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Warriors: The Greatest Photographs of Football's Toughest Players
Title | Warriors: The Greatest Photographs of Football's Toughest Players
Author | Sporting News
Type | Book
Rating | 10
Notes | Blood, sweat and tears are the overriding theme of this visual NFL showpiece, which focuses on the warrior mentality of professional football and the passion with which the game is played. From brutality in the trenches to pain, power and pathos on the field and in the locker room, the camera reveals the successes, failures and physical travails of the game¹s most zealous performers. In this beautiful and emotionally charged volume, the names come alive: Johnny Unitas. Dick Butkus. Jack Lambert. Joe Montana and many more. They are the warriors, who temper their pain with passion, courage and triumph.
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Brad Mangin Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA
Comments | [01/25/07] This is a fantastic book. Sporting News Chief Photographer and member Albert Dickson edited this book and he did a terrific job. This book contains so many of the classic photographs that you would expect in a book like this from Robert Riger's famous "Golden Arm" picture of Johnny Unitas from the 1958 NFL Championship game to Tony Tomsic's famous scowling portrait of Jack Lambert. Dickson did a wonderful job of researching for this book by compiling the best foootball images from the Sporting News archives and complimenting them with a terrific selection of photos from freelancers all over the country. Inside this book you will see cool pictures from members Michael Zagaris, Albert Dickson, Robert Seale, Bob Leverone, Jay Drowns, Dilip Vishwanat, Rich Pilling, John Cordes, Tom Hauck, Eliot Schechter, Ron Vesely, Jonathan Daniel and Paul Spinelli. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you shoot the game of football or if you would like to shoot football you need this title on your bookshelf. My only negative comment about this book is that the photo credits are not with the pictures and are all thrown together in the back of the book, causing you to constantly flip back and forth to see who shot the amazing picture you are looking at. This is a disappointing trend that is more and more common today as book designers think that photo credits ruin their design. My question is this- if you are producing a book of PHOTOGRAPHS that celebrates the great PHOTOGRAPHERS why not give them credit next to the photographs after the captions? Enough of my rant. I love this book!
Rating | 10

Michael McNamara Photo Editor / Photographer
Lincoln | NE | USA
Comments | [12/02/06] Let me start by saying that this is the best book for photo content that Sporting News has published in years. Albert Dickson, TSN's chief photographer, took this from idea to work in progress to final product, and if you want to have a collection of some of the best pro football images of all time, pick this book up. The first five names listed on the credits page should tell you the quality of this book: Walter Iooss Jr, Neil Leifer, Michael Zagaris, Vernon Biever and John Biever. The spread on pages 42 and 43 has Z-Man's shot of Walsh and Montana diagramming a play on the field and Leifer's shot of Lombardi being carried off the field. Aside from cutlines, the only text is the introduction and then the first page of each chapter. The rest is photos. It’s 208 pages and printed in Italy, so you know the quality is top notch. I’m not saying this is an encyclopedia of the best football photos ever produced….that wasn’t the aim of the project. But if you want your football photography from action to features to portraits to be even more inspired, if you have an empty spot on your shelves (you know you do), and since TSN usually does small runs of photo books, grab your copy now.
Rating | 10

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