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Winning is fun.
The clip contest is open to all members. And the members are the judges too. Enter each month, vote each month and you just may be crowned " Photographer of the Year" at the end of the year.

|| Our Latest Winners

The "Shooter's Choice" Award
This award showcases the most popular image of each month, according to member votes.

Winner (October, 2021)
"Handball Action"
Sascha Fromm, Thueringer Allgemeine

Sports Action (October, 2021)
First Place
"Slipping throw his fingers"
Matthew Hinton
Second Place
"Moncada at the wall"
Kevin M. Cox, Galveston County Daily News
Third Place
"Tucker Dives Rosario"
Kevin M. Cox, Galveston County Daily News

Sports Feature (October, 2021)
First Place
"Mud bath"
Vincent Johnson, Othervertical Media
Second Place
"mullet on the statue"
Chris Machian, Omaha World-Herald
Third Place
Andrew Nelles, The Tennessean

Feature (October, 2021)
First Place
"Full Jumpman"
Wesley R. Bush
Second Place
"Love in defeat"
Wesley R. Bush
Third Place
"Cranes at Sunset"
Sascha Fromm, Thueringer Allgemeine

News (October, 2021)
First Place
"Into the glow"
Vincent Johnson, Othervertical Media
|| The 2021 Leaderboard: Votes
Place Name Pts. 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Andrew Nelles 620 23 9 7
2 Kevin M. Cox 480 13 11 5
3 Sascha Fromm 440 13 12 4
4 Chris Machian 340 8 7 3
5 Matthew Hinton 310 5 9 6
6 Michael Woods 100 3 1 1
7 Wesley R. Bush 90 3 2 2
8 Sarah Miller 70 1 2 1
9 Vincent Johnson 60 2 2 0
10 Joseph Buvid 40 2 1 0
11 Arnold Ward 30 1 0 0

|| Previous Month's Winners:

|| October (2021) Stats:
Total Members Who Entered: 9
Total Images Entered: 52
Sports Action: 22
Sports Feature: 22
Feature: 7
News: 1
Total Judges: 5

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