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Nikon - 80-200mm f2.8D ED-IF-S Lens
Quick Overview |
Ultra quiet, super fast high performance telephoto zoom lens using Silent Wave motor technology

* 5 ED glass for high resolution and high contrast even at maximum apertures
* Focus locks are provided on the lens barrel and a removable tripod collar is provided
* Compatible with TC-14E and TC-20E tele-converters
* Lens Construction: 18 elements in 14 groups (5 ED)
* Picture Angle: 30°10'-10°20'
* Minimum Focus Distance: 4.9 ft.
* Maximum Reproduction Ratio (Macro Setting): 1:6.3
* Attachment/ Filter Size: 77mm
* Dimensions (diameter x length - in.): 3.5 x 8.1
* Weight (oz.): 51.1
* Nikon Lens Hood: HB-17
* Case(s): CL-73A
* Included Accessories: CL-73A Case, Rear and front lens caps

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9
List Price | $1419.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Mike Fox Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA
Comments | [12/21/03] Fast focusing, lightweight, and with a Nikon D1X (and its 1.5x multiplier) I have a 600mm lens that I can hand hold in reasonable light. Not so great indoors (where the 70-200 comes in to its own) but for outdoor events and cutting through crowds, for its mobility (compared to the f2.8 glass that most others drag around), I would not leave home without this lens.
Rating | 9

Michael Clark Photographer
Santa Fe | NM | USA
Comments | [12/10/03] An Amazing lens and the sharpest Nikkor zoom I have ever used. The only other zoom lenses in this class are the AF-S 17-35 and 28-70 (and of course the new VR version of the 70-200). Focus is blazing fast! I have shot mountain bikers flying over me at 40+ miles an hour at close range and the images are tack sharp. If you are looking for this range in the Nikon line up you can't go wrong with this lens or the 70-200 VR.
Rating | 10

Rob Bonow Student/Intern / Photographer
Ithaca | NY | USA
Comments | [11/28/03] I purchased a Nikon Factory Refurbished sample of this lens from Cameta Camera (superb service) a few months ago, but had some problems with a noisy motor and squeaky focusing ring. I sent it back and got a problematic replacement, but Nikon repaired it under warranty. The lens is fast, bright, and superbly sharp; it is by far my favorite. Compared to the screw driven D version, AF tracking is much improved and significantly smoother. Flare can be an issue, but the provided hood helps to minimize it. The zoom and focus rings have a good, solid feel to them, and the removable tripod collar is nice and sturdy. It may not be as swift as the VR (I have not used one, so I cannot make that judgement), but it's still a sweet lens and is by far my favorite.
Rating | 9

Dave Kennedy Photographer
Nanuet | NY | US
Comments | [05/01/03] This lens is yesterday's news, the 70-200 VR lens is much better. I've had mine for several months now and it rocks. The focus is much more reliable, it doesn't have that jittery feel to the AF that the 80-200 has. And with the VR you can really get impressive results at VERY low shutter speed.
Rating | 5

Alex Miroshnichenko Photographer
Foothill Ranch (Irvine) | CA | USA
Comments | [04/28/03] Fast focus, sharp images and fairly light - what more can you ask for? This is my workhourse lens and just love it. I also use it with a 1.4x and get sharp quality images. At $1400 it is a bargain for a pro-quality lens.
Rating | 10

Dave Amorde Photographer
Lake Forest | CA | USA
Comments | [12/18/02] This is my standard lens for non-televised skating events. Its fast focusing Silent Wave motor is even more effective when the focusing limiter is set. I tried using it for a soccer gig in combination with a TC-20E converter, but that combo definitely impacted the autofocus. But, as a stand-alone lens, it is a perfect 10. A great choice for covering half a basketball court.
Rating | 10

Thomas Sapiano Photographer / Student/Intern
Kleinburg (Toronto) | ON | Canada
Comments | [12/01/02] Awesome lens, extremely fast autofocus with tack sharp images. Still has the older crinkled finish (which to me is a good thing) and is built extremely well. Dispite being removable, the tripod mount works well and is extremely sturdy - just enough room to squeeze your hand between for extra grip. Watch out as the included lens hood is huge, however it does an excellent job.
Rating | 10

Ian Elliott Photographer
Junction City | OR | USA
Comments | [08/24/02] Another nice lens from Nikon. I know lots of you Nikon shooters use this one. I like all the features of this sharp lens. I upgraded from the D lens to this one about 18 months ago, just for the Silent Wave motor. With a 2x converter (TC-20E) I find the AF a tad slow at the minimum f/5.6 in low contrast situations. The tripod mount is a nice feature with its removable mount. I tend to shoot it at 200mm and f/2.8. I also shoot with the tripod mount left on, when I handhold in the vertical position. This helps with quick framing and gives me a place to hold on to with my steady hand.
Rating | 9

[add your comments]

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