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Canon - EF 400mm f2.8L IS USM
Quick Overview |
Super telephoto L-series lens with an Image Stabilizer for use in track and field sports as well as low-light nature and wildlife photography. The fluorite element and two UD-glass elements result in high resolution and high contrast. The ring USM and an improved AF drive algorithm make the AF speed the fastest in the world when used with the EOS-1v and EOS-3. This lens has the same AF stop and focus preset features as the EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.85
List Price | $11000.00
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Christopher Anderson Photographer
Machesney Park | IL | U.S.A.
Comments | [07/31/11] Just picked up a new one a few weeks ago and although this lens is a beast it is fantastic. Break background blur and sharp as a tack. A great investment.
Rating | 9

Jeroen de Jong Photographer
Waalwijk | _ | Netherlands
Comments | [10/09/10] Shot with it last week. Used it with a 7D and a 1D mk IV on the soccer-field. The 7D makes it, due to the cropfactor, way to big. The 1D also, in my opinion. It's also very heavy compared to the 300 f/2.8 Image quality is superb, but the weight, the cost and the long range does not give it a 10 or 9 in my opinion
Rating | 8

Kevin Krows Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA
Comments | [09/16/10] Best lens I've ever owned...period! Planning on taking it with me in my next life.
Rating | 10

Les Schofer Assistant
Lynchburg | VA | USA
Comments | [08/08/10] I mirror every positive comment here about this lens. I have shot 2 seasons of sports at my university with it. My only negative is thatit is so cotton pickin' heavy, as I am sure it must be. At all our night games it will surely be with me, but I have been using its 300 mm brother for the day games, with a 1.4x. I can still do other work with the 300 combo sling over my neck, but the 400 wighs so heavily it prevents me from doing other stuph. Just had it cleaned and adjusted under my CPS Platinum membership to ready it for another season.
Rating | 10

Marcell van Aswegen Photographer
Pretoria | GP | South Africa
Comments | [08/27/09] Supersharp, Great lowlight capabilities, superfast af, IS works great. And heavy enough to attack muggers with ;)
Rating | 10

Keith Allison Photographer / Assistant
Baltimore | MD | USA
Comments | [07/26/09] Spectacular image quality but the weight is a real burden compared with the 300 2.8 and 1.4x combo and there's only a slight loss of resolution using the lighter and less expensive gear.
Rating | 9

Colin Heyburn Photographer
ARMAGH | NI | United Kingdom
Comments | [07/15/09] Simply awesome. Had mine for 2 years now and well impressed with the quality of the shots, the speed and the smoothness of operation.
Rating | 10

Christopher Szagola Photographer
Richboro | PA | United States
Comments | [04/02/08] What can be said that hasn't already been said, this is my baby, Just love it.
Rating | 10

JohnPaul Greco Photographer / Assistant
Waukesha | WI | USA
Comments | [11/27/06] Having used the two previous versions of the 400mm f2.8 L lens,.. I am very happy with this one.. I can hand hold it at 1/45ths and get an acceptable looking image.. I wouldn't venture lower than 1/250ths on either of the previous versions.. The lower weight makes a huge difference.. The bulk however is about the same,..but in a different sort of way...hard to explain.. anyways,..The close focus distance of less than 10 feet is amazing for a lens like this! I *could* do head shots with this lens in my studio.. The IS is a huge huge huge bonus! That really changes the way I can shoot with this sucker.. I can pan easier, and I can focus easier too.. The AF is super quick now.. The optics I believe are better than before.. Clearly better than on version I.. With my TE's,.. I see a big difference.. However, it still is a "wild horse" that takes a little getting used to to tame.. I'm working on it.. :-)
Rating | 10

Vasha Hunt Photographer
Opelika | AL | USA
Comments | [10/17/06] Amazing lens! The IS is useful for indoor situations, the lens is razor sharp and fast. The second best lens ever made (behind the 200/1.8).
Rating | 10

Jason Watson Student/Intern / Photographer
Charlottesville | VA | USA
Comments | [10/17/06] Worth every penny. Durable, reliable, very fast focus. A great lens for football, soccer, etc. Plus, get a great upper body workout lugging the beast around.
Rating | 10

Maxwell Yedor Student/Intern / Photographer
Ventura | CA | USA
Comments | [09/28/06] From motorsports, to baseball, football, surfing, portraits, even airshows, this lens does it all. It does it well, alway focuses lightning quick, and accuratly. My only complaint is the lens trunk feels a little cheesey and the AF/MF button is a little too easy to switch by accident, nothing a Pelican case and a peice of gaffer's tape can't fix.
Rating | 10

Willie Pavlinec Photographer
Calgary | AB | Canada
Comments | [09/15/06] Superb lens. Razor sharp, incredibly fast focusing, built like a tank, no complaints here.
Rating | 10

Ron Bernardo Photographer
Hamilton | ON | Canada
Comments | [09/13/06] Excellent piece of glass. No complain whatsoever.
Rating | 10

Paul Carvill Photographer
Brigg | Lincs | UK
Comments | [01/21/06] I have the non-IS version, but still its a cracking piece of kit. Just have to make sure I have had my breakfast so I can carry it around :)
Rating | 9

Pablo Galvez Photographer
Calgary | AB | CANADA
Comments | [12/30/05] Well, I've been holding off reviewing this lens until I could give it a real work-out. I have not been dissapointed at all! This is a fantastic, sharp, smooth piece of glass. Perfect contrast, extremely fast focus, perfect weight balance. Outdoors, I almost always use it with a 1.4xII extender as the quality is very good (not quite as good as it is without but very acceptable). Indoors, this lens opens up a world of possibilities. I've shot volleyball from the mezzenie level, hockey (end to end) and a lot of speed skating with this lens. It's versatility is priceless. If I have one issue, it is with the size/weight. I find it a bit limiting on the sidelines of football/soccer games. If there is something going on a few steps away or you want to move quickly to another area, it's quite a process (especially if you are shooting with multiple bodies). If you have an assistant, no problem - otherwise, you just need to plan ahead and put yourself in the right spot early enough. Another thing that might help some of you who just dropped (in my case) about $10,000 CDN on this lens is that I wasn't too keen on just screwing my monopod right into the foot as it didn't give me a very solid connection and it was scratching all the paint off the foot bottom. So I spent the extra bucks to buy a quick release plate and clamp from Wimberly that I really love. It makes attaching/detaching the monopod effortless and protects the future value of my lens. Really Right Stuff also makes wonderful QR plates for this lens. This lens is worth every penny if you shoot a lot of field sports or larger indoor sports and can justify the expense.
Rating | 10

Wade Laube Photographer
Sydney | NSW | Australia
Comments | [11/03/05] THE flagship canon lens. Great in every manner bar one - it's a mighty heavy beast.
Rating | 10

Stephen O'Brien Photographer / Assistant
Houston | Tx | USA
Comments | [09/07/05] This is an awesome lens! I upgraded from the version I series 400mm to this lens about a month ago and it is an unbeleivable improvement. The first thing I noticed was it was so much lighter than the version I 400. Then I noticed it was so sharp and fast. Now photos taken with my old 1.4 extender are sharp, especially when used with the image stabilizer. I'm glad I upgraded!
Rating | 10

David Griffin Photographer / Photo Editor
Charlotte | NC | USA
Comments | [08/30/05] Great lens!! I hope to get thisin our 2006 budget!
Rating | 10

Shelly Castellano Photographer
Huntington Beach | CA | USA
Comments | [08/30/05] The 400 2.8 L IS is sooooo worth the money! Add the polorizing filter and you are stoked! Super Fast, Very Sharp and just all around a perfect sports lens.
Rating | 10

Doug Steinbock Photographer
Feeding Hills | MA | USA
Comments | [07/09/05] My favorite outdoor sports lens. I haven't used my 300mm since getting my hands on this puppy! This lens with the 2x & 1.4x converters allow me to capture images of homeplate from dead center field. I recommend every sports shooter should have this lens in their stable.
Rating | 10

Chad Sageser Photographer
Eugene | OR | USA
Comments | [05/20/05] Long and Fast, for those shots when you Want and Need it ALL - It has it. It pulls subject matter right off prints wide open. Its focus is as fast as a speeding bullet. It’s Canon's "Super" telephoto lens, (Simply the Best 400mm out their)
Rating | 10

Joseph Mugno Student/Intern
Rockville Centre | NY | United States
Comments | [04/08/05] The best sports lens on the market. Just picked one up from B&H and I don't know what I would do without it. Great combination with the 1.4X II converter. Optics are more then what I could ask for. IS is a wonderful addition to night-time photography. Only beef with this item is the tripod collar s a little stiff. I guess it'll be easier to turn as I break it in. A MUST HAVE!!!!
Rating | 10

Jeff Lewis Photographer
Long Beach | CA | USA
Comments | [09/17/04] Very good lens. The image stabalizer has saved me several times. The pictures are extremely sharp. This lens is the best envestment I have made on my camera system.
Rating | 10

Warren Wimmer Photographer / Photo Editor
Orland Park | Il | USA
Comments | [09/16/04] got rid of my old 400 and upgraded to this one. at us cellular field in chicago this plus the 2 time and 1.25 together will full frame the batters box from dead center field and sharp as a tac with manual focus
Rating | 10

Frank Casimiro Photographer
Sugar Land (Houston Area) | TX | USA
Comments | [08/30/04] Sharp! Buttery smooth background blur to minimize distracting backgrounds. Image stabilization is very useful for static shots in low light. Great reach for field sports. I always use the lens with support. Another 10+ lens by Canon!
Rating | 10

Neil Brake Photographer
Nashville | TN | USA
Comments | [08/26/04] Great piece of glass. On the heavy side, but this is must have for sportsshooters along with the 1.4x and 2x you just can go wrong. The IS feature is great for shooting in low light. I have shot this lens at a 15th sec on a unipod with excellent results. You can find it under $7000.00 from our sponcers. Take a look at all the Olympic coverage, almost 90 percent of the photographers are using this lens.
Rating | 10

Andy Mead Photographer / Photo Editor
Durham | NC | USA
Comments | [04/15/04] Shooting soccer with a 1D? This is lens. Accept no substitutes. Put the 70-200 on your backup body for near action, but this lens will give you sharp, beautiful shots from most areas of the field.
Rating | 10

Mike Mitchell Photographer
Jackson | MO | USA
Comments | [04/03/03] This lens is the ultimate sportsshooters dream! I've had it 3 weeks and have shot everything from tennis to baseball with it. Very surprised at just how fast & shap it is with a 2x attached. Is it worth the $$ ? You bet! I can't wait for HS football to roll around next year
Rating | 10

David Harvey Photographer
Tucson | AZ | USA
Comments | [04/02/03] Totally awesome sports shooter's lens. Extremely fast AF and supersharp. I use it almost exclusively now for all sporting events from Basketball to track & field. The f/2.8 gives great bokeh for subject isolation. My only complaint - this bad boy is heavy! At nearly 12 pounds - even with IS - you ain't gonna hand hold this monster for more than a couple shots :-)
Rating | 10

Michael L. Palmieri Photographer
Story City | IA | USA
Comments | [11/07/02] This lens is simple wonderful. It is sharp and contrasty not to mention radically FAST on the auto focus. As a recent defector from Nikon, I have no complaints about Canon's lens quality. Although, my Nikon AFS 400 was a tad bit lighter. And, being a smaller person, that was quite noticeable at first. However, the added features of this lens -- the re-programmable AF-Stop buttons, 2 IS modes, pre-focus ring -- are wonderful treats. Thumbs up all around.
Rating | 10

Vincent Laforet Photographer
New York | NY | USA
Comments | [07/27/02] I'll just agree that buying a 600mm is no longer very logical - unless you shoot chrome and expect to see your pix blown up to serious degrees - the new converters combined with this lens provide superb image quality. I now only use a 600mm when I'm combining IT with one of the two converters. V
Rating | 10

Robert Hanashiro Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA
Comments | [07/06/02] Sharp, fast and works great with the extenders (including the 2x) ... what's not to love? This is pretty much my standard sports lens ...from football to water polo to volleyball to baseball, this is my lens. After our switch to digital 7 or 8 years ago, the 600mm is something I don't use very often at all. If I need more reach, I just use an extender. This was pretty much my "normal" lens at the Winter Olympics (figures, speed skating, ice hockey, etc.)
Rating | 10

Brad Mangin Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA
Comments | [06/21/02] This is a fantastic lens. A very underrated feature is the image stabiliaztion that allows you to shoot some available-light dugout or low-light portraits at a very slow shutter speed on slow and pretty chrome film. Combined with the terrific 1.4x and 2x converters you can save money and not by the 600mm lens.
Rating | 10

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