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|| News Item: Posted 2003-03-02

Snowy Specials from Penn Camera
By Jeff Snyder

Photo by

Jeff Snyder in the snow.
Speaking of shooting in the snow, sleet and rain, Penn Camera is now a dealer for the AquaTech Sports Shields. Sports Shields are designed to protect professional cameras and large lenses from adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and salt air. Also great for protecting sand in windy situations at the beach or in the desert. They can accommodate most professional SLR film and digital cameras. These are the Cadillac's of weather protection for your expensive gear...

PMA, Photo Marketing Associations annual trade show is this weekend (03/02-03/05) in Las Vegas, so look for many new announcements to flood the airwaves very soon. Here's a few Pre-PMA notes:

Canon has formally announced the new EOS-10D Digital Camera. This is the replacement for the D60...A few of the features include: Improved CMOS chip, 6.5 million pixels, 7 point AF System, 3fps, w/ 9 frame bursts, improved LCD screen on the back, magnesium alloy body, white balance with kelvin measures, and a list price of $1999. I'm starting a list now, contact me for ordering information. I hope to have definitive pricing and delivery information in a few days.

Canon has also announced a new line-up of consumer digital cameras, as well as a new 17-40 f4L EF lens...More to follow on these as the info is received.

Nikon's NEW 70-200 f2.8G AFS-VR lens will begin shipping very soon. If you haven't already pre-ordered one, call me....This lens is gorgeous, light weight, and sharp as a tack!

Nikon's Instant Cash Rebates on the D1H ($300, very limited availability) and D1X ($500) remains in effect through the month of March …Take advantage now to save some $$ …The current Lens Mail In Rebates will also expire a the end of March as well … Nikon has a new line up of CoolPix Consumer cameras too!

Lexar has announced NEW 40X Compact Flash Cards......They'll be available in 256mb and 512mb configurations.....The 1GB CF Card will now be 32X instead of the current 16X...

POP QUIZ: What will be TWICE as BIG and TWICE as FAST, and only ONE company has it ??? Answer: STAY TUNED. And by the way, Lexar card pricing has dropped considerably, contact me for quantity pricing.

Microtech has followed suit and reduced their card prices as well … Microtech's new USB 2.0 Reader is now in stock!

Capture One DSLR from Phase One--Get the best quality images from your digital cameras RAW files without the frustration of working with slow or limited software. Phase One's versatile and user-friendly software, Capture One DSLR, is designed to quickly process RAW files and match the needs of the professional digital photographer. Currently supporting Canons 1D / 1Ds cameras, and adding support for Nikon D1 series cameras on Mac and Windows at PMA and available in the next few weeks.

Mount Fuji ??? No it's actually mountains of Fuji's media for the Pictrography printers in our warehouse!!! Same day shipping available....Fuji's S2 camera is in stock.....and look for NEW Color Reversal films from Fuji at PMA!

Kodak's long awaited DCS Pro 14n should be arriving within a few weeks (keep your fingers crossed) ...Kodak has some great promotions in effect on their ML-500 Printer, purchase one prior to March 31st, and you'll receive a $3000 cash rebate, and a FREE Kodak 8500 printer (value $999). The ML-500 is capable of printing up to 270 8x10's per hour...OR, ourchase the 8500 printer along with one ribbon and one pack of paper, and get another set of ribbon and paper at No Charge!...OR receive $1000 off the price of the Kodak Professional DCS Pro Back 645M, 645C or 645H digital backs.

Upcoming Conferences:
NPPA's Northern Short Course, Jersey City, NJ 03/15-03/16/03

Southern Short Course in News Photography, Greenville, NC 03/28-03/30/03

Stay Warm … And as always, feel free to contact me anytime with questions and or pricing.

(Jeff Snyder can be contacted at Penn Camera at:1-800-347-5770 or FAX 301-210-7370; Email:; AOL Instant Messenger: JeffPennCamera. On the web: and

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