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|| News Item: Posted 2003-04-01

Spring Specials From Samy's Camera
By Louis Feldman

Digital imaging can be synonymous with quality, but it requires learning the right technique and an understanding of the new tools. Without this knowledge the quality suffers faster than the digital image appears on the LCD.

I hope that photographers who look for quality in their own work and demand it from the people around them make it known to the Editors at top magazines that the photographer's reputation is on the line just as much as the magazine's when it comes to publishing mediocre images.

Of course Samy's Camera is the epitome of quality. We are also here to help with any digital questions you may have. The high-end digital equipment we sell at competitive prices also comes with our service. We want to make certain that our Sports Photographers are the ones shooting the best images out there. And we are always here to guide you through the world of film and digital. Whether it's scanning film, computer upgrades, digital SLRs or color management, Samy's Camera is here to help.

So to help you get through March Madness and on to the NEW YANKEE WINNING SEASON, Samy's has the new Canon 10D in stock along with the 1D and 1Ds and lenses to accompany your new camera.

Of course if you are a Nikon shooter you are in dire need of the coolest glass that will make your life better whether on a D1x, D1h, D100 or even a Fuji S2. The new Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 ED-IF AF-S VR and 12-24mm f4 G ED-IF AF-S DX lenses are here. Don't forget the Nikon Rebates end in March (that's NOW!)

And to make certain you are shooting big enough files we have the new larger capacity Lexar Cards (512-40X and 1GB-32X).

Then when you need the machine that can process the RAW files in lightning speed and takes care of color management like it was little league step up into an Apple Computer. Samy's Camera is a full line Apple Dealer and Epson dealer so that you can proof it before it goes to press. If you prefer photo quality that IS photo quality, try the Fujifilm Pictrography printers and find out what all the rage is about.

Remember to e-mail me or call me at 323-938-2460 and ask for the YANKEES FAN!

(Samy's Camera has four locations in Southern California.)

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