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|| News Item: Posted 2002-10-30

The Photo Dude: Musing on all things photographic
By Photo Dude

Just back from a whirlwind trip to the Ryder Cup, the World Series, and Tony Hawk's Boom-Boom Huck Jam, the Photodude muses all things photographic this month.


If you're chimping, you're missing pictures. Trust me, dude.

Of course, if you're shooting the cheerleaders, you're missing pictures too.

If you're neither chimping nor checking out the cheerleaders, then what the hell are you doing out there?


Note to all shooters: You DO have something in common with the "pro" shooters at the big games -- the "dreaded "ref-ass" picture.

Is there anything more annoying?

What if we all contributed one "ref-ass" photo to a message board thread?

Could we take down servers in a day? The entire Internet?

(Just kidding, Grover.)


Photo by

Johnny Iacono after he was hit by an errant throw at Shea Stadium in the 1999 playoffs.
With all of the foul balls being absolutely LINED into the photo wells during the Series, and since we all know what happened to Johnny Eye (if you don't, search the archives, dude), has anyone given any thought to wearing a batting helmet in the wells?


Along those lines, Dusty Baker's kid is very cute, yes. And that play at home is once-in-a-lifetime so the Dude isn't worried about him getting run over anytime soon.

But jeez,. The kid's like three years old. He gets a foul ball anywhere above the waist and he's dead. How f---ing cute would that be?


Wire shooters generally get a bad rap. But don't you agree that Mark J. Terrill and Kevork Djansezian and Eric Risberg of A.P. have just been NAILING the big pictures when they need to?


Hot topic coming soon to a Sports Shooter message board near you:

"What's the best color for a photo vest?"


Ahhh, basketball season. Another 32 weeks of low-angle Hasselblad photos run in Sports Illustrated.

Photo by Robert Deutsch/USA Today

Photo by Robert Deutsch/USA Today

Angels closer Troy Percival celebrates after the final out of Game 7.
Are they all new photos or is there some digital wizard in a lab in New York changing colors and faces?

"The Mag" as it is known, has some of the greatest photographers in the world. Why do they insist on running the same shot over and over?

Wasn't the original reason for remotes to get a "different" looking shot?

If you run the "different" angle every issue it isn't really different anymore, is it?


The big camera makers can now make 6 megapixel cameras that shoot 8 frames per second with huge buffers and 100+ waterproof seals and zoomable preview screens that do everything but make espresso when the temperature drops below freezing.

Could they figure out how to keep the long lens hoods from breaking? Is that too much to ask?

Anyone? Anyone?

If a third-party maker could make them for $250.00 or so, I bet they'd sell a lot of them...


Things that make you go "hmmmmm"

If Barry Sanders was still playing would Emmitt's record be in danger?


Finally, this Month's List:

1. Bob Deutsch's shot of Percival after Game 7
2. Kevork's shot of Darren Baker
3. Robert Beck hanging with Tony Hawk
4. More Message Board hits on "Photo Vests" than "Allsport/Getty"
5. Christina Aguilera on the cover of Rolling Stone (don't miss the "map" of her piercings)


That's it. I'm out. Peace out, bean sprouts ... see you dawgs at the Luau!


You can rant/rail to the Dude at

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Photo Dude:

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