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|| News Item: Posted 2003-05-31

Photodude: 24/7, The Bachelor & donuts
By Photodude

The Photodude returns from a two-month hiatus in which he attended a Women's Studies symposium with Vijay Singh at Bryn Mawr College, served as a Technical Adviser to MTV's Surf Girls, and was revealed as the "mysterious-former-boyfriend-of-the-chick-who-came-in-second-to-Jen-on-

There's a lot to catch up on, so let's "get crunk" …
Photo by

Kirsten from The Bachelor.
From the ol' mailbag:

Dear Photodude,

Okay, I admit it. I don't really get the whole "Owning Your Rights vs. Selling Your Soul" debate, otherwise known as "America 24/7".

Can you break it down for me?


Confused in Columbia


Dear Confused,

Here ya go:

Freelancers NEED to own the rights to all their work -- it's their lifeblood -- and nothing beats a nice check in the mail for a photo that got resold that you completely forgot about anyway.

Newspaper staffers could CARE LESS about their rights -- they get a nice regular paycheck, health benefits, vacations, in exchange for the rights to their work, which belongs to the paper.

Freelancers HATE newspaper shooters who freelance on the side, because they ALWAYS leave money on the table since they don't care about the rights ("hey, I've already got benefits" they say) and are so happy that someone would give them $150.00 for an hour's worth of work.

Veteran freelancers HATE younger freelancers who think that because they've heard Seth Resnick speak, or they've browsed the Editorial Photographer's site, that they now know everything there is to know about the business and can publicly dump on the veterans on Internet message boards.

When you invite members of all the above groups to participate in one joint project....OH! WAIT!!!!

There's a much better way to explain this: when you read an argument on the message board about rights, and say, the 24/7 project, simply read each person's message, then click on their icon and examine their work, and then decide whom to believe.



Okay, enough seriousness.

Here's the Photodude's TOP FIVE LIST:

1. Trent Nelson's Stockton-a-thon. (DUDE......!)
2. Brad Mangin being able to post photos now that baseball season is underway. (Keeps him off of Instant Messenger)
3. The College Sports Journalism Workshop at Churchill Downs (nice work, boys and girls!)
4. The 24/7 project (cool idea)
5. The Clip Contest (Robert and Keith battle it out over the EOS1D!!!)

And, here's the BOTTOM FIVE:

5. The 24/7 project (hated to read all those whiny posts)
4. Miami Herald's kidnapping of the now-infamous photo of jockey Jose Santos at the Kentucky Derby, taken by Allsport's Jamie Squire. (Note to Miamia Herald -- when you nearly ruin someone's career two days after the biggest day of their lives, and then you turn out to be WRONG, um, one word -- APOLOGIZE.)
3. Asking your students to pose for "art photos" (um, sidenote for PhotoJournalism students -- ONE, as a PJ student, you're supposedly a photographer, which means you've tried to con someone else into getting naked for your camera, and TWO, you're supposedly a journalist, which means you shouldn't be getting conned by your horny old professor. You should know better. What the hell happened?)
2. "Brookies" (the term, not the students, relax....)
1. The "Cloning Iraqis" filter on Photoshop 7.



1. What kind of underwear do you wear when shooting sports?
2. If donuts were cameras, would Krispy Kremes be Nikons and Tim Horton's be Canon's? Or vice-versa? And does that make Dunkin' Donuts either Minolta or Olympus?
3. If you were an sports mascot, who would you be?
4. Hopscotch -- are you good, or do you suck?
5. Which is your favorite Care Bear?


NEXT MONTH: Who should play the part of Deborah Copaken Kogan in the film version of "Shutterbabe"? Send your nominations, or questions in general to

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