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|| The Winners
Feature [ March, 2021 ]
The clip contest is judged by members. The following images are the winners for the month of March, 2021.

March, 2021 [ recent winners ] << previous next >>
Second Place: "Spreading Out"
Matthew Hinton | It wasn’t Super Sunday or a Second Line Sunday, but it was a M’GIC “Magic” Day at the Faubourg Brewing Company in New Orleans East on Sunday, March 21, 2021. The outside event was in partnership with the Mardi Gras Indian Council (M’GIC) and included live performances from Mardi Gras Indians, Baby Dolls, Zulu Tramps, Lady Buck Jumpers, the Young Men Olympian Jr., and the Hot 8 Brass Band lead by Alvarez "B.I.G. Al" Huntley. Golden Blades Big Chief Derrick Hulin spread his feathers wide as he danced to drum beats along the walking path. Normally the Sunday closest to St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th, would be a Super Sunday but the COVID-19 pandemic prevents large crowds. The first known Carnival Indian gang started around the 1880s with the Creole Wild West led by Chief Becate Batiste, a Creole who was part Choctaw, French, and African-American. Indian suits often depict stories with sewn beads of Native Americans battling the United States cavalry, cowboys, or conquistadors. Other Indian gangs are more influenced by West African and Afro-Caribbean cultures and their suits can have shells, glass, and geometric patterns, while others like the have three-dimensional beaded structures sometimes representing animals or other sculptures protruding from the suit. Copyright: Matthew Hinton

|| March, 2021
The "Shooter's Choice" Award,
Winner "Beautiful Nature" , Sascha Fromm

Sports Action
First Place "Fall", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "Shoot", Andrew Nelles
Third Place "Hill's Layup", Sascha Fromm

Sports Feature
First Place "Win", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "Drone outfield", Chris Machian
Third Place "Sallis", Chris Machian

First Place "COVID-19 Test", Sascha Fromm
Second Place "Spreading Out", Matthew Hinton

First Place "Flood", Andrew Nelles
Second Place "Fatal Car Accident", Sascha Fromm
Third Place "Doomsday", Chris Machian
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