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|| FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
So you've got a question? Well, take a quick scan through this list to see if we've already answered it. If so - well, great! If not, then ask us!
1. I just updated my member page. Why am I am not showing up on the front page?

There are a few possible reasons for this:

   a) If you update your member page more than once within the span of one day, you will only be listed on the front page once – the first time.

   b) If you didn’t upload any new images or if none of your images have any titles, the system will not consider your update to be worthy of promotion on the front page. When you update your page without replacing an image, the system will think you are just fixing a typo or error on your page. If you uploaded new images but left the previous titles, this will also prevent you from showing as "just updated".

   c) If your images are too large (bigger than a 256k JPEG compressed image), our system will ignore it, and your update will not happen. We recommend that you save your images as a JPEG file using Photoshop's "Save For Web" feature, at 60%.
2. I just added new images to my page, so why are the old ones are still showing up?

Most of the time, this problem is only on your machine, and has to do with your web browser’s cache. The browser cache keeps copies of recently downloaded images hidden away on your hard drive and tries to use these images instead of the new ones you just uploaded to our servers. To solve this problem, clear your browser’s cache. One simple way of doing this is by performing a ‘super reload’ by holding down the OPTION (Mac) or SHIFT (PC) keys while clicking the ‘REFRESH’ button. This will force your web browser to get all new images from the server, no matter what.
3. My icons look like black squares! Why?

   a) Did you upload something other than an RGB JPEG file? Photoshop files, TIFF files, PICT and GIF files will not work. Check to be sure that the images you are uploading are indeed JPEG files, saved as RGB (not CMYK).

   b) Do you have spaces in your file name? Example: “file name.jpg” will not work. Remove the spaces from your file names before uploading. “filename.jpg” WILL work.

   c) Do you have a file extension on the end? “filename.jpg” is correct while “file name” is not. Valid file extensions are “.JPG” and “.JPEG”
4. I just updated my page, so why hasn’t the date on the member index changed?

If you didn’t upload any new images, or if you updated a new image but the title of this image appears as “Untitled”, the system will think you are just fixing a typo or error on your page, and therefore not adjust the time/date of your last update.
5. I forgot my user name and/or password. Help!

You can retrieve your user name and password by using the form on the member login screen. Simply supply your email address as it appears inside our database, and we’ll immediately send you all your login information via email.
6. I just signed up. How long until I show up on the front page?

When you sign up the activation process can take anywhere between 5 minutes and one day – depending how busy we are. We take the time to review each membership application to make sure that pages with errors, offensive content, and blatant SPAM don’t show up on the site. Sometimes we’ll even call you to confirm your identity. But don’t worry, this process normally takes just a few hours, and you’ll receive an automatic email when we activate you.
7. How do I delete my main image?

You can’t. Having at least one image on your member page is required, so if you’d like to change this image, just upload a new one in its place. Doing so will overwrite the old image.
8. I am an AOL user. Is there anything I should know?

Yes. Don’t use the AOL browser to perform updates to your member page. Use a stand-alone web browser (like Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator) to perform your updates. You can still remain connected to the internet via AOL, just don’t use the browser that AOL has built into their system.
9. I just updated my member page. How long does it take for my page to be listed on the front page?

Your name, icon, and a link to your member page will show up immediately on the front page. Once you perform a successful update, your icon will show up automatically, without any manual intervention on the part of the staff. If you’ve just updated, and you aren’t showing up on the front page, check the answers to question #1, above.
10. Where do I mail my membership payment?

The mailing address (for sending checks) is found on the “Contact Us” page. A link to the “Contact Us” page is located on the left side of every page within the site, in the navigation rail.
11. I see an error in one of my captions, but I can’t seem to save my edits. What am I doing wrong?

To fix an error with a caption, or an image title, you must also re-upload the image at the same time.
12. I am entering the correct password, but I can't get in!

Passwords are cAsE SeNsItIve. (Case sensitive.) Which means they need to be entered exactly how they appear in our database.

Here's an example, if, when you signed up, you typed in your password as "cooljoe", and you attempt to log in using the password of "COOLJOE", it won't work. If you enter "CoolJoe", it won't work either. The only thing that will work is if you enter "cooljoe", because that's what you typed in originally.

Now, if you can't remember exactly how you typed in your password, you can do two things.

1) You can give yourself a little reminder by using the password recovery tool. See #5 above.

2) You can reset your password by using the password reset option on the page where you update your member page.
13. I paid but my account doesn't show that yet, what happened?

We process payments once per day. Usually late in the evening. Your account will be updated once the payment is made. To be certain your account does not become inactive during the period, don't wait to the last minute to pay.
14. My question isn't listed on this page. Now what?

Go to the "Contact Us" form and ask us. (See question #10.)
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