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|| News Item: Posted 2002-12-31

Sports Shooter Contest Details Announced
By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

The deadline for the annual Sports Shooter Contest will be midnight (Pacific Time) on Super Bowl Sunday, January 26, 2003.

(To see last year's winners go here: )

This year's contest will feature five categories:

Photo by
1) Best Action Photo
2) No Pro, No College
3) Best No Ball
4) Student Portfolio
5) Best Winter Olympic Photo
6) Photo of the Year

The "Best Action Photo" is any image depicting game action on the field of play or within the arena or stadium holding the event.

"No Pro, No College" entries should be images from a sporting event that does not involve a professional or major college team. This could be high school, junior college or even little league events. The images can be action or feature.

Photo by
"Best No Ball" is a feature category, but can be any image that does not have a ball (or puck) in it. This includes jubilation and dejection images as well as portraits.

Our "Student Portfolio" category was introduced two years ago and was extremely popular. Photographers who are full-time students or are students currently serving an internship are eligible to enter this category. Students should submit up to 6 images and they will be judged on technical skill, diversity and impact.

The "Winter Olympic" category is any image taken during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics OR images made of Olympic athletes (like a portrait) or taken at a qualifying Olympic event (for instance the U.S. Figure Skating Championships held in LA).

"The Photo of the Year" entries will be gathered from the winners of the other categories and will receive the top prize from Sports Shooter. YOU DO NOT SEND ENTRIES IN FOR THIS CATEGORY.

All entries must have been taken during 2002.

Who can enter.

The Sports Shooter Contest is open to newsletter subscribers only.

If you receive the monthly e-mail version of the Sports Shooter Newsletter, you are eligible to enter the contest. If you've been reading Sports Shooter on the web only, you can subscribe by e-mail by writing and request to be placed on the mailing list.

Photo by
Image Preparation.

We recommend all images be prepared in Adobe Photoshop. Images should be sized at 72 DPI with the largest dimension no larger than 8 inches. Files should be saved as JEPGs at a quality setting of 7 (or medium). Check baseline optimized when saving if available.

File Name:
Decide on a unique photographer's code of 4 or 5 letters to be used to label each of your entries. Your entries should be first labeled with the number of the category it's to be entered in: 1 - Best Action Photo; 2 - No Pro, No College; 3 - Best No Ball; 4 - Student Portfolio --- followed by your unique code; followed by sequential two-digit numbers corresponding to the number of photos you are entering in that category.

EXAMPLE: 3bert02.jpg ("3" - Best No Ball category; "bert" is the unique photographer code; "02" indicates it is your second entry in this category.

Photo by
Complete caption is required for each entry. Your caption should include the location the photo was taken, the date it was shot, ID's and your byline. This information should be written in the "File Info" portion of the image in Photoshop.

EXAMPLE: Los Angeles, CA - 6/9/01 - The Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal throws down a slam dunk over Michael Jordan in the first half at Staples Center. Photo by Rod Mar, The Seattle Times.

Also in the "Caption Writer" field in File Info, type in your e-mail address. This is very important!

Submitting your entry.
Entries are to be submitted by e-mail and must be received by midnight (Pacific Time) on Jan. 26, 2003. Entries are limited to 8 per photographer.

To enter the Student Portfolio Category you must currently be a full-time student or intern.

In the "Subject" field of the email header, type in "Contest Entry" followed by the number of entries attached to the email. For instance if you have 3 entries attached out of 6 total, type in the Subject field: "Contest Entry 3 of 6".

Photo by
You can enter an image in just one category. For instance, you cannot enter a killer ski shot made at the Winter Olympics in the Olympic category and also enter it in Best No Ball.

Failure to follow the rules for labeling, captioning and preparing entries will result in disqualification. Files that are sized too large will not be accepted. Send entries to:

Double-Check Your Entry.
Before e-mailing your entries, please take a few minutes to double check that you've sized your images correctly, have a complete caption in the file info and the entry is labeled correctly. ALSO: Please virus scan your entry.

The judging for the annual Sports Shooter Contest will take place on Friday Feb. 7 at Nikon's Torrance, CA. Offices.


Photo by
That's right, you can watch the judging of the finals in person!

To attend the open judging session of the Sports Shooter Contest, you must make a reservation. Space is very limited!

So to reserve your place to observe the judging, email In the subject field type in " Reservation" and in the body of the mail, include your full name, if you're a working pro or a student; where you work/attend school and an email address and phone number.

Once the limited numbers of seats are reserved, we will start a waiting list. But you should make your reservation to watch the judging this fabulous contest as soon as possible.

Photo by
Preliminary judging will be held earlier on Feb. 7 and the finals will begin promptly at 7:30 pm.

At the Workshop & Luau 2002 I announced that Sports Shooter would be hosting periodic events throughout 2003. The open judging of the contest is the first of these events. We hope to stage a speaker or panel discussion every 3 or 4 months.

We could not hold this contest without the generous support of many companies.

Sponsors for the annual Sports Shooter Contest are: Nikon, Roberts Distributors, Canon, Penn Camera, Lowepro, AquaTech, Rich Clarkson & Associates and Versa-Flex.

The winner of the Student Portfolio category will win a full scholarship to the Rich Clarkson & Associates' week-long annual Sports Photography Workshop held in June in Colorado Springs. The Sports Workshop scholarship joins a growing list of prizes that include digital cameras, equipment cases and bags, digital media and optical equipment.

Photo by
Details on the awards and the judges will be posted shortly on

You can checkout previous contest winners on Just click on "Contests" in the left column on the front page. I encourage everyone to look over the previous years' winners to check out the level on competition before entering the annual Sports Shooter Contest.

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