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|| FAQ, Student Portfolio of the Year Contest Version

Frequently Asked Questions: Student Portfolio of the Year Contest Version
So you've got a question? Well, take a quick scan through this list to see if we've already answered it. If so - well, great! If not, then ask us!
1. I am not a student, but I would like to participate in this. What can I do?

To enter this contest, you must be a full-time student. This may be a bummer for non-students, but if you're out of school and making a living, you're already ahead of the game. However, you can participate in this section as a reviewer in the contest's "Week's Work" area. Helping out others is a great way to help yourself.
2. I am a full-time student currently on an internship. Do I still qualify?

As long as you are still enrolled in school (which means you'll be returning to school when your internship ends), and as long as we can confirm this, the answer is yes. If you left school without graduating, but won't be returning, then the answer is no, you do not qualify.
3. My images have not been published. Can I still enter?

Yes. Your images do not need to be published in order for them to qualify for this contest. However, if your images HAVE been published, well, we here at would like to be among the first to say CONGRATS!
4. My "Week's Work" crosses over into another month. What should I do?

You shouldn't enter any image into your "Week's Work" that wasn't taken during the month of the contest. This may be a problem for you if you've got a picture story that was shot on the 31st and the 1st, but that's the way the rule works! Your best seven days in a row in a given month - that's the way the contest works.
5. Is there any kind of image that I am not allowed to enter?

You mean like pornographic images? Please don't enter these. Just like the rules in place for the publishing of images on member pages, the staff of reserves the right to delete any image that we consider to be in poor taste. Other than porn, another type of image you shouldn't be entering -- one that was shot by someone else! The pictures you enter MUST be pictures that you have personally created. If someone else shot it, then you shouldn't be entering it.
6. Can I enter more than 20 images in my portfolio? Why only 20?

Your best 20 entries are what we set as a maximum for this contest. If you've got more than 20 killer images, that's awesome. Just pick the best of your best and then blow everyone away. Please keep in mind that a picture story is 1 entry, and each picture story can contain up to 7 images.
7. Can I request a portfolio review from someone who isn't on the list?

There is a field named "Other" below the list of photographers on the page used to enter and maintain your portfolio. If you enter a person's name in this list, we'll see it and consider adding this person to the list of reviewers. There is no guarantee that we will add this person. If you would like to request that we add more than one person to our list of reviewers, you can always send us an email (using the "Contact Us" page) with your complete list.
8. How do you confirm my status as a full-time student? How long does this process take?

We pick up the phone and call people. You are asked to provide contact information for this purpose, so please be sure that this information is accurate. If we can't confirm your status as a full-time student by talking to a real-live person, you won't be able to enter the contest. Don't leave your roommate's name and phone number, because we're smart and we'll figure that one out, even if your roommate has a very teacher-like voice.
9. I want to enter my images, but I can no longer access the entry form. What happened?

There are two possible reasons for this. It could be that you already filled up all of your image slots. If this is the case, then you'll need to delete an image if you wish to add a new one. Or, it could be that we aren't currently in an entry period. Similar to the Clip Contest, the entry period is the first 15 days of the month. If the current date is the 16th of the month or later, you won't be able to enter images until the 1st of the month.
10. I entered an image, but it looks smaller after I entered it. Did the server change something?

Your images are not cropped or changed in any way other than our need to resize images that are larger than our maximum allowable size. (See next question.)
11. What size should the images be?

Horizontal image can be no wider than 600 pixels, and vertical images can be no taller than 450 pixels. All images must be JPEG files, in RGB mode, at 72 dpi. CMYK images won't work. GIF images won't work. TIFF images won't work. TARGA images won't work. JPEG images WILL work. Follow these guidelines will ensure that you have no problem submitting images.
12. I am having problems submitting images, and I missed the deadline now! What do I do?

You are out of luck for that month. Sorry! We can't extend a deadline for any reason. The system simply will not allow for that.
13. Can I email images to you instead of using the submission tools on the site?

No. Using the entry area on the website is required.
14. I am having problems entering images! What's going on?

Are you following the image guidelines? (See above.) If yes, are you using the AOL browser? If so - DON'T. The AOL browser won't work. Use Netscape or MSIE instead. If you are still having problems, go to the "Contact Us" form and let us know.
15. What is my password for access to the Student Portfolio of the Year contest?

The same password you use to log in, which is the same password you enter to make updates to your member page, which is the same password you use to participate in the message board.
16. Hey, this is great! I want to vote, but when I click "Members Area" link I don't see anything other than a page that asks me to become a member.

That's right, because you need to be a member in order to participate in this. If you are a member, log in and follow the link to the Student Portfolio Contest area from the member's area. If you are not a member - well, what are you waiting for? JOIN!
17. I have a my.SportsShooter account. Does that mean I can enter or vote?

No. A my.SportsShooter account is a free account available to anyone who wants it. You need to be a full member of the site. (In other words, you went through the approval process, paid your $25, and have an active member page on the site.)
18. I am a member, but my account is currently inactive. Can I participate in the Student Portfolio of the Year Contest?

No. You need to have an ACTIVE membership in order for you to enter and/or vote in the Student Portfolio of the Year contest.
19. I am both an active member AND a full-time student, but I don't seem to have access to this area. What am I doing wrong?

Check to be sure that "Student/Intern" appears in the very first position of your 'Member Type'. You can change your member type status by logging into the member's area and using the same page that you use to update your member page. Just make sure that "Student/Intern" appears in the first position. If it appears in the second position ["Member Type (additional)"], you won't qualify.
20. There are a lot of images here for me to judge! How much time do I have?

You have until 11:59pm (US Eastern Time) on the last day of the month to cast all of your ballots. If votes have not been 'submitted' before 11:59pm (US Eastern Time) on the last day of the month the votes will be deleted and will not count towards anything.
21. My question isn't listed on this page. Now what?

Go to the "Contact Us" form and ask us.
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