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|| News Item: Posted 2002-12-31

Leading Off: Santa's Letter to Emma and the Big 5 - 0!
By Robert Hanashiro, Sports Shooter

Photo by Robert Hanashiro/Sports Shooter

Photo by Robert Hanashiro/Sports Shooter

Emma Hanashiro pays her yearly visit to Santa.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

Usually around Christmas time I print my daughter Emma's letter to Santa. Since it's now AFTER the Holiday, I thought instead I'd run this unusual letter she received back from dear old St. Nick:

Dear Emma,

First off I want to thank you for the Krispy Kremes and Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread & Eggnog Latte you left for me by your fireplace on Christmas Eve. Those really hit the spot! But please don't tell Mrs. Claus, she is trying to get me to cut down on the sweets!

I wanted to write you back after receiving your very nice letter last month, so in order of importance:

* I had to leave your dad the Tommy Bahama shirt because they don't make photo vests in Hawaiian print! (I did however, leave a note in Jim Domke's Christmas stocking with a suggestion about this.)

* The case of SlimFast is backordered, so instead of dropping it off at Shaq's house, one of the Elves will take it to Staples Center after it arrives at the shop. We understand there are plenty of seats available … especially with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

* The resume kits for Steve Mariucci and Steve Lavin were upgraded because I thought they might need them sooner than later.

*I was able to get only 3 copies of "Photojournalism Ethics & Business Practices: Understanding Conflict of Interest" from the DeVry Institute. For those on your list that I didn't leave a copy, I left a nasty letter from Rick Rickman instead.

The Elves and I got a laugh out of your request for "huge lumps of coal" and copies of "The History of the Rose Bowl: Tradition and the Pac-10/Big-10 Showdown" for the members of the NCAA's BCS Committee. You were kidding weren't you?

And lastly, I couldn't find a Mongo Johnson autographed poster from Pamela Anderson's flick "Barb Wired" so I hope your Uncle Ronny didn't mind the signed poster from "Porky's - The Director's Cut".

You were a really good girl this year (especially putting up with your Dad's late nights working on that newsletter of his) so I left you something a little extra this year under the tree. I didn't know there was a Hawaiian Pokemon!

See you next year at the mall.


* * *

Wow! Issue number 50.

Little did I know 4 years ago the Sports Shooter Newsletter would turn the big Five - Oh before I did (but not by much).

A lot has happened since I strong-armed guys like Rod Mar and Peter Miller and Brad Mangin and Bob Deutsch to help me with this wonder, crazy thing we put out each and every month called Sports Shooter.

The mailing list has now grown from a handful of friends in my email address book to over 8,000!

The Workshop & Luau has been an UNBELIEVABLE success … I still have visions of walking on that stage in November and seeing over 300 people ALL WEARING HAWAIIAN SHIRTS!

The Workshop and Luau has been a dream of mine for so long and having all of my great friends like Brad, Rod and Peter, along with Robert Seale and Karen Warren, Andy Hayt, Rick Rickman, Jack Gruber, Robert Beck, Mark Terrill, Trent Nelson, Dan MacMedan, Barry Wong and most of all Ron Taniwaki to share with everyone there is something you cannot put a price on.

I mention all of those names because that's the important thing about the Newsletter and the Workshop & Luau … they are successful because there are so many wonderful and generous people in this business like them. I could not put out this newsletter or put on the workshops without them and countless others I did not mention.

Six months ago the "Photo Gods" gave me and everyone out there another fabulous thing … What I started with a vision to help other photographers and to share news and information was taken to a level that even I could never have dreamed possible.

Brad along with Grover Sanschagrin and Jason Burfield have designed and coded (yes, the entire site is custom coded!) the most useful resource and tool for photographers on the Internet.

So in this Holiday Season, we have much to be thankful for … so when you read the newsletter or browse through a member gallery on, remember there was many long hours of work contributed by many truly great people out there.

* * *

With issue 50, we bring you another installment of our "In The Bag" series, this month written by The Sporting News' Robert Seale. We also have entertaining and informative contributions from Todd Korol, Pizza Guy Bob Larson, an advance look at the Final Four from SI's Porter Binks and Rick Rickman checks in with his regular "Let's Talk Business" column.

We also announce the details for our annual Sports Shooter Contest as well as the first Sports Shooter Speakers Bureau event … which will be held in conjunction with the annual contest.

So turn down the volume on "Monster Garage" and enjoy Sports Shooter v.50!

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