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Nikon - D3 Digital SLR Camera Body
Quick Overview |
The 12.1 effective megapixel D3 features Nikon’s new FX-format CMOS sensor, measuring 23.9 x 36mm, which is nearly identical to the size of 35mm film. With the fastest startup time, shortest viewfinder blackout time, and shortest shutter lag of any digital SLR camera, the D3 has the capability to shoot up to nine frames per second at full FX-format resolution.

Designed with sports photographers and photojournalists in mind, the Nikon D3 introduces an astounding list of brand new features and technologies that make it the most sophisticated and advanced Nikon digital SLR to date. In addition to the new FX-format CMOS sensor, the D3 incorporates Nikon’s new EXPEED Image Processing System that is central to the blazing speed and processing power needed for many of the D3’s new features.

Images taken with the D3 reflect exceptional overall quality, broad tonal range and depth, along with extremely low-noise throughout its normal ISO range of 200 to 6400. By setting the camera to its built-in options of Lo-1 or Hi-2, the ISO range of the camera can be expanded to the equivalent of ISO 100 or ISO 25,600 respectively, offering unmatched versatility in practically any shooting situation.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.91
List Price | $4999.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Corey Perrine Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA
Comments | [01/25/12] Even after the announcement of the D3s and D4 it still is a fantastic value. Beats the Canon 1D Mark IV hands down. If you can't plop down the big dollars, this is the route to go. You'll have pro gear that will be up there, technologically speaking, and no one will question noise in your files. After all these years (2007) it's still that good.
Rating | 10

Mark Kauzlarich Photo Editor / Student/Intern
Madison | WI
Comments | [01/17/12] Its no secret. I shouldn't even have to add a comment, but I have to say, that after shoot with this, borrowing it from friends, colleagues, and even Heinz Kluetmeier from SI, I knew that I had to own one of my own. Its obvious why most people didn't even bother upgrading when the D3s came out. This camera can accomplish almost anything you need for a great stills camera, and a month after buying my first, I'm turning my pockets inside out to try to find a way to get another soon. Buy one. AF on. Hammer down. Enjoy the ride.
Rating | 10

Luke Adams Photographer
Tucson | AZ | USA
Comments | [07/19/10] I've used 2 D3's and a D3X for a little over a year now. Simply put, no complaints! I shoot both NCAA sports and commercial studio/location and it's amazing! Autofocus is consistent, metering is good and the colors are dead one. No complaints!
Rating | 10

Louis Lopez Photographer
Fontana | CA | USA
Comments | [07/17/10] I wanted to wait before giving my opinion on the D3. I have had two D3's for several years now, and it is one of the finest digital cameras ever produced. There are now newer upgraded D3 versions by Nikon on the market and it is the first time I ever owned a digital camera and I was not looking to upgrade when the new D3s and D3X came out. the D3 is a very capable camera that is a flat out workhorse.
Rating | 10

Kirt Winter Photographer
San Diego | CA | USA
Comments | [09/01/09] I got one pretty early, back when you had to play B&H Lotto every morning to get one. I came from the D2x, so especially in light of that, its low-light performance is just astounding. Had a very early shutter failure (maybe 2K clicks) but repaired under warranty and hasn't missed a beat since. A fantastic piece of equipment!
Rating | 10

Matthew Sauk Photographer
Sandy | UT | United States
Comments | [10/05/08] I have this camera now going on a few months after making the switch from Canon. I made the switch because I had never shot a nikon before and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Well that hype turned out to be dead on. Auto ISO, amazing high ISO ability, solid focus, full frame, etc.. Very much worth the money.
Rating | 10

Martin McNeil Photographer
East Kilbride | Lanar | United Kingdom
Comments | [08/15/08] The punchiest and most vibrant out-of-camera JPG's I've seen in while, with great dynamic range and low visible noise. Just what you need when wiring on a deadline. This is truly a camera that lets you think less about what options to set and allows you to simply get on and shoot.
Rating | 9

Daniel Brayack Photographer
Charleston | WV | USA
Comments | [05/23/08] I love it - very nice colors - good speed - and rugged.
Rating | 10

Andrew Klapatiuk Photographer
Toronto Niagara Region | ON | Canada
Comments | [05/20/08] Absolutely fantastic machine. Image quality is excellent, low noise and beautiful colours. Wish I had got mine sooner. This is the camera the D2X should have been. Extremely responsive and rugged what more do I say that hasn't already been said. I would rate it an 11 now that the firmware is updated.
Rating | 10

Randy Rimland Photographer
Charlotte | NC | USA
Comments | [05/07/08] 50% crops at iso5000 and no noise i rate it an 11
Rating | 10

Michael Johnson Photographer / Photo Editor
Geneseo | NY | USA
Comments | [05/05/08] I've had mine now for three weeks and I don't know how Nikon did it but its a masterpeice. All the things I loved about Nikon and more rolled into this camera. The high iso setting are amazing. I shot in a dark, poorly lit room the other day and use an iso of 6400. The picture was spectacular. No Flash. You could see detail that would have been lost in my D2h. Just an amazing camera.
Rating | 10

Eric Canha Photographer
Not Listed | MA | United States
Comments | [05/02/08] Like putting in new pair on contacts on! I'd forgotten how bright, clear and comfortable a FF viewfinder is. The files are perfect in every way.
Rating | 10

Hassel Weems Photographer
Locust Grove (Atlanta) | GA | USA
Comments | [03/10/08] This camera is nothing short of amazing. It is so fast and almost everything is perfectly thought out. Two CF slots with 3 options of how to utilize them is a great new feature. High ISO abilities that have opened up new creative possibilities... The only thing I do not like is that the focus/spot meter points do not cover the frame like the DX cameras. If you shoot in a studio or bright sunlight the D2X is just as good, but if you shoot anything over ISO 400 this camera is an excellent upgrade. I can make color prints from ISO 6400 files, something I never thought would happen for us Nikon shooters.
Rating | 9

Matt Cashore Photographer
South Bend | IN | USA
Comments | [03/10/08] Three words: It Just Works.
Rating | 10

Tom Theodore Photographer
Bexley | OH | USA
Comments | [02/17/08] I am in awe of this amazing camera. Since I don't have the luxery of using strobes during the hockey season this camera has greatly reduced the amount of post production work is PS.
Rating | 10

Stanley Leary Photographer
Roswell | GA | USA
Comments | [02/14/08] Incredible!
Rating | 10

David M. Russell Photographer
New York | NY | USA
Comments | [02/04/08] Easily the best camera I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. Mine is from the first batch, and as far as I can tell there isn't anything this camera doesn't do well. No weaknesses. Fast AF. Rock solid construction. Lots of thoughtful ergonomics.
Rating | 10

Rob Mattson Photographer
Sarasota | FL | USA
Comments | [02/02/08] I agree with what everyone has been saying. NPS sent me a D3 and D300, and both are amazing on all levels, and I have been a Canon guy since the age of 15 (16 years). Metering, focus and quality are equal to, if not better than, the competition. Viva D3!
Rating | 10

Clifford White Photographer
Narrabeen | NSW | Australia
Comments | [01/20/08] Just had my hands on the Nikon D3 for a few days at the 2008 Australian Open Tennis. Image quality is unbelievable, stunning results, particularly at high ISO. Shot up to 3200ISO with beautiful results, looks like 100ISO. Get the white balance correct and images look like daylight while shot under floodlight & very little Photoshop required. Ability now to get top shutter speeds and depth of field of f4-f5.6 at night. Focus is very accurate, comparable to or perhaps better then Canon. FINALLY US LONG SERVING NIKON USERS HAVE SOMETHING TO CHEER ABOUT.
Rating | 10

Derrick den Hollander Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | AUSTRALIA
Comments | [01/18/08] I've used the D3 for about 3 weeks. The learning curve is pretty straight forward for users of the Nikon system. What has amazed me are the following - the LCD screen is incredible, no second guessing colours, sharpness of images. The AF is superb, it tracks subjects with ease, and makes re-composing subjects a cinch - I just wish the AF covered the whole viewfinder, but certainly no biggie. The WB seems the best I've used, not 100%, but pretty darn close. DOF is now blade thin, and closing down your aperture with the ISO range results in the perfect look you envision with your pictures. The camera is fast, responsive, accurate in most every way. Battery life is excellent. Shooting on the fly is very, very easy. Auto-ISO makes it all just too easy. The camera is truly a dream, albeit an expensive one - perfect for PJ work, in fact any photographic work. There are a couple of minor minuses - ISO does'nt go automatically down to the lowest available setting. In Australia, we'll pay close to $7000 for it, add $500+ if you don't shop around. Not being able to use DX lenses at full res is a bit disappointing. I miss the 1.5 multiplication factor for sports, that combined with the price, means I'll have a D300 with grip imminently. If you have the funds, the work, this tool is the ultimate. Even the minuses can't detract from this being a solid 10 out of 10. If the grips come loose like the Nikons before, I'll subtract 0.1% from the score.
Rating | 10

Michael Brown Photographer
Roxburgh Park | Victo | Australia
Comments | [01/04/08] Best camera I have used for a long time. Handling is as I am used to with a pro Nikon, but now I have the image quality to go with it. High ISO is unbelievable. 6400 is easily as good as 800 on my D2Xs. The Auto WB seems to be able to nail it perfectly so far as well. Focus is superb, I have a 200-400 which I was about to upgrade to a 400 2.8, I now don't need to do this.
Rating | 10

Mike Strasinger Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA
Comments | [01/03/08] Fuggetaboutit!
Rating | 10

Guy Swarbrick Photographer
Wokingham | Berks | UK
Comments | [01/03/08] Utterly, utterly amazing. High ISO is very usable to 6400 and beyond - and 25600 in mono is great - like TMAX 3200 only much, much cleaner. Build and handling are great, AF performance is superb. This body allows you to shoot events that just werent' possible before - and allows you to shoot your existing events at higher shutter speeds and smaller apertures. Thoroughly recommended.
Rating | 10

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