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Vietnam Inc.
Title | Vietnam Inc.
Author | Philip Jones Griffiths
Type | Book
Rating | 10
Notes | First published in 1971, Vietnam Inc. was crucial in changing public attitudes in the United States, turning the tide of opinion and ultimately helping to put an end to the Vietnam War. Philip Jones Griffiths' classic account of the war was the outcome of three years' reporting and is one of the most detailed surveys of any conflict. Showing us the true horrors of the war as well as a study of Vietnamese rural life, the author creates a compelling argument against the de-humanizing power of the modern war machine and American imperialism. Rare and highly sought-after, the book has become one of the enduring classics of photo-journalism. It is now available in this new edition a careful recreation of the original with Philip Jones Griffiths' personal layouts and commentaries. A new introduction by US linguist and political critic Noam Chomsky discusses the book's impact in changing public opinion.
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Edmund Fountain Photographer
New Port Richey | FL | United States
Comments | [11/23/04] The photographs in this book are breathtaking, and despite their age, they would not look out of place coming from Iraq today. Griffiths is simply a master of his craft. The sequencing of the photographs as well as the photographer's subtle sarcasm in the text come together to highlight the senseless nature of the well as the photographer's agenda (he clearly has one here). I read somewhere that Griffiths was banned from ever going back to Vietnam after it was originally published. It's not hard to figure out why after seeing this scathing critique. This is a must see for any serious photojournalist.
Rating | 10

Robert Seale Photographer
Houston | TX | USA
Comments | [10/21/02] An awesome document.....I saw these photos at a photo exhibition when I was in college and they blew my mind. I looked for a used copy for quite some time - and then, wow - they came out with a new edition around a year ago. Griffiths showed the Vietnam war as the machine that it was better than anyone else. This is the journalist, not as an unbiased witness, but rather as an artist with a viewpoint and a point to make.
Rating | 10

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