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Canon - EOS-1D Mark II N
Quick Overview |
Canon's new EOS-1D Mark II N can record 8.5 frames-per-second for up to 48 frames in one burst. It features Canon's proven 8.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor with a 1.3x conversion factor, combined with the speed and intelligence of the DIGIC II Image Processor, all in a rock-solid, metal body. Adding the ability to record RAW and JPEG images on different memory cards, a larger 2.5 inch LCD, Canon's "Picture Style" technology and more, the 1D Mark II N's formidable combination of speed and resolution makes it the choice of pros everywhere.

SportsShooter Member Rating | 9.58
List Price | $3999.95
More Information |

|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Fabian Lujan Assistant
Villa Ballester | BA | Argentina
Comments | [05/28/14] Bought mine 1 month ago. It had (in words of the seller, 36.000 actuations). It worked like a champ during the last MotoGP race in Argentina and at the podium, the shutter died. Did it really had 36.000 or 360.000?? Anyways, I love this camera.
Rating | 8

William Guerro Photographer
Galloway | NJ | USA
Comments | [12/30/06] I have had numerous other Canon bodies and though they were all great, the MarkIIn is the cream of the crop. I love the 8.5fps. I just recently pruchased mine and now use it along with my 5D. I see another MarkIIn in my future.
Rating | 10

Jace Delgado Photographer
Valparaiso | FL | USA
Comments | [11/27/06] I have eight of these and yes, use them all the time. 8 at once? No. Only in classroom envronment on rental, but nonetheless, I love the Mark IIn. I have 4 Mark II's and when the Mark IIn came out I noticed a difference in the photo quality...punchier colors, contrast, sharpness, I feel due to the versatility of the Picture Controls that Canon offers on this model verses tha previous ones. They are tough too! When shooting in New Orleans before the storm, I felt safe with a couple of these on my shoulders, just in case anyone ever needed a close look at the serial number on the bottom...Timex in the form of a camera....that is the Canon 1D MarkIIn!
Rating | 10

Keith Allison Photographer
Owings Mills | MD | USA
Comments | [11/11/06] I've used the 20D and 30D previously and this body does a better job autofocusing. I've seen a noticeable increase of in-focus shots shooting fast moving sports like football.
Rating | 9

Jason Watson Student/Intern / Photographer
Charlottesville | VA | USA
Comments | [10/17/06] I've had my Mark IIn for 2 months now and cannot put it down. I upgraded from a couple 20Ds, which I've kept around to use as backup. The performance and the feel of the IIn is unmatched by any other camera that I've ever used. The only thing from the 20D/30D that I wish Canon imported into the Mark IIn is the select button in the center of the jog wheel in the back.
Rating | 10

Michael Hickey Photographer
Kokomo | IN | United States
Comments | [10/11/06] Absolutely LOVE it, just got two and picking up a third this weekend. Best camera I've ever held!! How Canon ever improves on this is beyond me.
Rating | 10

Andrew Villa Student/Intern / Photographer
Dublin | CA | United States
Comments | [07/12/06] Great camera, especially coming from the Digital Rebel. I love the battery life, picture styles, the viewfinder and the 2.5"LCD makes chimping hard to resist.
Rating | 10

Willie Pavlinec Photographer
Calgary | AB | Canada
Comments | [05/20/06] All in all, a great camera. The sharpness is improved and the focus seems just as snappy as the old 1D. The extra screen space is a welcome improvement and the zoom-in-from-selected-AF-point feature helps keeps chimping time down to a minimum. High ISO's are incredibly clean and colors are superb. My only complaint is that you can no longer freely move your thumb around the rear dial, since it's so close to the screen (a minor inconvenience really).
Rating | 10

Mark Bolton Photographer
Dover | NH | USA
Comments | [05/19/06] I made the big switch to Canon a couple of months back because of the great things that have been said about the 1DMKIIN and since then have not been disappointed. The is a great camera. The file that comes out, the quality, is superb. Great files even at the higher ISOs. I finally feel confident to use the AF mode with this camera. I have primarily used it for sports and it has come up big. Highly recommend it!
Rating | 9

Lucas Jackson Photographer
Ventura | CA | USA
Comments | [12/02/05] As someone who just switched from the D2X I have enjoyed my switch quite a bit. The color is a bit less saturated than my previous body and I have noticed that the AF has problems in low light.... Perhaps this is something everyone is used to, I dunno.... I have gotten very sharp photos out of this body... eyelashes, threads, etc... are sharp and the personalized filenames kick butt. I love the FPS too btw :)..... looooooooove
Rating | 9

Chad Engle Photographer
Barbourville | KY | USA
Comments | [11/28/05] Great camera just like its brother. I think the color and sharpness may be just a bit better than the Mark II. The larger screen is worth the extra bucks itself.
Rating | 10

Jeff Lewis Photographer
Long Beach | CA | USA
Comments | [10/07/05] Great camera. Files seem clearer than the 1D mark II but that can be from the larger LCD screen. The screen seens like you are shooting in high definition. The extra burst is great. Overall, seems like the original mark II but with a few added features. Great camera.
Rating | 10

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