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|| News Item: Posted 2002-12-10

New cellphones, the Sports Shooter Credential Holder and Covering the Gov.
By Myung J. Chun, Los Angeles Times

Photo by Bob Larson/Contra Costa Times

Photo by Bob Larson/Contra Costa Times

Myung in action with his way cool Sports Shooter credential holder.
While the attendees of the Sports Shooter Workshop were asleep Sunday morning, I was on my way to work, in this case meeting with the Governor Gray Davis campaign in Los Angeles to fly-and-drive around the state for the next 48 hours prior to the elections.

You're thinking, 'What the hell does this have to do with sports?'

Well, nothing. But it gave me the chance to make some user observations about the new Sports Shooter/Versa-Flex Credential Holder and the transmission speeds of the Kyocera 2235 cellphone with Verizon's Express Network.

The day began with The Gov attending a Sunday church service in L.A. One of the security detail eyes me hard and I think, 'Oh crap, now what?' I smile.

He responds with a, "I like the logo on your pass holder."

Well of course, it's a "Sports Shooter/Versa-Flex Credential Holder."

The holder is very sharp in appearance and is offered in two colors - both black. The front is graced by a daring yet elegant logo and is quite striking in contrasting white. The clear plastic window is large enough to display just about any credential in use today. If any pass is too tall or too wide to fit in here, it is probably lame and you should refuse to wear it.

My overly cute campaign pass fit perfectly and I took comfort in the fact that this puppy just wasn't going to fall off.

The deep, second main pocket has the perfect dimensions for holding a regulation-size reporter's notepad. I don't recommend carrying small items in this deep pocket especially if you have big, sausage fingers.

I was impressed by the pen pockets on the back (someone was thinking). The larger one is perfect for holding a chewy, chocolate chip granola bar. There's also another pocket on the main, top flap, right behind the Sports Shooter logo, but I don't think it's really designed to hold anything.

Following the service, we're herded on to a bus and driven to an awaiting chartered 727-100 (that's a plane). I use the traveling time to dump cards onto my PowerBook, editing, captioning and prepping the church service pictures for transmission. As soon as the plane gained altitude, we're coming back down as we land at San Diego's Lindbergh field.

We're hustled to the awaiting rally where for the second time in one day a security detail remarks about the pass holder. I tell her it's a great photo website and she should check it out. I'm feeling pretty damned special by now.

At the end of the rally, it's back on the bus, off the bus, on the plane, off the plane, Monterey, Oakland and San Francisco.

We have about 20 minutes in Monterey to file our stories and photos before The Gov speaks. I power up the Kyocera 2235 cellphone on Verizon's Express Network. Those of you who attended Mark J. Terrill's excellent "Remotes" breakout session know about the phone and the service.

Photo by Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times

Photo by Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times

Myung on the plane with the Gov.
My experience is I can transmit 400 - 500k files in about 30 secs. (your mileage will vary) which allowed me to send about 10 pictures, have a soda and still make it out to catch

The Gov. The one thing I noticed about the reception was everything outside of the Los Angeles area was Digital Roaming. I was informed that my phone's plan includes free roaming. There are various plans which include all data-no voice, all voice-no data, part data-part voice. My plan through the paper is 150 minutes for data and 400 minutes of voice. Exceeding either data or voice minutes can cost 40-cents/min.

Following an overnighter at the opulent Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (they have very comfortable terry cloth robes, by the way) it's off to a rally in Union Square where I run into Bob Larson of the Contra Costa Times who gave the "Covering High School Sports" presentation at the Workshop.

I think I totally embarassed him with a Photo-Weenie, faux pas by asking him to take my picture with the cool credential holder as other still photographers and tv camera pointers looked on.

(To Bob, I apologize for embarrassing the others, 'Kiss my @&&, I have this cool Sports Shooter/Versa-Flex Credential Holder and you don't!)

The bus heads to Oakland Airport where we catch our flight to Fresno. I send half-a-dozen more photos in a matter of a few minutes-"I love this friggin' phone." Afterwards, we jet down to Los Angeles finishing with a rally at Cal State Los Angeles and transmitting from the bus to make the evening deadline.

I never had the chance to use Ricochet (which is now back in business and operating in Denver and San Diego) when that was available so I can't make a comparison. I did, however, have a Qualcomm phone with its pokey 14.4k data transmission rate, so for me Verizon's digital network is my best friend.

(Myung Chun is a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times and was on the staff of the recent Sports Shooter Workshop & Luau 2002. His work can been viewed at:

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