a photographer has been made from shots taken with this lens I would have to agree with everyone that it is an absolute staple in my camera bag. I read an artical in Transworld Snowboarder where one of their top photogs. called it the "money maker" and I really couldn't agree more. The IS is great, I can shoot at 1/15 at 200mm handheld and get crisp images. The seals are a lifesaver, and it is increadibly sharp for a zoom. I could ramble on praising it like this for another few pages but I'll just give it a 10 and be done with it.
Rating | 10

Max Gersh Student/Intern
Louisville | KY | USA
Comments | [04/08/06] I love this lens. As a student in Shanghai, I walk the streets at night a lot. I had my doubts about shelling out the extra $600 or so for the IS but I dont regret it one bit. With the "tucked elbow" positioning and IS on, I have gotten crisp images at 1/3 of a second. If you need extra stability, pop a monopod on, and there ya go. Although, you hardly ever need more stabilization. I haven't compared it side-by-side with a non IS model but what I can remember from shooting with both, this one smokes it. I have only had an issue with the AF switch twice. That is a minor design flaw in this fine piece of glass.
Rating | 10

Peter Gaby Photographer
Madison | WI | US
Comments | [04/08/06] I've had mine for 2 months now, picked it up locally as one of the SS sponsors was out when I needed it bad. Haven't put it through tough uses yet, but look forward to doing more work with it
Rating | 9

Salvador Ochoa Photographer
Yuba City | CA | Sutter
Comments | [02/07/06] This test performed amazing while shooting some stills for a motion picture. It's really wonderful how the stabilization works, specially when working under very low light. I shot many images with shutter speeds of 1/13 at 200mm and the results are very sharp. I tried some shots with the IS off and there's no way I can get them sharp. I wish Canon comes out with a 16-70 F/2.8L IS....that would be so sweet. We'll have to wait and see if they do something like that with the new Mark IIIs.
Rating | 10

Paul Carvill Photographer
Brigg | Lincs | UK
Comments | [01/21/06] This lens is a must, its a top piece of kit allowing a whole range of uses.
Rating | 10

Mitch Stringer Photographer
Towson | MD | USA
Comments | [01/15/06] I am a big fan. Yes, the AF button is a bit of a pain to accidentally move. I took this lens with me on a Meditaranean cruise and it was a great mid range zoom for sight seeing as well as just about all sports pics. It can get a bit heavy for street photography.
Rating | 10

Jason Nix Photographer / Assistant
Atlanta - Sandy Springs | GA | United States
Comments | [01/14/06] I don't have the IS version, but have used it before, I didn't see the need to spring the extra $ for the IS since i don't shoot a lot under 1/15 of a second. Great lens, a must for any sports shooter.
Rating | 10

Wade Laube Photographer
Sydney | NSW | Australia
Comments | [11/03/05] Faaast focus. Best in category, in my experience.
Rating | 10

Seh Suan Ngoh Photographer
Singapore | SG | Singapore
Comments | [08/29/05] My default sports shooting lens. Great range, sharp optics, and the IS really helps when I'm either trying to do a panning shot; or trying to shoot while I'm panting after running to a location during an event. I'm not suggesting this, but the lens hood is a good place to stick your favourite stickers for ID'ing... The minimum focussing distance is a tad long for me though, at 1.5m. No worries from me about it, when the lens is caught out in a shower to a heavy drizzle, but that's a different story for my 10D. Rear element is recessed so that it can take the EF TCs, but it's a pain to clean should anything sticky ends up there by accident. When I first used it, I got the AF switch knocked to MF by accident, but after some time, I got rid of the problem, since I miracullously missed flicking it to "off" by accident. The f/2.8 aperture and IS capability comes in VERY handy during indoor shots shooting with ambient light and helps to stave off future thoughts upgrading, which means making a loss selling off second hand.
Rating | 10

Joseph Mugno Student/Intern
Rockville Centre | NY | United States
Comments | [04/08/05] Great lens. One of my favorite, aside from the 16-35 USM. Perfect in many respects, but I've had trouble with the lens locking-up at key moments in my sports shooting. I've had it replaced and it still locks up occasionally. A very sweer lens with a minor prob.
Rating | 9

Bryan Rinnert Photographer / Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | United States
Comments | [03/11/05] By far my favorite lens. Build quality is amazing, fast, sharp and a great range.
Rating | 10

Zach Honig Student/Intern / Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA
Comments | [01/30/05] Awesome lens! The Image Stabilizer is definately worth the extra money. It has come in handy many times. Great results with the 1.4x extender. My only complaint is the AF switch.
Rating | 10

Gary Solomons Photographer
Collierville | TN | USA
Comments | [01/19/05] Incredibly sharp....just like the original 70-200.The IS feature is well worth the extra money if you are shooting in low light. My only complaint is the AF butten. I have missed a few shots because I accidently knocked the button to MF.
Rating | 9

Neil Turner Photographer
London | UK | United Kingdom
Comments | [01/06/05] Truly awesome lens. The original version was the deciding factor for me switching to Canon nearly ten years ago and this upgrade is a worthy replacement. My only criticism is that the switches are too easily knocked and taping them down on a lens of this quality is a pain (especially as I sometimes want to use the AF/M switch). Still highly reccomended.
Rating | 9

andrew wilz Photographer
Aspen | CO | usa
Comments | [09/06/04] i shoot with this CONSTANTLY. Lots of local sports (kayaking, skiing, hanggliding, mtn.biking etc.). I use the 1.4XII with it a lot as well, and love the image quality. Can't recommend it enough.
Rating | 10

Kevin M. Cox Photographer / Assistant
Round Rock (Austin) | TX | US
Comments | [09/06/04] A very nice lens. Yes, the focus switch gets bumped very easily and can be annoying. A little tape takes care of this problem though. I've had both the original and the IS. As I say every time it comes up on the message board, get the IS version! Even if you don't think you'll ever need the IS, you'll be happy you have it when the time comes. However, the main reason I prefer it over the original is the addition of weather sealing to compliment that in the 1 series bodies.
Rating | 9

peter atkinson Photographer
Temecula | CA | USA
Comments | [08/24/04] the 70-200 2.8l was my first "L" lens,incredible versatile piece of glass. had the "is" version for 6 months now and its almost always on the camera, great lens for any occasion very happy with the 1.4x and 2x aswell
Rating | 10

Bryon Johnson Photographer
Brampton | ON | Canada
Comments | [08/08/04] An incredibly sharp lens, only issue is that the "AF-M" switch can easily be moved to the mode you don't want, when you least expect it. Might have been better if they used the same switch slider that's on the near focus switch.
Rating | 9

Paul Teixeira Photographer
Amstelveen | NH | The Netherlands
Comments | [06/24/04] This is the first zoom lens I've used in years. Has surpassed every expectation I had. Excellent lens quality, fast AF and the added bonus of IS. The Image Stabilisation feature has saved my day a lot of times.
Rating | 10

Andrea Ranalli Photographer
Rome | RM | Italy
Comments | [06/10/04] It is a great lens. Just a little bit too heavy for travel or street photography, but perfect for sports. I used it for soccer, motorbiking and basketball mainly, with a 2x extender if needed. And the quality is still very good with the extender. The IS is simply amazing, I had crisp pictures taken at 1/10 sec. Higly reccomended lens!
Rating | 9

Sebastian Szyszka Photographer
Warrenville | IL | USA
Comments | [03/23/04] Good weight, not too bad for handholding. Fast AF, very sharp, sharper than expected wide open. Beautiful color, contrast and bokeh. Removable tripod collar is a big plus. IS helps with theater shooting where it's difficult if not impossible to bring a monopod. Tough to justify, but very easy to live with...
Rating | 10

Andrew Phelps Photographer / Student/Intern
Vista (San Diego) | CA | USA
Comments | [03/11/04] This lens is sharp, fast, and accurate. It's light enough to handhold. Background blur is very pleasing. It makes boring shots look better; it makes great shots look incredible. Definite bread and butter for a photojournalist. No complaints!
Rating | 10

Jim Comeau Student/Intern / Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA
Comments | [11/17/03] OH MY GOD! this thing is razor sharp, ultra fast AF, accurate AF, love the 2.8 wide open i give this a 10 hands down
Rating | 10

Pablo Galvez Photographer
Calgary | AB | CANADA
Comments | [07/31/03] I have the IS version (since Jan 2003) and I love it too! Recently I had a bout of problems with the IS going funky on me so I had to take it in to Canon to have serviced. They gave it back to me twice, blaming it on the camera once and saying that they can't see the problem the second time. It happened worse - intermittently the IS would freeze up and the camera would read F00 under the f-stop display, then if I trigger the shutter, I would get an error 01 code for "lens communication error". Canon cleaned the contacts on the lens and camera and gave them back to me. Currently it is at the shop and they are replacing the IS unit and the ISO sensor?? This is all during a two week period when I was booked solid for work and there were "no loaners" at Canon. I'm a little bitter with the CPS service some times. I thought they were there to help you keep your business running while they fix your equipment! Other than that little problem, awesome lens - worth every penny. And the IS is great (when it works). -Pablo
Rating | 9

Zachary Simpson Photographer / Student/Intern
Terre Haute | IN | USA
Comments | [07/30/03] I absolutley love this lens, it has increased the quality of my images by ten fold and having a constant 2.8 aperature helps out a lot. I guard this lens with my life since it is my bread and butter.
Rating | 10

Stephen Scharf Photographer
Albany | CA | USA
Comments | [05/17/03] Yep, that's an awesome lens. I have the non-IS version which I shoot for motorsports and I love it. I get superb results from it.
Rating | 10

Dave Cheng Photographer
Toronto | ON | Canada
Comments | [05/06/03] Having switched over from Nikon, the stabilizer in this lens is something new to me and has totally changed the way I see and use this focal length -- no longer afraid to shoot in less-than-perfect light with previously impossible shutter speeds. A definite winner!
Rating | 10

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