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|| Member's Poll

The Current Poll
The poll is meant to be used for fun and amusement. Do not treat these results as if they are fact - they are just a collection of our member's choices to questions we've asked (picking from answers we've given them.)

To participate in the current poll, select the choice that you feel best, enter your member name and password, and click the "Vote" button. Once you've done that, your vote will be counted, and you'll see the current results of the poll.
Where do you get the majority of your news?

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Past Polls
Ever wonder what happens to all the OLD polls once they aren't being voted on anymore? Well, look no further. We've got them all collected here nicely for you. Click on the poll questions (below) and you'll be taken to the results of that particular poll.

 [ 05.03.09 ] Do you use an iPhone as your main cell phone / mobile device?
 [ 04.03.09 ] Do you regularly set up a remote camera when you shoot sports?
 [ 03.02.09 ] Do you get a daily newspaper delivered to your home?
 [ 02.04.09 ] Did you enter your best images from 2008 in an annual photo contest like POYi, BOP, Sports Shooter, PDN, White House, etc. this year?
 [ 01.03.09 ] Should the United States Government bail out the newspaper industry?
 [ 12.06.08 ] As a photographer, do you ever work for free?
 [ 10.16.08 ] Who will win this presidential election?
 [ 05.23.08 ] Of these choices, which browser do you use to surf the Internet?
 [ 02.12.08 ] Photo vests are...?
 [ 12.11.07 ] Which of these fantasy items would you most like to receive as a gift this Holiday Season?
 [ 07.23.07 ] What tool do you use most when creating multimedia content for the Internet?
 [ 01.29.07 ] Of these choices, what is your favorite American photography-related magazine?
 [ 11.10.06 ] Have you created, or are you planning to create, multimedia projects for the web?
 [ 08.16.06 ] As football season approaches, the majority of games you shoot this year will be?
 [ 05.23.06 ] My camera bag weighs....
 [ 04.05.06 ] Of these choices, what software do you use to run the financial side of your photography business?
 [ 01.19.06 ] Of these choices, what do you expect to be your major photographic purchase for 2006?
 [ 11.13.05 ] When you shoot assignments with your digital SLR, in what format do you capture your images?
 [ 08.16.05 ] What is your primary digital image archiving method?
 [ 05.08.05 ] Do you tone your images on properly calibrated monitors?
 [ 03.28.05 ] Of these Professional 35mm Digital SLR's, which was the first one you used on a regular basis?
 [ 12.06.04 ] Of these choices, what photo browser do you use most often?
 [ 11.04.04 ] Based on your personal experience, which brand of Compact Flash card is the most dependable?
 [ 10.08.04 ] Who will win the presidential election?
 [ 08.20.04 ] Approximately what percentage of your income comes from photography?
 [ 06.15.04 ] Of these non-team sports, what is your favorite to photograph?
 [ 05.06.04 ] Currently, I am working as a:
 [ 03.28.04 ] Of these team sports, what is your favorite to photograph?
 [ 03.01.04 ] On average, how often do you view
 [ 01.25.04 ] I am primarily connected to the Internet via...
 [ 01.02.04 ] Do you register your images with the US Copyright Office?
 [ 12.22.03 ] The Holidays...
 [ 11.14.03 ] Does size matter? What is your favorite size of Compact Flash card?
 [ 10.27.03 ] Which of these Workshop/Luau events are you most looking forward to?
 [ 10.07.03 ] Which ballclub will win the 2003 World Series?
 [ 09.04.03 ] Your opinion on dodging and burning is...
 [ 08.07.03 ] Of these ballclubs, who will win the American League pennant?
 [ 07.21.03 ] The best show on tv is:
 [ 06.25.03 ] Your opinion on 'off topic' message board threads is...
 [ 06.12.03 ] Are you coming to the 1 year party?
 [ 06.03.03 ] Golf...who cares?
 [ 05.20.03 ] Which food/beverage item has provided the most stimulating discussion on the message board?
 [ 04.29.03 ] I will be attending the SportsShooter Workshop & Luau.
 [ 04.21.03 ] Of these members, which has the best member icon?
 [ 04.09.03 ] Of these topics, which should be the subject of the next poll?
 [ 03.30.03 ] Who will win the 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?
 [ 03.16.03 ] The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is here, and I will be:
 [ 03.04.03 ] Is digital photography making medium-format film cameras obsolete?
 [ 02.20.03 ] What Operating System do you use the most?
 [ 02.11.03 ] The majority of my photography is done:
 [ 01.29.03 ] Of these choices, what's more important?
 [ 01.17.03 ] It is contest season. Are you ready?
 [ 01.11.03 ] Of these Message Board moments, which was the most entertaining?
 [ 01.03.03 ] Of these 10 NFL teams, who will win Super Bowl XXXVII?
 [ 12.27.02 ] What was the biggest sports story of 2002?
 [ 12.16.02 ] If Santa were really really cool, he'd bring you a...
 [ 12.09.02 ] Of these choices, where would you rather work?
 [ 12.02.02 ] Which of these sporting events would you most like to shoot?
 [ 11.26.02 ] What is your favorite thing to shoot?
 [ 11.22.02 ] What is your favorite section within
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