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|| The Winners
Shooters Choice Award [ March, 2022 ]
The clip contest is judged by members. The following images are the winners for the month of March, 2022.

March, 2022 [ recent winners ] next >>
Shooters Choice Award: "Meeting of the Big Chiefs"
Matthew Hinton | Big Chief Darryl Montana of the Yellow Pocahontas Black Masking Indians masked in New Orleans, on Mardi Gras, March 1, 2022. Montana had retired in 2017 but was recently inspired to mask again thanks to his Queen Dianne “Gumbo Marie" Honore. Queen Honore is in orange and red feathers with a golden alligator and masked that she sewed for many months and she sewed the face of Queen Nanny of the Maroons, an 18th-century leader of the Jamaican Maroons. Later Big Chief Darryl and Queen Dianne met up with Big Chief Victor Harris of the Spirit of the Fi Yi Yi and Mandingo Warriors. Both chiefs learned their craft from Darryl’s father Big Chief Allison “Tootie” Montana (1922-2005) who is credited with turning the Black Masking Indian culture from one of settling grudges to competitions of needle and thread to see who can sew the prettiest suit on Mardi Gras. The two chiefs meet outside Tootie’s house in the 7th Ward and combined have over 100 years of masking experience. Darryl Montana’s great-great-uncle, Becate Batiste or Baptiste Eugene, was a 7th Ward Big Chief of the Creole Wild West Indians, which is the first known gang of Black Masking Indians from the 1880-90s. But drums and feathers have inhabited the New Orleans culture for at least three centuries when Native Americans, Maroons, and enslaved people would meet up in Congo Square in the 1700s. Accompanying the Yellow Pocahontas in a butterfly suit is Raymond Louis, who took to the streets as a Black Masking Indian for the first time at age 92. Congo Square patch from the 9th Ward Black Hatchets that also passed by. Copyright: Matthew Hinton

|| March, 2022
The "Shooter's Choice" Award,
Winner "Meeting of the Big Chiefs" , Matthew Hinton

Sports Action
First Place "Hensley fouls Carlton", Kevin M. Cox
Second Place "FIGHT", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Face Dive", Michael Woods

Sports Feature
First Place "Fans", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "GOAL", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Strike up the Band", Kevin M. Cox

First Place "First Kiss", Steve Russell
Second Place "Street Food", Steve Russell
Third Place "Bus Concert", Sarah Miller

First Place "Tornado aftermath", Matthew Hinton
Second Place "Lost Grandson", Matthew Hinton
Third Place "Idaho Abortion Bill", Sarah Miller
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