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|| The Winners
Feature [ March, 2022 ]
The clip contest is judged by members. The following images are the winners for the month of March, 2022.

March, 2022 [ recent winners ] << previous next >>
First Place: "First Kiss"
Steve Russell/Toronto Star | Three week old Matumaini snuggles his mother Mstari. Three week old Matumaini, a Masai Giraffe was introduced at The Toronto Zoo. The male calf is the second baby of giraffe mother Mstari and father Kiko. Their first child, Amani, is now 22 months old. in Toronto. March 11, 2022. Masai giraffes, found in the southern half of Kenya and Tanzania, were declared endangered in December 2018 due to illegal hunting and habitat loss in the wild. Fewer than 35,000 Masai giraffes survive in the wild today, having experienced more than a 50 per cent decline in the past 30 years. The Toronto Zoo supports field conservation efforts for this species in Africa through the Wild Nature Institute Masai Giraffe Conservation Program and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation's work in mitigating human-giraffe conflict in the Masai Mara in Kenya. Copyright: Steve Russell/Toronto Star

|| March, 2022
The "Shooter's Choice" Award,
Winner "Meeting of the Big Chiefs" , Matthew Hinton

Sports Action
First Place "Hensley fouls Carlton", Kevin M. Cox
Second Place "FIGHT", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Face Dive", Michael Woods

Sports Feature
First Place "Fans", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "GOAL", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Strike up the Band", Kevin M. Cox

First Place "First Kiss", Steve Russell
Second Place "Street Food", Steve Russell
Third Place "Bus Concert", Sarah Miller

First Place "Tornado aftermath", Matthew Hinton
Second Place "Lost Grandson", Matthew Hinton
Third Place "Idaho Abortion Bill", Sarah Miller
Copyright 2022,