|| Contest Rules
What are the rules for the Student Portfolio of the Year Contest?
1. Any SportsShooter.com member in good-standing who is a full-time student can participate as an entrant in this contest. Students must be confirmed by a member of the SportsShooter.com Admin Staff before their ability to enter is granted. If the entrant does not supply accurate school contact information, or the contact listed cannot be reached for any reason, the entrant's ability to enter will not be possible until we successfully confirm the entrant's student status.

2. Images entered in the "Week's Work" area of the contest must have been taken during a single 7-day span of the previous month. These images must have been taken by the entrant, and the entrant acknowledges that SportsShooter.com has permission to display these images on the website should they win. The images don't need to be published. In some circumstances and situations, SportsShooter.com Administrators may request that you prove that the image was taken on the date you claim. If an entrant submits images that span more than 7-days, the entire entry will be rejected. If the entrant's membership to SportsShooter.com expires at any point during the judging process, their entry will be rejected.

3. Images entered in the "Student Portfolio" area of the contest do not have to be shot within a specific time period, since this is a collection of the applicant's career-best work. A student portfolio must contain at least 15, but not more than 20 entries. (A picture story, however, counts as 1 entry, and can contain up to 7 images.) The entrant acknowleges that it is their responsibilty to make sure that their entry is error-free, and that should the portfolio be selected for review, it cannot be changed in any way. (If a spelling error is made, it will remain for all to see.) Entrants are encouraged to check, and re-check their caption information and picture quality before, during, and after the entry process. The entrant further acknowledges that SportsShooter.com will not guarantee that their portfolio will be reviewed by the reviewer of their choice, but understands that SportsShooter.com will, to the best of their ability, attempt to secure a review according to the entrant's declared preference. All images entered by the entrant MUST be photographs made solely by the entrant, and no other photographer may lay claim as creator of the image.

4. Do not put your name in the caption. This is a contest where every photographer must remain anonymous. If you put your name in the caption your entry will be disqualified and eliminated from the system.

5. The staff of SportsShooter.com reserves the right to delete any image that we consider to be in poor taste, has technical problems, or violates any of the contest rules. The decisions of the SportsShooter.com Administrators are final.

6. You need to have an ACTIVE membership in order for you to enter and/or vote in the Student Portfolio of the Year Contest. If you cancel your membership, or if your membership expires, your points go away and cannot be reclaimed if you rejoin later.

7. You cannot vote for yourself. The system won't allow it.

8. Do not put a border, or a frame, or any kind of 'decorative enhancement' on your "Week's Work" images. This includes any type of copyright or photo credit statement embedded within the image. Images alone, without special effects or borders of any kind are acceptable. If your image contains a border or any kind of special effect, it will disqualify your entry from that month's competition.

9. The entrant acknowledges that the entry period of the "Week's Work" section of the contest is the first 15 days of each month, and the contest shifts into judging mode during the remaining days of the month, starting at MIDNIGHT U.S. EASTERN TIME on the 16th day of each month.

THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO ALL AREAS OF THE STUDENT PORTFOLIO OF THE YEAR CONTEST SECTION: The images in the contest area are protected by copyright and may not be used in any way, shape, or form beyond the judging process of this contest. By entering any image in this contest, you are verifying that this image was shot within the time stated. Falsifying the date that an image was taken is grounds for termination of your SportsShooter.com membership. SportsShooter.com is not responsible for errors, omissions, typos, transmission problems, browser cache malfunctions, wrongly categorized images and/or access problems. Please be aware that winning images will be published on the website complete with proper credit lines and copyright information and that submitting any image to the SportsShooter.com 'Student Portfolio of the Year Contest' gives SportsShooter.com permission to display the image with the other contest winners in the 'Student Portfolio of the Year Contest' area of the website.