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Nikon - AF 400mm f2.8D ED-IF-S Lens
Quick Overview |
* Super fast, super quiet lens using Nikon's Silent Wave motor technology
* Compact super-telephoto lens for travel, sports, wildlife and stock photography
* M/A switch for fast transitions from AF to manual focus
* No power drain when manually focusing
* Lens Construction: 11 elements in 9 groups (3ED)
* Picture Angle: 6°10'
* Minimum Focus Distance: 15 ft.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.77
List Price | $7799.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Derrick den Hollander Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | AUSTRALIA
Comments | [09/22/07] NPS here in Australia have been kind enough to loan me the AF-S II version of this lens. The quality, speed, of images and focus is amazing. A wonderfull piece of equipment, with two significant drawbacks. Firstly, the price here in Australia is disappointing - about $12-14,000 will get you a new one. Secondly, the two piece lens hood arrangement is quite frankly, a disgrace considering the lens quality, and the price. The most poorly engineered piece of Nikon gear I've seen, it really does let down the whole package. The securing mechanisms break really quite easily. I can't give it a 10 for the lens hood.
Rating | 9

David Templeton Assistant / Photographer
Hammonton | NJ | USA
Comments | [02/03/07] I use version I of the lens. It holds up well with a 1.4x TC, but the 2x TC definitely adds some softness. (I haven't tried the 1.7x TC, or any of these on the version II lens.) AF is FAST. Sharp wide open. Try to find one of these used if you can't afford it new, it definitely will become your bread-and-butter lens. Why am I giving it a 9? The two piece hood. You cant just reverse the hood and store it. You have to disconnect the front section from the back section so it will fit on reversed, as the tripod foot gets in the way. Also, at this price, they should supply it with a soft case.
Rating | 9

Brandon VandeCaveye Photographer
Chatham | Ontar | Canada
Comments | [05/28/06] I own version II of this lens, and I must say it is great. Fast focusing, sharp wide open, great with the 1.4tc.. It is heavy, but really you should be expecting it to be, its a 400mm F2.8. Gotta say I love mine to death, can't believe I went with out it for so long
Rating | 10

Jeffrey Haderthauer Photographer
Wichita Falls | TX | USA
Comments | [11/23/05] Sharp, fast, great with a 1.4x. Two piece hood sucks though.
Rating | 9

Chris Peterson Photographer
Columbia Falls | MT | USA
Comments | [03/20/05] Great lens, extremely fast autofocus operation. But the lens hood stinks. Lens rates a 10. The hood rates a 2.
Rating | 10

Kristian Dowling Photographer
Melbourne | VIC | Australia
Comments | [10/25/04] Not much to say but this is a First class lens in every way possible. Fast focusing, excelllent tracking and superb sharpness wide open. Works a treat with the 1.4X converter. I give it a 9/10. It loses 1 mark due to it's weight cause cause I own the Mark I. I am sure the mark II would get a 10/10, but not sure if the build is as good. So maybe it should be a 10/10, alright, I'll give it 10!!!!
Rating | 10

Kevin Coughlin Photographer / Photo Editor
Freeport | NY | U.S.A.
Comments | [10/19/04] This lens is THE ANSWER for covering football. Its optics are second to none, providing chromatic clarity at the instant of its silent wave technology. Even with the TC-14E AFS 1.4x teleconverter, you have the feel and dead-on sharpness of a 600mm f4.0 (it's actually closer to 550mm, f4) without the bulkiness and extra weight. After shooting nearly 19 years with Nikon gear, this is by far the 2nd best purchase I've made (the first being he digital bodies I've been using the last 5 years!)
Rating | 10

Mike Isler Photographer
Santa Barbara | CA | US
Comments | [10/13/04] Very fast, bright and sharp lens. After using pretty much all of Nikon's AF-S lenses, I believe this lens focuses the fastest. Works great with the TC14E and remains very sharp. Lens is decently hand-holdable, as well.
Rating | 10

Deng-Kai Chen Photographer / Student/Intern
Berkeley | CA | USA
Comments | [04/22/04] An absolute gem. Probably the fastest focusing AF-S I've used and I have had zero complaints regarding image quality, build quality or design. My only wish is that Nikon would add focus memory buttons similar to the 200-400 and Canon super teles. If you can afford it, this is the lens to have.
Rating | 10

Patrick Smith Photographer
San Jaun Capistrano | CA | USA
Comments | [02/17/03] Like the others said this lens is razor sharp and incredably light. I just made the switch from the first Af-S version. This one is a little lighter and a little smoother cosmetically. After accidently dropping it at the World Series I can also comment on its durability. It still works fine and now has some memerable green paint marks! Go buy one (if you can)!!!
Rating | 10

Patrick Gallucci Photographer / Photo Editor
Plano | TX | US
Comments | [01/13/03] All I can say is WOW. I just used this lense (First time to use a ED-IF-S Lens) FAST, and accurate. I will need to rent this again until I can afford one.
Rating | 10

Dave Cheng Photographer / Assistant
Toronto | ON | Canada
Comments | [11/23/02] Incredibly sharp and contrasty with lighting-quick AF that all Nikon lenses should have. Works wonders with a 1.4x extender. This lens is the answer for almost any sports photography. I just wish Nikon would lose the ridiculous two-piece hood. The newer AF-S II version is also really light for a 400/2.8...
Rating | 10

Steven E. Frischling Photographer
Amherst | MA | USA
Comments | [06/22/02] The Nikkor 400f2.8 AF-S II is a light weight (relative to the size of the lens) and user friendly lens which is razor sharp. This lens is a dream, and is a wonderful all purpose lens for indoor and out door sports, as well as nature, news and politics. Your chiropractor will be thrilled if you switch from the 400f2.8 AI-S to the 400f2.8 AF-S II.
Rating | 10

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