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Nikon - D700 SLR Digital Camera Body
Quick Overview |
Handling agility fused with Nikon’s 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, assures professional image quality with low-noise, high-ISO performance.

• Nikon's original 12.1-megapixel FX-format (23.9 x 36mm) CMOS sensor: Teamed with Nikon's exclusive EXPEED digital image processing, the D700 delivers breathtakingly rich image quality.
• Broad ISO sensitivity up to 6400 and incredibly low noise: Super low-noise performance from 200-6400 ISO, with the added versatility of Lo-1 (100 ISO) Hi-1 (12,800 ISO) and Hi-2 (25,600 ISO).
• Continuous shooting up to 5 frames per second: Shoot at up to 8 frames per second with the optional MB-D10 Multi-power Battery Pack.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.55
List Price | $2999.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Alan Sanders Photographer
Dublin | Ga | USA
Comments | [04/13/12] I waited around for awhile before purchasing a D700. I looked really hard at the D3 but could not justify it for the price difference. I have only had the D700 for about a month, but already my D300 has not seen daylight since. I did shoot a wedding with this and had no noise issues at 6400. Could have crunk up iso somemore...
Rating | 9

Kirk Sides Photographer
League City | TX | USA
Comments | [05/20/10] I needed to upgrade my aging D2H. I had the funds for a D3 and I really agonized over the decision to buy a D700 or D3. After weeks of researching, I put my ego aside and went for the D700. I am not a big user of voice notes and I could live without dual slots. I just could not justify the $2000 extra dollars for these options. My images that you see here are from my D700. I am happy with my decision and have not looked back. The D700 rocks and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! It drives me crazy when I read reviews that refer to this camera as an amateur or low level pro camera. This is a very serious piece of hardware that can compete with anything out there. Be sure to get the MB-10 battery holder for 10+ hours of battery time and 10 or so frames per second.
Rating | 9

John Porter Photographer
Dumfries | VA | USA
Comments | [05/10/10] Just upgraded to D700 from D300, and the D300 has taken the back seat.
Rating | 10

Byron Hetzler Photographer
Granby | CO | USA
Comments | [09/28/09] Because of all of the high school sports I shoot in bad lighting in gyms and on football fields, I was looking for a new body that performed well at high ISOs. I did a lot of research and talked to several photographers whose opinions I respected, and the one camera that was overwhelmingly recommended was the D700. I immediately put it to the test shooting my first high school game at 5000 ISO and getting an exposure of 1/800@2.8. I was blown away by the image quality and how little noise there was at that high of an ISO. It's a solid body and is now my #1 choice when I reach in my bag.
Rating | 10

Mark Duncan Photographer / Photo Editor
Cleveland | OH | USA
Comments | [09/03/09] I purchased the D700 as a personal camera mainly for shooting nature and landscapes and find the image quality amazing. Shooting in NEF Raw mode can really fill up a card, but the resulting images processed through Adobe Camera Raw are stunning. The only problem I notice is a slight vignetting at the corners even using non-DX lenses. In fact, the vignette on a 70-200 is more pronounced at 200mm than the lower end.
Rating | 9

Randy Abrams Photographer
Bath | NY | US
Comments | [08/26/09] I sold my D300 and moved to the D700. Mainly I wanted a backup to my D3 and the D300 while nice in outdoor light just couldn't get the job down when it came to high ISO indoor and night work. Basically the D700 is a mini D3. I love it and basically don't even care which body I have with me as they are that close together in terms of ISO ability and IQ. If I had to do it all over again I would buy two D700 with the grips in replace of one D3. Two for the price of one...can't go wrong. The only two features, for me, missing of note is the dual card slot and the 5:4 aspect ratio mode.
Rating | 10

Lennart Wiedemuth Student/Intern / Photographer
Ennepetal | NRW | Germany
Comments | [04/27/09] I reacently made the switch from Canon to Nikon and I have to say, this is the absolutely best camera in terms of AF, High ISO and reliability. It blows away any 1D or 5D series camera I have ever used, and I worked with all of them. The only badthing about it is the strange colors it gives me under bad light (3200ISO and up). But maybe this is just me, please shoot me an email if you can help.
Rating | 9

Rich Cruse Photographer
Laguna Niguel | CA | USA
Comments | [04/04/09] I just got the D700 and all I can say is "Wow"! I have no fear of shooting at ISO 4000 or above. This camera is exactly what I was looking for. I upgraded from the D300 which is a terrific camera, mainly for the high ISO performance of the D700. I would like a D3, but $4000 is way too high for my current budget. I was able to use my grip from the D300 which saved me some cash. I highly recommend the EL-4 battery pack. It allows you to shoot at the 8fps and also lasts much longer than the old EL-3 battery. What I love most is that now I am able to shoot in places I would have never dreamed of shooting. My most recent trip took me into the rainforest on Guam. I shot at ISO 4000 at 1/500th at ƒ2.8- amazing! I would not have bothered in the past-"too dark" I would think. The colors are beautiful as well. Going from a DX to FX sensor has its drawbacks. DX lenses won't work the same in full frame mode- only a cropped, lower resolution mode. You may want to pick up another mid-range zoom. Otherwise, I am very pleased!
Rating | 10

Steven Bisig Photographer
Seattle | WA | USA
Comments | [02/19/09] What an awesome camera! I needed high ISO performance for football, but also wanted full frame in a small package for adventure photography, so I bought a D700. When shooting sports, the optional battery grip is strapped and ready to go. With the optional battery grip installed, the D700 is balanced very well and ready to handle my 400 f/2.8
Rating | 10

Joshua Brown Photographer
Waynesville | NC | USA
Comments | [01/30/09] This is by far the best Nikon I've ever used. ISO is very usable up to 5000. I have very few gripes, the biggest being that in order to shoot in DX mode with a viewfinder mask, the AF point illumination needs to be turned off. One of the few times I would use DX mode is prep football, and that is when I need AF point illumination. This is a great camera with fast AF and offers plenty of speed and versatility with the MB-D10 grip. This camera will remain in my bag for a long time to come.
Rating | 9

Erik Markov Photographer
Kokomo | IN
Comments | [01/13/09] I have to say I am simply amazed with this camera. I know that sounds over the top. I came from the D70 which was my first dslr, and still a really good camera. Granted it's quite a leap from the D70 to the D700. I had finally gotten to the point where it wasn't quite enough. I wanted to do long exposures which I couldn't, I saw no point in upgrading to a D70s just for that. Everything else worked just fine on that camera. I was going to go to D300 until the 700 arrived. It's hard to pass up a full frame body. The D700 has so many features that might be standard on a pro series D model like the D3, but the 700 is priced at half that. The weight of it is nice, at just over 2 pounds it feels very solid. The weatherproofing really helps that. Some have talked about how light this body is, coming from the D70 it feels heavy to me. Not in a way that is a burden, just solid. I use a Canon 1D MKIII @ work and the D700 feels heavier. The MKIII is 40 oz, the D700 is 33.5 oz but feels better. I'll prob get slammed about that from Canon owners, but.... Everyone's talked about the high iso and autofocus. The first things I noticed were the multiple exposures, up to 10 in one frame. One can lock the mirror up before taking an exposure, or make the mirror snap up one second before the shutter opens, both preventing the exposure from being blurry. The built in interval timer is really great, much better than buying the $130 timer from Nikon. When I was shooting film I used an N90 which was a good camera, but always wanted an F4 or F5. A lot of the features those cameras had thru the multi-back are things now available in this body. Both Canon and Nikon I think have been so busy since the start of dslr's trying to get more megapixels, faster autofocus, lower noise, supposed "added" features like video. They got that stuff down good. The companies forgot about some of the basic stuff that makes being creative so much easier and more enjoyable, I think camera owners are going to start seeing some of those long gone features come back. The only negative I've found this far is that the memory card door is carried over from bodies like the D80 as opposed to the D3. And I taped my flash over like David, it's something I don't see using either.
Rating | 9

Nic Coury Photographer
Monterey | CA
Comments | [01/08/09] Holy crap, what a camera! It's a tool that makes my entire workflow much easier. I don't have to spend time thinking about my gear performance, but rather actually using it. Clean ISO, fast AF and great body.
Rating | 9

Kevin Coughlin Photo Editor
Freeport | NY | United States
Comments | [12/12/08] I hesitated on purchasing this camera at first - as I basically thought it was the D300 in a full frame mode...I COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!...Having Beta tested the D3 last year, I asked NPS for a D700 loaner and used it last weekend for the New York Giants/Philadelphia Eagles game. The image quality is right on par with the D3! Although I still love my D300, especially with long glass, I am more likely to use this camera as my primary body, with the MB-D10 multi-power battery pack @ 8fps.
Rating | 10

Landon Finch Photographer
Colorado Springs | CO | USA
Comments | [12/12/08] An absolute dream! The high ISO performance, size, weight, AF, blah, blah, blah, are wonderful. Got my for $2400, but its well worth the list price of $3k.
Rating | 10

David M. Russell Photographer
New York | NY | USA
Comments | [12/11/08] What's not to love? The same amazing image quality as a D3, but in a smaller, cheaper body. Excellent backup. Not crazy about the pop-up flash as I'm not that likely to use it...I taped mine shut. Handles great. Love the vertical grip too.
Rating | 10

Alex Surrey Student/Intern / Photographer
Glendale | CA | United States
Comments | [10/25/08] I just bought it yesterday and used it for HS football. I had just switched from Canon, I found the controls extremely easy to find and use. Colours are amazing, light sensitivity is awesome. When I shot with my Canon 1D MK II N at HS football games I was shooting at ISO 3200 and 1/250th @ F2.8 and looked like crap, but I fell in love last night with D700 shooting at ISO 1600 and 1/500th @ F2.8. I highly advise anyone to get one. It is also extremely light weight. Can't wait for my D3 to arrive.
Rating | 10

Derrick den Hollander Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | AUSTRALIA
Comments | [10/05/08] I found it not like the D3 in terms of speed and response, as well as overall build. What I like is the onboard flash ability to fire speedlights, and the sensor clean. What I did'nt like was it's D3 IQ but more D300 performance. I have a D300 so I'll probably skip the D700 for the D3.
Rating | 8

David Manning Photographer
Athens | GA
Comments | [10/02/08] Best Nikon camera I've ever owned. Autofocus is great, high ISO is phenomenal. FUll frame and with a self-cleaning sensor to boot.
Rating | 10

Matt Cashore Photographer
South Bend | IN | USA
Comments | [10/02/08] Side-by-side you can't tell the difference between a D700 image and one from a D3. The smaller and lighter body makes it ideal for remotes or when you don't want to scream "Hey I'm a photographer with a REALLY expensive camera!" My only gripe is the pop-up flash. It can pop up unintentionally if the camera is banging around on a shoulder strap, and it's pretty much useless with anything physically larger than a short prime. The shadow of the lens or lens hood will block the flash. I'd give it a 9.5 if I could because of that, but the rest of the camera is so good I'll round up instead of down.
Rating | 10

C.J LaFrance Photographer
Toronto | ONT | Canada
Comments | [10/01/08] I've been shooting with this camera for about 2 months and it's just like the D3 in terms of shooting in low lighting, I can shoot at 6400 without any noise only issue I've had is that at 6400 or higher there is a little yellow to the shots so I have to adjust the K levels. Highly recommend if you want to spend $3000 instead of $5,500 for the D3
Rating | 10

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