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|| News Item: Posted 2003-02-01

The Pirates of the NFL: Samy's Specials of the month
By Louis Feldman

Photo by
It's come and gone, the game to end all games: The Super Bowl!

This year the grand game was played in sunny San Diego and what better place to have the swashbucklers of football, the NFC Buccaneers and the AFC Raiders play out their final match-up than in one of our Navy's finest homes.

The Pirates of each conference battled on Sunday and truth be told I couldn't stand the idea of the Raiders going to the Super Bowl. But it was fun to see them get spanked! It's true! A Los Angelino who can't stand the idea of the Faders or Traitors going to the big game. I guess I still long for a team that belonged in Los Angeles. I remember when we had two teams.

Maybe it's Al Davis that strikes that nerve and sends me reeling thinking of how he teased us with a team and then showed us his true greedy nature and turned tail up to Oakland. Whatever it is, it was painful to see them make it into the bowl. Especially since I believe the NFL still has some major issues to work out as far as game managing is concerned. I mean, really!

They finally figure out how to get instant replay to work for everyone (including the sponsors) and now we have to worry about the officials not knowing how to call a game? I think the N.Y. Giants have a few things to say about the officiating. All else being equal however, these were some exciting games. The match-ups were great to watch and forced me to turn the channel a few times because they were just too exciting and nerve wrecking.

On Sunday the swords were drawn and the battle to see who walks the plank began. I was glued to my set and for those of you shooting the game Samy's Camera has got you covered as always. For just a few gold doubloons we here at Samy's can have you fully digitally equipped. Samy's Camera has all the latest digital SLR's at the best prices going, including the D1x, Fujifilm S2 Pro and the Nikon D-100.

We also have the Lexar 1GB card for a mere $529.00. Don't run low on batteries, we have a complete line of digital batteries for your D1x's through to your D60's. Samy's Camera is also a complete Authorized Apple Dealer so you can have your image processing done right there in the pressroom. Of course no digital solution is complete without the trusty output device, Samy's is also a complete Epson Reseller as well.

So now that you have your digital workflow up and running you'll be happy to know that Nikon has extended their rebates on the D1H and D1X through till March 2nd, so you might want to stock up on another super fast camera before the basketball season kicks in to full swing. Don't want to be missing the Lakers action!

E-mail or call Louis Feldman @, (323) 938-2420 for the best prices anywhere.

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