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|| News Item: Posted 2003-02-01 Announces 'Clip Contest'
Members enter. Members judge. Members can't vote for themselves.

By Grover Sanschagrin,

Photo by

This is what the clip contest interface looks like in ENTRY mode.
For those of you who missed the previous announcement on the website, we officially announced the Monthly 'Clip Contest.'

Here's the recipe we used: Several gallons of Coke and coffee, several thousand lines of code, and one Jason Burfield.

Starting today Feb. 1, members will be able to enter their best-of-the-month images shot during January (2003), and then every month afterward.

But the best part of this contest - there's NO JUDGING PANEL! That's right... member votes determine the winners each month. (And in an attempt to make things extra fair and balanced, we made it so that you can't vote for yourself.)

Any member in good standing can enter up to 6 images per month in any of four categories (Sports Action, Sports Feature, News, and Feature.) The images must have been shot sometime in the previous month, and they don't need to be published.

The first two weeks of the month are the 'entry period' and the last two weeks are the 'judging period.'

As you can tell, we've added some non-sports categories to this contest. Shocked? Don't be. Most members shoot more than just sports, so we decided that the contest should reflect this.

Detailed category explanations and a full set of rules are available inside the clip contest area. (Members can find the clip contest by clicking the "Members Area" link on the navigation rail and looking for the 'Clip Contest' entry point within the members-only area.)

I bet you're wondering what the big fat juicy end-of-year prize is going to be, right? You will become the idol of millions. Isn't that enough? No? Well, at the very least, the big winner will be crowned ' Photographer of the Year'.

We are working on some final details for other prizes - which is somewhat related to sponsorship of the area and stuff. More on this later - in the meantime, start collecting points. You'll need them later.

The announcement of the contest is here:

And a message thread about it is here:

For those of you who are non-members who want to get in on this contest, go here:

Thanks, and good luck!

(Grover Sanschagrin is the executive producer for

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