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If you are a working photographer who shoots sports, a photo editor, an assistant looking for work, a student looking for an internship, or just someone who is really into sports photography - this is the community for you.
"The Guide" This is a very useful database containing information (phone numbers, email addresses, directions, etc.) about stadiums, arenas, race tracks, golf courses, restaurants, bars, colleges, professional teams (baseball, basketball, football, hockey and socccer), newspapers, wire services, etc., in cities across the USA and Canada. Built by photographers for photographers, this is one of the most useful tools available on the internet for working sports photographers.
Equipment Q&A Thanks to this special tool, you can get quick answers to very specific equipment-related questions without spamming the entire world to do it. Your question goes only to those members who actually know something about the item in question.
Get found with your own member page Each member has their very own "Member Page" that contains information about themselves, can contain up to 10 portfolio images or movies, their favorite web links, a personal biography, and more. If you are a freelance sports photographer, an assistant looking for work, a student looking for an intership - this area of the site will help others find you quickly and easily.
Posting comments In various areas of the site (including "The Guide" and the Equipment Profile areas) members have the ability to share their opinions and personal perspectives. Comments can range from hardware and software to where to eat (and where not to eat) when you are out of town. As a trusted member of, your comments are valuable to everyone.
Posting Classified Items Selling gear and listing a job opening are functions of our classified section, which, you guessed it, is only open to members. Although the whole world can see the classified items that have been posted, only members can actually post them.
Contests The monthly clip contest is only open and available to members. And not only do members get the opportunity to submit their best work each month, but they also get to serve as judges. Looking through all of the submissions for the month, then casting votes on the best means that the judging panel is made up of hundreds of respected members - not just a few people.
The coolest email address ever! Once you become a member, you get a email address. "" can be either redirected to another email account you already have, or set to work with any recent email client (Eudora, Outlook Express.)
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