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War: USA - Afghanistan - Iraq
Title | War: USA - Afghanistan - Iraq
Author | VII; James Nachtwey, Alexandra Boulat and more
Type | Book
Rating | 10
Notes | These are the images of War — they define the terror, the misery and the destruction that follows from this terrible endeavor. Can’t 21st century mankind find ways to live and work together, emphasizing our common humanity and peacefully resolving our disagreements? I believe we can. General Wesley Clark

In the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, these men and women and their photographs bring home the drama of war at a turning point in our history. Charlie Rose

WAR is a profoundly moving testament of the world at war since 9/11, as witnessed by some of our best and bravest journalists. Jon Lee Anderson

WAR reveals the true story of what our country has faced since that fateful Tuesday in 2001. Featuring 223 photographs, insightful vignettes, and three thought-provoking major essays, WAR is a powerful collaborative effort from VII, a cutting- edge photo agency co-operatively owned by nine elite photojournalists. The three full-length essays, written by eminent journalists Peter Maass, Remy Ourdan, and David Rieff, discuss the three major crises of the 21st century from a social, political, and militaristic standpoint and further illuminate the powerful photographic images in WAR. The photographers of VII — Christopher Anderson, Alexandra Boulat, Lauren Greenfield, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, and John Stanmeyer — are used to witnessing, up close and in person, events of international turmoil. That is the duty of a photojournalist — to bear witness and to document history — and few would dispute that these photojournalists are the world’s very best.

Nachtwey was one of the few photojournalists who managed to record the destruction at Ground Zero. Rushing towards the place from which crowds of people were fleeing for their lives made perfect sense in the inverted logic of my profession, recalls Nachtwey. He produced some of the most memorable photographs taken that day, several of which are featured in WAR.

In addition to documenting the experience of 9/11, WAR takes an incisive look at the images from Afghanistan and the hunt for Osama bin Laden, as well as the airstrikes and US occupation of Iraq. In WAR, the photographers of VII have created a shockingly intimate portrait of US foreign policy and the most critical moments of American history in the beginning of the 21st century. What you see here will stun you.

About the Authors:
Christopher Anderson contract photographer for the US News & World Report, dedicated to photographing social issues. Alexandra Boulat photojournalist focusing mainly on social issues, works regularly for National Geographic, Paris-Match and Time. Lauren Greenfield photojournalist. One of American Photo Magazines’s 100 most influential people in photography. Ron Haviv contract photographer for Newsweek, has confronted risk in order to bring attention to our less fortunate neighbors. Gary Knight contract photographer for Newsweek, concerned primarily with human rights and issues of crime and justice. Antonin Kratochvil photojournalist, produced work that has appeared in magazines and other publications worldwide. Christopher Morris contract photographer for Time magazine, roams the globe to document violent social eruptions and armed conflicts. James Nachtwey contract photographer for Time magazine, has devoted his life to documenting wars, conflicts, and critical social issues. John Stanmeyer contract photographer for Time magazine, documents the human condition. Peter Maass contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine. Author or "Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War," a memoir of covering the conflict in the Balkans. Rèmy Ourdan is a war correspondent for the french newspaper Le Monde. David Rieff author covering wars and humanitarian emergencies in many part of the world.
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|| Member Feedback   [add your comments]
Brad Mangin Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA
Comments | [01/31/06] Wow. This is a fantastic book. The total package. The photographs, many of which are quite familiar, are terrific. Combine these images with a very clean layout and superb reproduction and you get a book that I am very proud to put on my booksehlf. This is sure to be a classic many years from now.
Rating | 10

Allen Murabayashi Photographer
New York | NY | USA
Comments | [09/11/04] Many of these photographs will illicit the "oh yeah, i remember that photo" response -- the acknowledgement of how seared some of these images have become in our collective consciousness. That doesn't dimish the incredible compilation of work that the VII photographers have created since 9/11. Maybe the tilted horizon of Kratochvil becomes suspect and tiresome sometimes. Maybe the big out of focus blurred face seems to programmatic. But taken as a whole, this book succeeds not only as a set of incredible images, but as a set of incredible stories. This is war photojournalism at its peak.
Rating | 10

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