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|| News Item: Posted 2003-04-01

Go Totally Wireless!
PocketWizard Inside Nikon D-Series: The Next Link in Digital Wireless Freedom

By Lorenzo E. Gasperini

Photo by
Every since you took that first step into the world of wireless remotes, you've probably been wondering what's with all these cables? You know those pre-trigger motor drive cables, strobe cables and of course pc sync cables. They're all part of getting your remotes (PocketWizards and FlashWizards) to connect to your gear. It's not so bad when you consider that once everything is hooked up, it all works wirelessly, well except for a few cables.

Taking the ultimate step forward, the guys at LPA Design (PocketWizard) have designed the first built-in digital radio Transceiver in a digital SLR camera. The newest generation PocketWizard now takes the shape of a wafer thin electronic computer circuit board that interfaces with existing technology found in the Nikon® D-Series Digital SLR cameras.

This built-in PocketWizard Transceiver offers the same advantages as the external unit (MultiMAX) without the need for expensive pre-triggered motor drive cables, batteries or PC cords and it leaves the camera's hot shoe available for other accessories, such as an on-camera flash.

The PocketWizard modification is fully compatible with all current and previously released PocketWizard Digital Radio Triggering Remotes. The radio inside offers the same 32 channels plus "Multi-Zone Triggering", and you can set the triggering channel with an auto-detection trigger.

When you're ready to set or change the radio triggering channel on your Nikon® D-Series, just hold the camera's flash key down and turn the jog wheel (by the shutter release) until your remote camera or strobe fires. That's it you're set. The cool thing is since the PocketWizard inside is a Transceiver; it can send or receive digital radio signals independently or simultaneously. But more about this later under Relay Mode.

The PocketWizard inside also offers features such as Pre-Triggering release circuitry that keeps the camera from going into sleep mode. That means no more expensive pre-trigger motor drive cables getting in the way. It also has a SpeedCycler mode enabling rapid switching from one flash unit (or Zone) to another. This is a helpful feature when you want to alternate either remote cameras or strobes for triggering. The built-in radio also offers Relay Trigger, so that you can trigger a remote camera wirelessly.

Photo by

This is the module that goes inside your Nikon D series camera.
The radio inside the camera switches from a receiver to a transmitter and triggers your strobe, all completely wireless up to 1000 feet. The PocketWizard inside accepts the trigger signals from other PocketWizard radios, (such as the PocketWizard Classic, Plus, MAX, MultiMAX or even a Sekonic radio- ready exposure meter). An external antenna that screws into the Nikon's PC socket is the only indication that PocketWizard technology is inside. Once the antenna is removed the PC socket automatically switches back to a standard PC terminal. With a triggering range of 1000 feet or more and total compatibility with all PocketWizard inside or PocketWizard ready gear (Profoto Acute2R and D4 packs, Sekonic L-358, L-608 meters and Dyna-Lite strobe packs soon) the Nikon's D-Series with PocketWizard inside expands the "Digital Wireless Freedom" system.

The best part of the modification is that it doesn't void the Nikon warranty on the camera and it only costs $300 direct from Mamiya America in Elmsford, New York.

Check out this web site for more information on the PocketWizard Inside Nikon's D-Series

* Wireless auto-detection - Channel ID setting
* Transceiver Technology - Transmit, Receive or do both at the same time, all in one radio
* 32 selectable channels - Allows multiple users to work together without interference
* Multi-Zone Triggering - Selectively control which camera(s) or flash(es) triggers remotely
* Pre-Triggering release - Prevents a remote camera from going into sleep or standby mode
* SpeedCycler mode - Allow sequential triggering of cameras or flash units
* Relay mode - Offers simultaneous triggering of a camera and flash units remotely
* Removable external antenna - Retains standard PC socket function
* 1000 foot operating range - Offers reliable remote operation at great distances.

PocketWizard inside Nikon D-Series Specifications:

Range: 1000 feet +
Frequency: 344mhz (Standard Triggering channels 1 thru 16)
346.5 - 354 MHz (Quad-Triggering 17 thru 32)
Code: Complex 16/24-bit digitally coded signals
Channels: 32 digitally coded Channels
16 original PocketWizard classic Channels
16 PocketWizard Quad-Triggering Channels
Synch Speed: Up to 1/400 (focal plane)
Power: Uses the Nikon camera body's power source
Weight: Internal wafer board adds only 0.16 oz. to the camera

Please note: Nikon® is a registered trademark

(Lorenzo E. Gasperini is accomplished commercial photographer, he has spent over 18 years in the photo industry conducting seminars and live demonstrations on various photographic topics nationwide. As Marketing Manager for MAMIYA AMERICA CORPORATION, he advises both photographers and advanced amateur by assisting them with their photographic problems and techniques. Lorenzo also owns and operates Photography by Lorenzo, as a sole proprietor and photographer. His clients range from the average wedding/portrait customer to commercial clients. Joining both perspectives (industry/photographer) gives Lorenzo a unique advantage and realistic understanding of current issues in the photographic industry.)

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